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It’s all about the list. We’ve heard it over and over again as bloggers. But what about us out there who don’t have 100,000 email subscribers, or even 10,000?

What about Britney the blogger down the road who only has a list of 1000? Does she have to just wait until she has 10,000, 20,000, or more email subscribers to make any money?

What if you’ve been trying to build your list for years and still have barely managed to get 2,000 people to sign up to your list because you’re in a super small niche? Should you just throw in the towel?


I can tell you that when people say, “It’s all about the list!” they’re right! But that doesn’t mean you have to have a big one to make big money as a blogger. So don’t just wait around until your list is “big enough” to start making real money from your email list!

5 Ways to Make Money with a Small Email List đź’Ś

1. Use Affiliate Links

Using affiliate links in your emails is a great way to make money from your email list.

Affiliate links are links that give you any sort of compensation when someone takes an action (usually, purchases something) through that link.

For example, you may make a commission on purchases made through your link to a product. So you tell your email list about an awesome hair day you had along with affiliate links to the hair products that you used to achieve your look. And when your subscriber clicks through your affiliate link and buys that product, you make a commission.

Signing up with affiliate networks like allows you to become an affiliate for a variety of brands and websites and make a commission off of your favorite products. Instead of signing up for and trying to keep track of a million different affiliate programs, you can sign up for one network and apply to programs and keep track of all your sales in one place.

Sign up for ShareASale here.

How to use affiliate links in your emails:

The key is to become an affiliate for products that is in-line with your blog and audience. Finding ways to market those products to your subscribers that is helpful to them.

When you focus on finding products or services to promote that helps your subscribers with their own problems and goals, then you cultivate a feeling of service instead of selling. Your subscribers get excited about the things you link to and even thank you for your recommendations.

Carly Cambel has a killer course for affiliate marketing for bloggers that can help you to increase your affiliate revenue and make more sales. And her email strategy is the bomb! It’s so good! Check out her course here.

Quick tips:

  • Amazon doesn’t allow their links to be used in emails so you’ll have to share a link to a post of yours that includes affiliate links or a link to your Amazon Influencer page (which is allowed by Amazon).
  • Per FTC guidelines you have to disclose when you are sharing affiliate links in your emails and other places. So anytime you share an affiliate link make sure you have a disclaimer on there. Usually, you can find them at the end of the email. Example below.
ftc affiliate disclaimer
(FTC Disclaimer)

2. Setup a Tripwire Offer

A tripwire offer is a special, limited-time, discount offer on a digital product that is triggered when someone opts into your email list.

For example, maybe you have a free 30-day budgeting and money-saving challenge as an opt-in on your site with a tripwire set up so after they click the button to sign up for the free challenge, they are redirected to a sales page where they can purchase your printable challenge workbook at an insane discount for the next 20 minutes.

They still get the challenge free, but they have the opportunity to upgrade the experience with the additional product.

And you have the opportunity to make money right from the start.

3. Create a Sales Funnel

4. Get ’em to Open Your Emails

5. Get Your Readers to Click

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