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I first started my blog after reading a post from Rosemarie Groner of The Busy Budgeter titled: “How I Made $12,484.68 In One Month as a Stay at Home Mom“. As I read her post I thought, “You mean I could’ve been making money while in my PJs snuggling my baby this whole time?” And I was hooked.

I started my blog Life on Waller and by my 4th-month blogging I had gone from zero pageviews to getting over 10,000 pageviews a month and was starting to see a return on my investment!

Now, just under a year and a half after starting Life on Waller I am generating 70k pageviews a month and am making money in my PJs while snuggling my baby from home, living the dream.

So How did I go from zero to over 10,ooo pageviews a month in my first 4 months blogging?

I used these 8 strategies to drive traffic to my brand new blog.

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Unfortunately, just because you published your blog into your corner of the internet, doesn’t mean anyone is going to see it! So its time to start promoting!

1. Focus On Social Media

If you haven’t already created social media accounts for your blog, now is the time! Social media is where I get most of my traffic and gives you a platform for you to share your posts and find new potential readers!

Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the works! Set up your accounts and start sharing your posts.

  • Pin your blog posts to Pinterest
  • Share all blog posts on FB/Instagram/Twitter
  • Try sharing on your personal accounts along with your blog accounts
  • Invite your personal account followers to like/follow your blog accounts
  • Use #Hashtags in your captions to get more views
  • Use a Call to Action when sharing (ask your followers and friends to like and share your post!)
  • Add share buttons to your blog so readers can share your post on their social media. – I use the SumeMe plugin from Sumo!
  • Always use great pictures!

Remember it’s okay to not do “all the things”. Especially when you are brand new to blogging, it is easy to get overwhelmed trying to grow and promote on every social media platform. So if you’re feeling like you’re juggling too much, focus on growing one platform at a time while simply sharing your posts on the others to keep them warm.

2. Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest

If you are only going to focus on one social media platform as a new blogger, it would have to be Pinterest.

There is nothing else that drives traffic to my site quite like Pinterest. But There are a few steps to take to get the most out of your account! 

  • Create a business account.You can create one here, or convert and existing account here.
  • Enable rich pins Here is an awesome post on how/why this is so important!
  • Pin DailyPinterest “ranks” you as a pinner, and people who pin often (30-50 pins a day), their pins rank higher in the search which means more eyes on your pins and more traffic to your posts!
  • Create “pinnable” imagesImages that do best on Pinterest are long and skinny.
    • Use warm colors
    • Have no faces in them.
  • Join and pin to group boards This is how you get mega exposure! Group board are Pinterest boards that have multiple people who contribute and can pin to those boards. Use Pingroupie to find Pinterest group boards that are relevant to your posts/niche and ask to be invited as a collaborator. Group boards can have thousands of followers and are the best way to get your pins out there especially when you have a small or no following.

Want to completely optimize Pinterest to drive thousands of readers to your blog? Read my full post on Check out my full post on how to completely optimize Pinterest for your blog here!

3. Blog Hops/Link Parties

Blog hops and link parties are a campaign set up by a blog/website for a certain amount of time where you can post your own content on their site with an image and a link back to your site. Then you have your post on someone else’s site for their readers to see.

Some great ways to find these blog hops and link parties is through Linky Tools, or simply google search “link parties” followed by that day’s date. That way you find link parties that are actually open.  For example, I could search “link parties 3/08” for March 8th and it is usually the first link to Linky tools that does the best for me.

I used blog hops and link parties a ton during my first few months of blogging and I loved them!

4. Comment On Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs, especially blogs that are similar to yours can also help drive traffic from their blog.

When commenting on other blogs to gain traffic…

  • Be sincere and authentic
  • Comment on posts you really like, not just as many as you can tackle in a day.
    • People sniff out fake in seconds and no one likes a spammer on their site. Instead, comment on blogs and post that you actually like and are inspired by. When your comment is authentic and adds value people are excited to check out who you are. Plus this is where you can actually make some great friends/connections in the blogging world, so don’t be spammy with a “come to my site” sticker stuck on your forehead.
  • Add your site link in the comments
    • Most comment sections will have a spot to put in your site, but if it doesn’t you can add your URL to the end of your comment.

Don’t know where to start? Comment on this post down below, leave your url, and I’ll come check out your site!

5. Link Back to Other Blogs

This tip is similar to the last where if you are linking to my site, 99% of the time, I am going to check out what you said. So I see that I just got readers to my site through a link you had in a post, I will see that in my analytics and visit your site to usually thank you for the traffic!

Good karma is what this is, and when you add a link back to their site, they are bound come check you out and possibly mention you in the future. So add links to other sites and blogs when relevant and you may even make good connections through there!

Plus there are SEO benefits as well with this, which in turn makes your site more valuable.

6. Don’t Forget SEO

Don’t forget about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I am still a beginner at SEO but I am willing to share what little I do know and use myself!

SEO helps you and your posts to rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Which means more people can find you there!

This post: SEO for Beginners was the resource that best helped me understand SEO when I was starting out as a blogger. But for starters:

  • Set up an SEO plugin
    •  I use Yoast SEO and love it! It is so simple to configure and use.
  • Always use keywords in your posts!
  • Use H2 headers
  • Interlink your posts
  • Set up custom permalinks

Read more about SEO here!

7. Interlink Your Posts

Adding links to your other articles on your site within your posts helps you take advantage of the readers that do come to your site!

For example, in this post, I linked back to another one of my posts: How to Completely Optimize Pinterest for Your Blog because it was another helpful resource related to this post. So if someone has entered my site here to learn how I built my traffic from zero to 10,000 pageviews a month in 4 months they may want to also know how they can optimize Pinterest for their blog as well and click over. Which means I just turned one pageview into two!

Only interlink posts that will benefit your reader or is relevant to each other. Again, you don’t want to spam your readers or they likely won’t want to come back!

Remember your main focus as a blogger should be to serve your readers!

8. Offer an Incentive/Freebie

One of my most favorite things to do for my readers is to offer an incentive or freebie and boy does it convert!

People love free. So create a few freebies and give them to your readers and promote them on social media. Maybe you want to make free wall art or a free printable worksheet of some kind that you know your audience will love!

Build it (a freebie) and they will come!

This is also a great way to build your social media following and your email list!

Content is King

Remember that when it comes down to driving killer traffic, it really all goes back to content.

If you have great content then the readers will come, you just have to get it out there and these 8 methods are exactly what I did to get my posts out there resulting in going from absolutely zero pageviews to getting over 10,000 pageviews a month in my first 4 months blogging!  

I know if you honestly put the work into and implement each method you will see results in your traffic and soon!

Don’t forget to add a link to your site to the comments section, I’d love to check it out! And if you want more blogging tips, join our email list below!

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