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After you click publish on a new blog post, the worst thing you can do is close your computer and just assume someone will find your post. If you’re looking to be a successful blogger and make money from your blog, after you’ve created your newest post, your next step is to share it on the platforms that your ideal readers will find it! And while there are tons of places you can share your latest blog post, I’m going to tell you the 5 places you should always share your posts.

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The 5 Places to Always Share Your Latest Blog Post:

The first 4 places to always share your blog posts are the 4 major social media platforms. You should always be pushing content to these platforms as they have audiences of billions and are where your readers hang out most!

These 5 platforms are the top platforms that drive most of my traffic every month!

1: Your Facebook Page

The first place you should always post your new blog posts to is your Facebook page. Facebook currently has over one billion daily active users. That means over one billion people in the world open their phones or laptops to Facebook every single day!

So take advantage and make sure you’re promoting your posts to your blog’s Facebook page.

2: Pinterest – Your boards and group boards

Pinterest is my most favorite platform to share my posts and is responsible for over 65% of my traffic every month. This platform drives traffic and you should ALWAYS share your posts to Pinterest! Now, if you haven’t completely optimized Pinterest for your blog then you may be missing out a bit on the love (Step by step instructions here), but the best thing about Pinterest is you can drive thousands to your site with a very small following!

With the help of group boards you can harness other people’s followings to promote your own stuff. Don’t worry, you aren’t stealing other people’s followers, that’s what group boards are for!  And it’s extactly how I got over 300k repins on one of my pins with less than 1000 followers!  So always share your posts to your Pinterest boards and group boards.

3: Instagram

As of September 2017 Instagram has over 500 million daily users and is a great place to promote your blog posts with a link in your bio and an image in your feed or with an image in your story with a swipe up link!

I personally love to share my posts in my stories then save those stories to my “new posts” highlight in my profile so they last forever! That means new followers can see my newest posts even after my main story is gone! See what I’m talking about

See what I’m talking about here.

4: Twitter

Twitter is a great place to share your blog posts with 330 million people active every month. Like the other social media platforms, you should always just push your posts there. I push my posts to Twitter with a short and sweet caption and a link to the post.

Short, sweet, and to the point. Just like Twitter.

5: Your Email List

Finally, besides those social media platforms, you should always share your blog posts with your email list in a form of a weekly newsletter or on the day that you post.

These are your people. These are the people to have already raised their hands and said “I want what you have!” so don’t forget to serve them with your best content! This is your tribe, your people, your group of raving fans don’t forget about them!

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The secret to viral success:

Before you promote your posts, you need to remember that content is king. The blog posts that get shared and shared again are killer, high-quality posts.

These 5 platforms have the audience, they have the numbers, and they have the potential to drive thousands of readers to your site but if your content isn’t good then they will. not. come.

So even though you’re dying to kill it at this blogging thing and get a million readers to your site remember that the numbers come with great content.

Bonus Tip:

Remember to think of your audience and where they hang out and that is where you should share your blog posts. Don’t over complicate it! More platforms doesn’t always mean more readers! If you can do one really well then that can drive more traffic than all 5 done just okay. So focus on one at a time (I suggest Pinterest first!) and don’t stress!

After you’ve shared your posts, make sure others can too! Read how to install share buttons on your site that your readers will actually use!

Finally, go follow me on Instagram where I host monthly giveaways to give back and say thanks for following along!


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