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joann crohn of no guilt momFrom 25,000 page views a month to now over 200,000 each month Joann Crohn, of the blog No Guilt Mom, has gone from being a member of Google Analytics anonymous obsessed with the numbers game to now a professional blogger growing traffic by finding her point of genus and instead of a focus on the numbers, a focus on truly serving her readers.

In today’s episode, we chat with Joann and discuss what to do to build your traffic when you feel like no one is reading your blog.

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Links Mentioned in Episode/Connect with Joann:

Episode Highlights:

  • PSA – 1:08
  • Start Interview with Joann Crohn – 2:00
  • Why She was stuck at 25,000 pgv a month – 7:21
  • What to do when no one is reading your blog – 9:46
  • How to Build your traffic when you’re new to blogging – 13:20
  • Strategy Recap and action steps – 14:44

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