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Instagram and Pinterest are filled with pictures of gorgeous empowering women living their oh so perfect looking lives and seem to conveniently always have a photographer at their side.

It wasn’t until after I started my blog that, instead of just admiring all of their beautiful pictures, I started to ask the question, who the heck is taking all of their photos? And how can I do that for my blog?

Is there a photographer with them 24/7? For some, they are lucky enough to have a significant other who is a great photographer, and for others, they really are booking shoots with photographers all the time!

But after some Googling and trial and error, I figured out how to easily shoot photos of myself all on my own and you can too! No need to spend money on a photographer every week or force your husband into those photography classes!

How to take photos of yourselfCassie Jean Scroggins

Cassie Jean Scroggins

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How to Take Photos of Yourself For Your Instagram or Blog!

My Equipment:


soft boxes

The Process:

1. First Set up a background for yourself!

My favorite spot to take pictures is on my bed because there is natural light from my window and I love the brightness of the comforter and white wall.  But you can sit on your couch, or even just stand in front of a wall.

2. Next, set up your lights! 

Try to use as much natural light where you can like in front of a window. Then fill in the shadows with the softbox lights. If there is no natural light, (shooting at night) place the lights on either side of you to fill the shadows. See my light set up on the image above!

3. Set up the camera.

I use a 72″ tripod because I am 5’9″ so when I’m standing I want my camera to be able to be at eye level. So I set up my camera on the tripod at right about eye level where ever I am.

4. Connect the camera to your phone via the Canon Camera Connect app.

To connect a Rebel T6 to the app:

  1. First, download the app.
  2. Click menu on your camera.
  3. Swipe over to the 3rd wrench icon.
  4. Then Select ” Wi-Fi function”
  5. Select the phone icon
  6. Select “connect”
  7. Click “OK”
  8. Now on your phone, connect to your camera’s wifi in your settings.
  9. Then open the Canon Connect app and select “Remote Live View Shooting”
  10. Now you will be able to adjust your camera settings (if in manual) and shoot from your phone!camera connect

5. Set your camera on the 2-second timer via the app. Or just manually on your camera. 

6. Start snapping! 

This is the tricky part! Use the app to see what the shot looks like and figure out the poses that work for you and start snapping. I preview a pose that I think looks good, click the shutter button on my phone, and very quickly hide my phone from the shot by throwing it behind me really quick or simply putting my hand out of sight! It takes some practice but it works! You can then preview what you just shot all on the app without ever moving.

My Pro tips:

Take lots of photos in one shoot:

I usually take a bunch of photos in one shoot with all kinds of poses then edit and delete later. Better to keep your grove than to start and stop and start again when you realize you don’t have the shot you want.

Transfer the photos on to your phone then airdrop them to your computer for editing.

After I have finished my solo shoot, I like to transfer all the photos directly on to my phone then do the elimination process there. I do this because photos can look slightly different on a phone than a computer. And where I use most of my photos go on Instagram, and the majority of my audience views my blog from their phones, it makes more sense for me. That is why I love my SD card to iPhone adapter! Get one here!

Editing makes all the difference! 

If you haven’t invested in Adobe Lightroom, now is the time! Some good editing can take a good photo to a great photo!

Remember practice makes perfect and lighting can make all the difference! If you want to see how I edit all my photos in Lightroom read the post and watch the video here!


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