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I recently found the best baby memory book ever. And after my first, I realized just how important and meaningful these books are…best baby memory book babys first year bookbest baby memory book babys first year bookbest baby memory book babys first year bookbest baby memory book babys first year bookbest baby memory book babys first year bookbest baby memory book babys first year bookbest baby memory book babys first year book

 I had waited so long for him. 

Two years, and two miscarriages to be exact. 

And now that he was here, my double rainbow baby, I was determined to document every second of his precious life. 

With my first, I was positive that I’d be able to recall every special moment and milestone even long after it happened. I was sure I would remember exactly what it felt like to see his first smile and step. 

Bless my heart. 

Because of this, the cute Baby’s First Year book my mom had bought me was eventually shoved into a spot on my bookshelf where it was forgotten only until that first year was already gone. 

That’s okay, I remember basically everything so I can just fill it out later. At least that’s what I thought. 

Now after 4 pregnancies and 3 years I was shocked at just how much I didn’t remember at all. And just how many photos I never looked at because they were so far back in the camera roll of my phone. 

So the moment I brought my second son, Mickey home, I was determined to document everything in a physical book that we could look through together as he got older and remember all the special moments that I would too soon forget the specifics of. 

I just realized that, if it wasn’t physically printed or written down, I’d never look back at the photos or remember the exact thoughts I was thinking or feelings I was feeling on the most exciting moments of that first year. 

So I started my search, high and low, for a good, or the best baby memory book to fill with photos and memories of Mickey, and one to hopefully retroactively fill out for my first, Jamie, to the best of my ability. 


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These were my Baby Memory Book requirements:

  1.  As professional of a DIYer I felt I was, I wasn’t into the scrapbook look. I wanted something timeless and modern. 
  2. I also wanted places to put stories and pictures. Not just a photo album filled with those plastic pockets for photos.

Easy enough right? 

The Problem with most baby’s first year/baby memory books:

But as I searched I found that every baby memory book out there, while hitting my first two points, still had at least one of two problems:

  1. The book either had to be made and purchased AFTER baby’s first year. Like with Shutterfly where, in order to create and receive your baby book, all the stories and pictures have to be already in place to order your book. To do this I’d have to keep all my stories in a journal of sorts then add them in, one at a time, and go back to a year of photos on my phone and fill those in as well. That sounded tedious and impractical for a busy momma like myself. 
  2. Or, the baby book was a “fill-in” baby book that would allow me to buy the book, physically fill it in pen as my baby grew with my stories and milestones. But it would still require me to print all my own photos and place them in myself which meant more money, another step to remember, and possibly a trip to a pick up my photos from a print shop. 

I kept thinking, it can’t be this hard to create a baby book. But everywhere I looked it was the same story. 

The Best Baby Memory Book (Baby’s First Year Book): The Short Years Books

A few days later I was scrolling through Instagram when an advertisement for The Short Years Books popped into my feed.

It was heaven sent.

the short years best baby memory book

How it works

With their baby’s first year books, you simply order their beautiful modern book cover with either the beautiful gold foil “The Short Years – Baby’s First Year” text on the front or the personalized window that comes with a card with your child’s name to display.

 After you purchase your baby’s first year book, you add in your stories and photos into your book right from your phone via the app. An app guys! Genius!

And here’s the best part. They send you the empty book cover with chapter dividers such as “Month One”, and “Waiting For You”. And they print and send you your chapters as you complete them in the app!

Did I mention It was heaven sent? 

This baby memory book would allow me to fill in and receive my baby book pages as they happened. I could write down my memories as they happened and submit the photos right after taking them and it all beautifully printed and on my doorstep a few days later. 

So I downloaded the app to give it a try (because you can do that! The app is totally free) and that same day I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. 

Guys, this is THE BEST baby memory book ever! Especially if you’re a busy momma. And let’s be honest, if you’re a momma, you’re busy. 

Now every week my app reminds me to fill out a few more prompts in my baby books so I don’t forget, and when I’m ready, I can simply order my new chapters and add them into my book. 

Did I mention that the chapters are all covered in the cost of the book?

Once you purchase the book, all your chapters are included. No extra fee to get them printed and shipped to you. Nothing. Click order, and they’re on their way already paid for. 

I am so glad I found them. Now I fill out each chapter on my phone (or my computer if I’m already on it) as my baby grows while the memories and photos are fresh and by Mickey’s first birthday, I’ll have a beautiful and full book of all his big milestones, his growth, and the best stories to look back on. 

So if you’re a busy momma (I know you are), and if you’ve failed before to document your little one’s most exciting moments, or you’re worried you might, or you simply want the best baby’s first year book/baby memory book our there. 

The Short Years baby’s first year book is a must. You will not regret it. 

Snag yours here!

Let’s recap. the short years best baby memory book

Why The Short Years Books are the best baby memory book / baby’s first year book:

  • It has a modern and timeless design that can also be personalized.
  • It has prompts to help you fill out your child’s book. No staring at the screen trying to figure out what to include. 
  • The book and each chapter is printed and shipped to your door. No trips to hobby lobby or the print shop!
  • It’s all done on the free app! Easily place your photos from your phone right into your baby book.
  • You fill in and receive your chapters as you complete them! You don’t have to wait until the entire first year is over to receive your book. Your chapters are sent to you as they are completed so as time goes on, you fill in those pages in your book and as time goes on you get to look back at the memories from months past. 
  • The Short Years app reminds you to fill out your weekly prompts so you never get behind and all the memories and stories are fresh in your mind.
  • All the chapters and shipping is covered in the cost of the book! Your book is a flat rate and once you buy your book, all your chapters are included. So once you finish them, you click order and they are on their way. No extra charge for printing, shipping, or anything. It’s all covered.
  • The pages are all the size of a regular piece of paper. So if you wanted to add in anything additional, more long fun stories or more images you can print them on card stock add even more pages!

I love my books and seriously think every momma needs one. If you don’t have a physical book of photos and memories, they will be harder to remember and find. Let alone they may never be revisited at all. 

So if you, or a momma you know, has yet to create or purchase a baby book for their babies, it’s time to get The Short Years Book.  Or download the free TheShortYears app and give it a try before you buy!

It makes a perfect baby shower gift that is much more meaningful than a cute outfit. 

Remember, these are the short years. The years that we will look back at and wish to remember every second. 

These are the years that they love and still want to cuddle. These are the years that they want your kisses every second. These are the years that all they want, is your attention and love. Cherish them. Remember them. And for heaven’s sake, document them. Or, I promise you, you’ll regret it. 

You can get your The Short Years Book here.

The Short Years Books Discount code: CASSIE10

Get $10 off your baby memory book when you use code CASSIE10 at checkout.

These books hardly ever go on sale and when they do, they offer $10 off so you know that using the short years coupon code above will give you the best price possible! 

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best baby memory book babys first year bookbest baby memory book babys first year bookbest baby memory book babys first year bookbest baby memory book

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