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Howdy all! Boy, March was a doozy!  Between selling our condo, being flooded with family visiting, sticking to my 2019 goals, and loving on my new baby, March was a busy month to say the least. 

If you’ve never been here before, let me set the scene for you. I started blogging back in 2016 after I had my first baby and became a mom.

Being a stay at home mom was always the goal. I knew I didn’t want to do daycare for my babies, and I was so excited to stay home with them. But it wasn’t long after having my first child that I felt like I was swallowed up in motherhood.

While I wanted to stay at home with my babies, I also wanted to be more than “just” a mom. I was so jealous of my husband who was working his way towards his dream career while I was stuck in my hamster wheel of motherhood.

I wanted to be successful, I wanted progression, I wanted what he had without sacrificing the ability to stay home.

Then one day while scrolling through Pinterest I found a post where a mom told how she made a full-time income as a stay at home mom by blogging. And I knew this was the answer I had been looking for.

I knew if she could do it so could I, and within a week I started my own blog. I blogged whenever I could, between nap times, late at night, and even weekends. If I had an open second, I’d be on my laptop.

It didn’t take long for me to make my first dollar, then my first thousand dollars (thanks to a killer blogging course EBA!). All while at home with my baby.

I was no longer just a mom, but an entrepreneur and business owner making money while my babies slept.

Blogging took me from stressed, guilt-stricken, and unfulfilled to the happiest, most motivated, and optimistic person I could be. It made me a better wife, mom, and person.

It’s crazy what living out your passions can do and being able to start and run my own business while raising my kids is my dream. But not only was I making money while at home with my kids, I also got to serve a tribe of moms just like me and help them do the same.

Blogging changed my life.

I never knew how much money there was to be made in blogging until I stumbled upon an income report myself. It was the big push that I needed to start my own and I am so glad I did! Which is why I share my own blog income.

Just a little pay it forward type of thing ?.

So, if you’ve ever been interested in starting your own blog, or you’re also a momma stuck in the rut of motherhood, check out this post and you can get the free step by step guide and checklist to start your own blog here ! Join the nap time hustle squad!

Start a blog checklist

I’ve been blogging now for 2 1/2 years and in that time I’ve shifted from my fun DIY and mommy blog into what you see today! A blog dedicated to helping other moms find purpose and fulfillment by starting and running their own profitable business through blogging. 

It changed my life so much and has brought me so much fulfillment, purpose, and joy that I feel a duty to share this passion with the other moms out there just like me who need it. So that is why I share my blog’s income with you. 

If you’ve been with me for a while you know I’ve got procrastination tendencies so when March got crazy, my work on the blog dropped. And in March I ended up working less than 10 hours each week on the blog. 


Even though I spent less time on the blog, my income grew. That’s the power of a process and my process allowed me to spend little time blogging and my business still grew!

On to the report!

Blog Income From March:

*Note I only count income I actually received, not revenue I earned but hasn’t been paid out yet.


Affiliates Total: $202.52


  • Mediavine: $915.66 (Ads on the blog)
  • Youtube ads: $101.99 

Ad Total: $1017.65

My Own Products: 

Mom to Momtrepreneur – Ebook/Workbook: $43.58

38-Page Blog Planner: $53.82

46-Page Ultimate Mom Planner: $60.91

Etsy: $129.18  (Blogging Tees & Digital Prints) Check it out here!

Product Total: $287.49

March Blog Income: $1507.66

March Traffic and Stats:

Pageviews: 103,408 (Up from 90.518 in January)

Pinterest Followers: 2,675 (+115)

Instagram Followers: 1,624 (-16)

Facebook Likes: 7,513 (+203)

Facebook Group Members: 320 ( +19 – You can join the Blog For Profit group here!)

Email list: 6,736 (+593)

Posts I Published in March:

What Worked in March:

Finally Launched The Blog For Profit Podcast!

After almost an entire year the podcast is finally live! I struggled to feel confident enough in myself and my delivery to actually do this podcast so I decided to just do it scared. 

It isn’t perfect but it’s live and out there and I’m proud. 

I launched with 3 episodes and publish a new episode every other week. Because of this I now publish new blog posts only on the off weeks of the podcast. So the schedule is podcast episode, blog post, podcast episode, blog post, etc. 

I’ve had lots of love come my way and It’s helped me grow my email list even while I spent little time on the blog this month. 

New Site theme

As much as I loved my old look and theme. That theme kept giving me problems with SEO like a having too small of text on mobile and my logo pushing my content too far down. Also every time there was an update, the web designer would have to come back in and fix my settings to the custom settings she offered when I bought the theme. 

This was super annoying because I would have to email her and after getting a hold of her it would still take days or weeks to fix my issues. 

I ended up just changing themes and I’m very happy so far with the Ultra theme from Themify


I’ve been reading a book a month as a goal I had for 2019, and in March I read Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis and I am now re-reading Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis as well.

These two books (especially Girl Stop Apologizing) have motivated me to my core and have really been a motivation and mindset shifter personally and professionally. 

I have decided that any mom out there who has her own blog who dreams to grow it into a business NEEDS to read them. Like, right now you need to read or listen to the audiobook. 

I personally read Girl Wash Your Face and decided to listen to Girl, Stop Apologizing because I knew I could consume it faster. I loved the way Rachel reads her own books that I am now re-listening to Girl, Wash Your Face even though I read it last year. I highly recommend listening to them both. 

And get this,  you can listen to both of them for free when you start your free 30-day Audible trial using my link!. You can start here! You can even just cancel before your free 30 day trial is up . You even get to keep the audio books after you cancel! It’s 100% free. 

You can sign up for Audible’s 30-day free trial, not through my link and still get ONE book free. If you decide to do this and only listen to one then I’d do Girl, Stop Apologizing. It’s amazing. 

Or you can buy physical copies of the books here, or just go to your local library and check them out. Whatever works best for you, just read them! 

It will shift your mindset and light a fire under your butt I promise. 

What Didn’t Work:

Actually working.

Yes, we know I suck at actually working. When life gets crazy the blog usually suffers we all know that by now. And I only read Girl, Wash Your Face the last 3 days in March so I didn’t have that fire under my butt until March was alomst over.

So I need to just realize that as a mom with littles and a husband with drive, live is always going to be crazy. So I need to plan ahead and make time for me and my business. 

How I did – Goals for March:

  • Hit 100K pageviews a month agian. – Yes! I upped my traffic back into the 100k range. 
  • Grow email list to 7000. – Miss. Only 6,736.
  • Lauch the Podcast! – Yes! We did it scared and I’m glad it’s finally up!
  • Earn $1,500 in blog income. – Yes!!! Totally crushed March and now lets hit $2,000!

Going Forward – Goals For April:

  • Spend 20 hours a week working on my blog out of the home to get ahead. (I work so much better when I’m gone!)
  • Get going on a course for my readers!
  • Batch out enough episodes and blog posts to cover April, May, and June.

March was great! But I really need to dig down and put in some good hours if I want to actually grow this bad boy and not just maintain it. 

Keep pushing and just keep blogging y’all! And If you haven’t joined my Nap Time Hustle squad of hard hustling mommas raising babies and blogging at nap time then you really need to! You’ll be added to my regular newsletter and get access to my subscriber exclusive resource library! Join here!

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