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Hey everyone! This week has just become so much more exciting because my parents flew out to see us! It’s been so much fun having them out here, they even got Jamie to laugh! Brian and I have been trying forever to get a laugh out of him, but I guess we aren’t as funny as my parents. It’s funny how we can do the same things to try to make Jamie laugh, but as soon as someone else does it, it’s the funniest thing ever. Maybe we’ll just send him back to Utah with them, maybe even his rash will finally go away out there in the dry air.

DIY Cactus Costume - Life on Waller

Update on this poor man’s rash, I was thinking it was going away but still seems to be stuck at the red little bumps phase. He had a rough night a few nights ago, keeping my momma up for a few hours. I still have no idea what it is and why it has seemed to flare up again! My doctors office said that hives can last up to 3 weeks at the longest, so let’s all pray it won’t take that long!

As for this adorable Halloween costume, I just love this little cactus which seemed to be a popular adult costume on Pinterest, with the tagline “Can’t touch this!” lol. Unfortunately  I had a bit of trouble with the dye not taking to my beanie I had bought. Instead I used an old cotton hat Jamie had, although small for his head, the dye took well so we used it! All in all after my changes, this was a very easy costume idea for really cheap!

DIY Cactus Costume - Life on Waller

DIY Cactus Costume - Life on Waller

Here’s What You’ll Need:

DIY Cactus Costume Supplies

  • 1 White onesie
  • 1 White cotton hat
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Dark green acrylic craft paint
  • 1 styrofoam ball (mine is about the size of a baseball and came in a 6 pack)
  • White yarn
  • Dark green Rit fabric dye
  • 1 Stem of small orange, pink, or yellow, flowers.

I purchased everything from Hobby Lobby with the exception of the onesie from Walmart and the hat I had at the house.

Start by dying your hat and onesie using the instructions on the Rit package. I decided to go with the sink method and left it for 1hr instead of the recommended 10-30 minutes and air dried them over night. I first tried the yarn beanie that didn’t take the dye, turning it a grey color. That is when I grabbed the old white cotton beanie I had which turned out a lot better!


While your things are dying, Start your cactus top by painting the styrofoam ball dark green, allow this to dry (about an hour or so).


After that is dry, pull off the flowers from the stem and place a glob of hot glue at the end of a flower. Then insert the flower into the hole at the bottom of the ball. You can add the rest of the flowers to the onesie if you would like. img_9439



Now Its time to add your needles to the ball. Cut a bunch of 2″ strips of yarn (for the ball, hat, and onesie) fold them in half, and add a dot of glue at the end. Place these randomly throughout the ball.


Once your hat and onesie are dry, glue your ball onto the front of the had just off center by adding a glob of glue onto the bottom of the ball and pressing it onto the hat. img_1119


Now add the rest of the needles to the hat and onesie. img_1657

Now your adorable cactus costume is complete! Customize this cute costume with a pun-ny phase like “prick or treat!” or “can’t touch this!”. Have fun with this super simple costume, and remember if you like this post pin it, comment,t and share! If you want to keep up to date on new posts and an exclusive sneak peak of what’s coming, sign up for my newsletter in the sidebar! [themify_icon icon=”fa-heart-o” link=”http://”] Cassie Jean

DIY Cactus Costume - Life on Waller

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