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Why Share My Blog Income?

Reading other blogger’s income reports is what started the blogging dream for me.

I was a 20-year-old stay at home mom with a new baby. Scrolling through Pinterest when I saw a post titled How I made $12k+ in one month as a stay at home mom.

It led me to a blogging income report. I didn’t even know average Joes like me could make money blogging! Don’t you have to be a beautiful mom fashion blogger or a rich travel blogger? Well, I started my blog and am now making money online while at home with my now toddler all because of that blogger’s income report. No fashion, no travel. Pretty crazy.

So, I post my blog income in hopes to pay it forward and show other moms just like me that it is possible!

How it all started:

At 20 I was a new mom who was so grateful to be able to stay home and raise my baby! But after my husband started his journey towards his dream career, I remember feeling so jealous of what he had.

I didn’t want to sacrifice being a stay at home mom but I also wanted to progress in life and be successful beyond the scope of motherhood!

Then in the fall of 2016 when I stumbled across that blog income report, I knew blogging was the new chapter I needed. It would allow me to stay home and progress, be successful, and build my own business all from home!

I started my blog within a week, and that space in me that so wanted something of my own was full! Suddenly I went from “just” a mom to a momtrepreneur who was raising babies and making money during nap time.

That was back in 2016, now I am focused on helping other moms do the same by starting their own profitable blogs, transforming them from a mom to a momtrepreneur in the time they have during nap time!

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On to the report!

Blog Income Breakdown From November: 

*Note I only count income I actually received, not revenue I earned but hasn’t been paid out yet.

Affiliates: $129.75

Affiliates Total: $129.57

Ads: $737.67

Ad Total: $737.67

My Own Products: $175.72

Product Total: $175.72

November Blog Income Total: $1042.96

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November Traffic and Stats:

Pageviews: 75,025 (down from 79,052 in October)

Pinterest Followers: 2,163 (+195)

Pinterest Reach: 1.2M (+296k)

Instagram Followers: 1,629 (+21)

Facebook Likes: 5,615 (+154)

Facebook Group Members: 247 ( +17 – You can join the Blog For Profit group here!)

Email list: 3,939 (+762)

My Most Popular Posts From November:

  1. 5 Step Messy Top Knot
  2. Splurge or Save: Where to find 11 of The Most Popular Baby Products for Less
  3. Daily Habit Trackers Free Printables
  4. What I Use To Balayage My Own Hair
  5. How To Curl Your Hair With A Flat Iron – Beach Waves

My most popular posts were mostly the same per usual. However, my how to curl your hair with a flat iron post came back up into the number 5 spot!

While my blogging posts do really well, my old hair tutorial posts always dominate the game! The thing is that the hair tutorial audience out there (especially on Pinterest) is just so large that I believe these posts will probably always rank high for me. There are just more people out there looking for hair tutorials than there are people looking for blogging tips.

What Worked this month:


Again Tailwind was a big contributor to my Pinterest following and reach growing so much this month. Tailwind is the pin scheduler I use to make sure I am pinning 20+ pins a day to keep my reach high and to get more eyes on my pins. You can try it free here!

Goal Setting – This blew my mind!:

This week I did a simple exercise that COMPLETELY changed the way I look at my blog. It totally shifted my focuses and got me super pumped for 2019.

The thing is though, that it wasn’t a new idea to me or some deep secret I miraculously stumbled upon. It was something I already knew but had never done in this specific way.

In fact, it was a simple exercise that took me about 1 1/2 hours to complete but it blew. my. mind.

In that short time, my whole view on my blog and business changed. And I was left even more motivated and focused than ever.

It was by simply taking my HUGE goals for the year and breaking them down into bite-size goals each month. 

I know that sounds so dumb simple but just the act of actually doing it blew my mind. Now instead of making random goals for the month, I have premade the monthly goals that directly move me towards achieving my big year goals.

It has completely changed the way I look at my blog and business. So much so that I made a killer blog goal setting freebie and am writing an entire post dedicated to it which comes out next week!

What Didn’t Work:


In October I bumped up my posting schedule to 3x a week to boost traffic and content but in November I went back to my once a week posting schedule and my traffic took a bit of a hit. My pageviews dropped 5% from last month which isn’t good.

I saw a major drop on Thanksgiving day which is expected because everyone is celebrating with their families but after that my traffic never fully recovered. It definitely jumped back up the next day but not back to what it was pre-holiday. And to be honest, I don’t really know why. Which scares me even more!

blog traffic blog traffic page views

How I did – Goals From November:

  • Finish EBA (Elite Blog Academy) Unit 9! – Check! I even finished unit 10! Now I only have 2 units left!
  • Sell $300 of my new products (MTM Ebook & Blog Planner) – Miss. I was saving up for a new MacBook Pro so I didn’t run any Facebook Ads to my opt-ins that push people to the tripwires. So this month I only made half that. But considering I didn’t really promote them at all I’m happy with that!
  • Finish All Blog Posts for 2018. – Check! All posts are done through January 14th so that I can enjoy the holidays with my family!
  • Increase my traffic by another 10%! – Major Miss! Like a mentioned above this month, I actually dropped traffic by 5%! Not good!

Goals For December:

  • Record 10 Podcast episodes to get ready to launch in January!
  • Bump my traffic back up to at least 80k pageviews.

I’ve got big goals for 2019 and so excited to make it THE YEAR for my blog!

What are your goals for the new year? Leave me a comment below!

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