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Hey momma, I get it. You’re a stay-at-home mom with a head full of nursery rhymes that just don’t seem to go away. You’re only alone time is spent in the shower which still gets interrupted by someone who needs help opening a fruit snack. You cherish the mom life but you long for something that you can do just for YOU! Something to fill that space inside that longs to be more than “just” a mom. Something that you can build all yourself and succeed in, all while you raise your littles from home.

I get it!

I remember being in that exact same position. In the fall of 2016 I was a new mom who was so grateful to be able to stay home and raise my baby, but after my husband started his journey towards his dream career, I remember feeling so jealous of what he had. I didn’t want to sacrifice being a stay at home mom but I also wanted more! Something to fill that void in me that wanted to be successful in something other than “just” motherhood.

Then in the fall of 2016 I found THAT thing! I remember stumbling upon a blog post from a mom who shared how she made a full-time income while at home with her kids by blogging and the rest is history.

I started my blog within a week, and dove head first into life as a momtrepreneur and realized that I wasn’t just blogging but building a business! That space in me that so wanted something of my own was full! I went from “just” a mom to a momtrepreneur who was raising babies and making money during nap time.

Now I am focused on helping other moms do the same by starting their own profitable blogs. Transforming them from a mom to a momtrepreneur in the time they have during nap time! Which is why I created this complete guide and checklist to quickly take you from starting to launching your own profitable blog quickly! All in the short mom-time you have every day while your little one naps!

Start a Blog During Nap Time: Free Guide & Checklist!

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start a blog during nap time

Ready to start your own profitable blog? This checklist includes:

  • Easy Step-by-step Instructions to guide you through starting your own profitable blog while your little one naps.
  • Organized Checklist that breaks down each step to help you stay focused and on track between nap times.
  • Expert Advice! Learn from a momma who has been there to avoid the mistakes I made when starting out!

The Start a Blog During Nap Time guide breaks down the essential steps in detail of how to start your own blog. Starting with your goal for your blog, money or pleasure and taking you through the steps of choosing a niche, creating a logo, and all the way up to pressing that launch button.

The guide is broken into 13 super easy steps, and to make sure you stay on track and focused you’ll also receive the start a blog during naptime checklist. Where you can easily check off each task as you complete them. The checklist gives you a quick visual of your progress. And also acts as a bookmark in case you need to stop midway and return next nap time!

With the Start a Blog During Nap Time guide and checklist, you’ll get your new blog live in no time and go from a mom to a momtrepreneur with her own growing online business! Get your guide and checklist now!

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