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As a stay at home mom, life gets pretty crazy and there can be a lot to balance. Now let me first say that I am a strong believer that just because I stay home with my kids doesn’t mean it is MY responsibility to keep the house clean and do all the cooking. I’m one of those “strong women/equality” kind of ladies who believes that my husband can cook and clean too and he should (he does)!

Anyway as a stay at home mom I do actually cook and clean because 1. my kid needs to be fed, and 2. I’m not a barbarian, I like a clean house.

But the difference is that it’s not my responsibility to make sure my husband has a hot meal when he gets home or a sparkly house. But I do it because I want to, and guess what? There are many days I don’t cook and clean as well, and my husband doesn’t care.

He just expects my child to be alive when he gets home and for me to be happy.

So I just felt like I had to say that first before jumping into the printable free mom planner because even though it isn’t “our job” to cook and clean we still do it and many of us love doing it! (Anyone else love grocery shopping? Me too!)

Which is why the free mom planner includes 14 free pages to help you:

    • get organized and develop a schedule

    • meal plan, budget

    • keep your house tidy

    • set goals

    • stay healthy

    • and more!  

Allowing you to balance all the things you do in your mom life and still be able to grow and focus on you!

The full planner has over 45+ pages that truly eliminates the stress of motherhood, and transforms you into a super mom who really can do it all, which is why I’m giving you 14 pages for free so you can see what having a killer resource like this can do for you! (You can get the full 45+ page planner here!)

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If you’re anything like me then simply taking the time to write things down can go a long way for your productivity. And this printable mom planner is the perfect resource to do that.

One great perk of this mom planner is that while it focuses on the regular duties like meals, budgeting, schedules, and cleaning, it also helps you focus a little on you and not just all the things you do to keep your house running.

In these free 14 pages I’ve included a goal setting worksheet and health tracker that reminds you that, even though your a mom (and a pretty great one at that!) your not JUST a mom. And you can be a great mom and grow as an individual too! Which many of us tend to put on the back burner.

So take control of your mom life! Get more done, stop stressing, and live your best #MomLife with the #Mom Planner!

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Here’s a peek at what’s included in the full 45+ page #Mom Planner. Get it here!

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