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We all use social media, and most of us are on it every single day! Checking on friends and family on Facebook and Instagram, finding a recipe for dinner or #OOTD inspo on Pinterest, or even letting the world know what you’re up to with a quick tweet on Twitter.  However, when you’re trying to run a successful money making blog, the way you set up these social media accounts for your blog will be different than your personal accounts.

Remember that the goal for these accounts are not just to see other people but to have other’s see you. You want social media to be a place where knew reader’s find your blog and a place where you can create and serve your tribe. So you have to be strategic when setting up your social media accounts for your blog.

How to Set Up Social Media Accounts for Your Blog – The Right Way!

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Step 1: Username (Social Media Handle) Consistency

When setting up your social media accounts for your blog you want to try to keep the same handle throughout as many social media platforms as possible.

For example, all of my social media handles are @lifeonwaller. So to get to my Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter, and Pinterest I am at www.”social media platform”.com/lifeonwaller.

I would suggest using your blog’s name for all of these handles if possible. It provides an easy way for people to find you on social media and if your handles are all the same then it is easier to find you on each social media site.

If I were to have @lifeonwaller for Instagram but @life_on_waller for Twitter than it could be hard for my readers to find both accounts and it may be hard to decide if both accounts are actually me or if one is a fake.  However, I know sometimes your handle may be taken on one or more platforms so I would either look until you have one that is open on all of them or at least keep them similar to each other.

How do I know if my handle is already taken? allows you to type in a handle and it will tell you if the handle is available, taken, or too long for that all social media platforms. (It will also tell you if it is available for a domain too.) Namechk is a great tool that allows you to check all the platforms without going to each site one by one and trying to register!

Step 2: Register/Sign up on Each Platform

Once you have your handle(s), sign up for each social media site you want using that handle. I suggest at least setting up a:

  • Facebook Page
  • Pinterest Account
  • Instagram Account
  • & Twitter Account

You don’t have to be active on each one but the point is you will at least have your handle on lock if you ever decide to explore that platform.

Step 3: Profile Photo

One mistake I see all the time is people either use their blog’s logo as their profile picture or some low-quality subpar image.

Social media is meant to be social! Remember, the benefit of blogs versus other businesses is that you are not just some nameless, faceless corporation. You are a real person, and that “realness” should come through in your profile picture. People are on social media to connect with PEOPLE, so make sure your profile picture is a good, high-quality photo that is a good reflection of you and your brand.

Don’t have your back turned to the camera, don’t be looking down, and don’t frown into the camera. You want your followers to feel invited while getting a feel for who you are and what you’re about so look right into the camera and smile! You’re profile photo is often the first thing a potential follower will see so don’t seem standoff-ish and cold, I’ll say it again you need a high-quality headshot looking right into the camera with a smile! And don’t just crop someone out of a photo to use, even if you need to invest in a professional photographer or have your spouse take a few photos do it!

Your photo should be:

  • Clearly be of you! No one else, don’t just crop them out!
  • High-quality
  • Look right into the camera
  • with a SMILE!

Once you have the perfect headshot, use it for all your accounts. Just like using the same handle for all your accounts, use the same picture. This again helps instill a cohesive brand throughout your accounts and can help your readers easily find you!

You’ll find the different image sizes for each platform inside your free worksheet! Get it here!

Step 4: Your Bio

Most social media platforms allow you to insert a short bio into your account. Use this space to share who you are, what your blog is about, and why they should follow you!

Think of 3-5 keywords to include to help people find you. For example, if you are a beauty blogger then maybe you include the keywords: beauty blogger, hair, makeup, and tutorials to your bio. Then when someone is searching for hair tutorials you may show up in their search!

While different platforms allow different word counts for your bio, your main points should all be the same. You’ll find the specific character counts inside your free worksheet along with a space to write your bios down! Get it here!

Step 5: Header Images

Finally, the last step to setting up social media accounts for your blog the right way is to create header images for the appropriate accounts.

Some platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to use a header image on your account. This gives you the opportunity to brand yourself more. Use this area to show your brand without adding an overload of info. Keep it simple!


Now you’ve strategically set up social media accounts for your blog in a way that shows your brand, is easy to find, and consistent throughout each platform!

Add social follow buttons to your blog or share your handle, and consider cross-promoting your accounts like “follow us on Instagram” on your facebook page, or “check out our Twitter” on Pinterest.

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