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You see it all over Instagram. Feeds upon feeds of the most beautiful photos that seem to always just flow together like a dream.

Maybe you can immediately tell who’s photo it is based on the consistent dark and moody editing. Maybe you follow your favorite mommy blogger because you love how each shot shows her and her 4 kids.

You look at your favorite Instagram account and drool over the beautiful blend of images and how they all fit together in such an appealing way. I’m talking about their Instagram theme.

The mood or vibe or “thing” that makes all of their photos belong together. It can show personality and evoke emotion, and help you feel like you know them just a bit more.

But how do you develop your own?

You try to post pretty pictures to Instagram but they never seem to mesh together like all those other accounts you follow. What could you be doing wrong?

Never fear! I’ll show you how you can develop your own and give you examples to help you come up with the perfect Instagram theme ideas!

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What is an Instagram Theme?

People scroll Instagram looking for beautiful photos and inspiring people to follow. And a great way to stand out is by developing your own consistent Instagram theme.

Your Instagram theme is the look and feel of your Instagram grid. When you publish photos a consistent vibe, look, and feel to your grid you develop your own unique Instagram theme. My current vibe I go for on my own Instagram account is light bright with lots of white. instagram theme ideasYour Instagram theme can be made by using the same editing settings, colors, photo angles or locations, or the same subject. On mine, I try to focus on similar editing and colors.

Here’s how to develop your own Instagram theme!

Color Scheme:

One way to develop an Instagram theme is by using the same colors in every picture. As you can see in @lexxndra’s feed she posts photos with white, nude, and blue in them. @Cestmaria posts pastel colored photos, and @xuzzi or Mr. Pink focuses on using the color pink to develop his own theme.

Photo Editing – Presets & Filters:

Another (and sometimes easier) way to create a consistent vibe and theme on your Instagram is by using the same editing style in every photo. You can do this by creating your own presets or purchasing one! @Aspynovard sells a bunch of her own presets and shows of an airy, pinkish theme through her own editing. @Ktnewms uses a dark and moody editing style, and @Alexismaymcmullin edits her photos to all be very warm and orange.

Photo Angle:

A unique way to establish an Instagram theme is by using the same photo angle. @Onmybed shoots all photos from above.

Photo Subject:

Or establish your own theme by constantly using the same subject matter over and over again. @Janenecrossley shos off her and her 4 children in all her photos to develop her theme. While @Coffeenclothes always shoot, you guessed it, coffee and a cute outfit.

Grid Pattern:

Finally, a great theme idea is to develop a grid pattern. @Jennakutcher does this by alternating white negative space photos with full-color photos.

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Final Takeaways:

The best ways to establish your own Instagram theme is to do one or more of the following:

  • Focus on only using specific colors in your feed
  • Use the same editing style/preset to all photos
  • Take all photos from the same unique camera angle
  • Consistently use the same subject matter in each of your photos
  • And/or create a unique photo grid pattern in your feed

These different techniques will allow you to develop your own Instagram theme and give your followers a more consistent photo story. And, because of the visual nature of Instagram, it may even help you gain more followers!

Which technique do you use or which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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