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(Feature image is from Nina Starck)

Just recently my brother got engaged which instantly kicked my butt off the couch and into the gym! It’s funny how a strict end date can finally be the push we need to get going. Anyway since then I’ve hit the gym every day (today being day 16 as I write this), go me! But one thing most of us don’t realize as we pull our hair into that ponytail every day is how much that ponytail is actually damaging our hair! We need to switch up our gym hairstyles but we also want to look stylish and cute! That is why I have come up with a list of my 13 favorite hairstyles that are perfect for the gym!

I love this list because it helps me up my gym hair game while also protecting my hair! I don’t know about you, but if I feel like I look cute on any given day or situation, I am going to feel better about myself. And at the gym, I tend to actually work a little harder!

While most of us tend to throw our hair into that same old ponytail every day, we don’t realize the amount of stress and breakage it actually causes especially will all that movement that happens at the gym. So it is actually best to switch up your gym styles for the integrity of your hair but we don’t have to sacrifice style! So mix it up with between ponytails, braids, and buns! Here are some of my favorites!

13 Ponytails, braids, and buns perfect for the gym!

14 Hairstyles Perfect for the gym

1. The Fishtail Mohawk Ponytail

gym hair

From Instagram @Mackenziedoinghair

This look is so fashion forward and keeps everything away from your face and neck!

2. Pull Through Braid

This braid makes your hair look so full and long while keeping everything pulled back!

3.Double High Messy Buns

I personally love a bun look for a spin class so my hair doesn’t whip into my face! And I love the effortless look of these ones!

4. Double Dutch Pigtails

gym hairstyles

From Instagram @BraidingLife

My usual gym look is a high pony, so switching to this look takes the stress off of the hair at the top of my head while the braids still help to hold everything back!

5. Topsy ponytail

gym hairstyles

From Instagram @riawnacapri

This look is so quick and is an elevated look to the original pony!

6. Double Dutch braids

Dutch braids are all the rage and are a perfect look for the gym and after the gym. Braids also create a lot less stress on your hair than ponytails!

7. Bohemian Braided pony

Add a few braids into your ponytail to add some chic texture!

8. Braided Space Buns

I love these trendy space buns with the added braids in the back! It keeps everything super secure!

9. Single Dutch Braid

This is my number one go to for gym looks because it puts such little stress on the hair and is so extremely quick! A classic and a goodie!

10. Low Twisted Buns

14 Hairstyles Perfect for the gym

From Instagram @Taylor_Lamb_Hair

A chic twist on the low bun!

11. 5 Strand Braid Pony

This look is definitely a little more complicated but so beautiful! You’ll definitely impress everyone there at the gym.

12. Dutch Sister Braid Pony

If you haven’t noticed yet, I really love Dutch braids and you don’t have to braid all the way down just throw it in a low pony!

13. Triple Topsy Ponytail

This gym hairstyle looks complicated but it is so simple! My kind of hairstyle.

I hope you liked my list of gym hairstyles, and now you can look extra cute while you get your sweat on!

gym hairstyles


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