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Diy v neck choker tee Diy v neck choker tee Diy v neck choker tee

Guys this tee is so unbelievably cute! These cut out v neck choker tees are so in right now but can be pretty expensive! When I saw these tees, I instantly feel in love! But also was confused as to why people would spend more money on something they could make themselves! I mean all you need is any crew neck tee and scissors!

I ended up spending $6 on this tri blend crew neck tee from Hobby Lobby that I loved the fit of. Yeah, I spent $6 for the same look that people spend $40 for!

I think it’s safe to say that this v neck choker tee will be a new fav in my clothing rotation! And this DIY is so easy I have literally thought about creating a few custom designed tees to cut the same. Because this style in a graphic tee would be so cute! Maybe I could use my Mom Hustle template!

Anyway, all you need is any old crew neck tee, scissors or a rotary cutter, and a few pins or tape.  Save even more money and revamp an old tee in your closet or hit up a thrift store!

But for those of you who don’t have time to DIY, here are some of my fav choker tees that don’t break the bank!

What You’ll Need:

  • Soft crew neck tee
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • pins or tape

Step 1

Put on your crew neck tee and mark with pins or tape where you want the lowest and highest points of your v neck to be. You only have to mark one side of the highest point.  Diy v neck choker tee

Step 2

Take off the shirt and fold the front of the shirt on itself longways. Be sure the back is not folded in with the front or you’ll cut a triangle in the back which you don’t want! Make sure your neck line is perfectly lined up! Diy v neck choker teeDiy v neck choker teeDiy v neck choker tee

Step 3

Starting at your lowest point pin, cut a very straight line up to the highest point. Then carefully cut along the neck line to meet your other cut. Diy v neck choker teeDiy v neck choker teeDiy v neck choker tee

Step 4

Gently tug the cut edges to create a slight roll in the edges and done!Diy v neck choker teeDiy v neck choker tee


Thanks for reading and checking out this tutorial! You can also find my hair tutorial for the fishtail pony that you see in these pictures here! Happy crafting! Oh and don’t forget to share this post on Pinterest!

diy cut out v neck choker tee tutorialdiy cut out v neck choker tee tutorial

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