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Yes, last month I made over $1,300 as a stay at home mom working just a few hours a day whenever I felt like it. I didn’t work Saturdays or Sundays and when I did work, it was an hour here an hour there.

And at the end of the month I was $1,300 richer and never had to leave my house. And yet, I did. I drove across the country from Kentucky to Las Vegas. My little family drove up and stayed in Utah for a week, and if I were to fly to a Mexico resort I would still make money.

All I need is my laptop and wifi.

Also, did I mention I am the sole provider of my family of 4 right now? Crazy right? I’ll get to that later. Blogging has changed my life. Yes, me. A regular Jane momma makes an extra ≈$1,500 each month blogging.

You can see my latest income reports here:

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*Note I only count income I actually received, not revenue I earned but hasn’t been paid out yet.


Affiliates Total: $199.74


  • Mediavine: $801.76 (Ads on the blog)
  • Youtube ads: $170.12

Ad Total: $971.88


Mom to Momtrepreneur, 38-Page Blog Planner, 46-Page Ultimate Mom Planner: $128.92

Etsy: $17.35  (Blogging Tees & Digital Prints) Check it out here!

Product Total: $146.27

May BLOG INCOME: $1,317.59


Pageviews: 72,500 (Down from 81,497 in April)

Pinterest Followers: 3,074 (+197)

Instagram Followers: 1,603 (-9)

Facebook Likes: 7,896 (+174)

Facebook Group Members: 336 ( +10 – You can join the Blog For Profit group here!)

Email list: 6,923 (-222) (Purged my list and got rid of about 600 inactive subscribers so this number is actually pretty good!)


Goals For June:

  • Keep up on regularly emailing my list
  • Get started on a course for them
  • Post 2 new videos on Youtube
  • Post 2 Podcast episodes
  • Finish new welcome series for subscribers

I am the sole provider

So after moving from Kentucky back to Las Vegas to be closer to family, we moved back in with my in-laws to save some money. Even though Brian graduated from Law school, he isn’t a licensed attorney until he passes the Bar in our state.

And because the Bar test is only offered once in July and once in February and only has a passing rate of about 60%, if he doesn’t pass it in July we basically have to wait a year to try again. So he’s decided to stay home and study full-time instead of trying to work and study.

Which means I , and my blog, am THE SOLE PROVIDER in our home. Now, we don’t have to pay rent or anything because we are staying with his parents–thank goodness–but still. This little blog is the ship keeping us afloat right now and it feels pretty dang good.

Because I am able to make money and stay home with my kids, he can study uninterrupted instead of having to watch them while I bag groceries at Target or something.

My blog is the only reason he has the option to study full time instead of trying to do both. It’s given us options, and that is truly amazing.

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