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How I Make Money from Home

I feel so blessed everyday that I found out about blogging.

Now I stay home with my two boys (3 and 5 months) and work 10-15 hours a week during nap time, while watching Spider-Man, and whenever my husband can take the kids and make about $1,500 a month doing it.

I love running this blog. It’s given me purpose and fulfillment allowing me to build a business while also being a mom. And it gives me the greatest sense of pride knowing that I can support my family (Yes! We’re living off only $1,000 a month right now!) and be an entrepreneur with unlimited freedom.

You see, back in 2016 I stumbled upon blogging when I found a blog income report from a mom who made a full-time income from her blog while she stayed home with her kids. I was floored.

This lady wasn’t anything special. She wasn’t some Instagram model or a mom with an amazing home and beautiful children fresh out of a magazine. She was just a regular mom making money blogging with an okay looking site and limited technology knowledge.

It was then that everything changed.

Everything that I thought you had to be, or have, or do, to be a blogger totally changed. I realized that you don’t have to be anyone special to make money blogging. I realized in that moment that, if she could do it, so could I.

So I purchased a domain and hosting and started my own blog that very week.

Now I too make money while raising my kids from home. And guess what? I’m not anyone special. I don’t have special abilities or special secrets or “got into the game at the right time” or anything like that.

No. If I can do it, so can you.

My Past Income Reports

Here are a few of my past income reports to check out:

How to Start Your Own Blog

I put together a PDF guide to starting your own blog. I even created a checklist to go right along with it! The best part? They’re free! Scroll down to get the free guide to starting a blog for beginners!

1. Decide money or pleasure.

Do you want to make money? Or is this blog just for you?

Just because you make money doesn’t mean it won’t be pleasurable. Its just deciding what the end goal is for you. Do you just want a creative outlet that no one will see? Or do you want this blog to generate and income?

2. Choose a Blog Topic (or Blog Niche)

What are you doing to blog about? What do you love to do? What are you passions?

If you want to start a money making problem then your blog needs to solve problems for it’s readers. It needs to fill a need. That is how you know it will be profitable. (This podcast episode goes deep into choosing your perfect profitable blog topic!)

3. Choose a Blog Name

Once you know if you want to make money through your blog, and what you want to blog about, it’s time to choose a blog name.

Brainstorm ones that relate to your niche and what your blog is about. Then see if those names are available at a dot com URL. Check below to see if your name is available!

4. Buy Your Domain (URL) and Hosting

Next it’s time to buy your domain (your website address or URL. Mine is and your web hosting. (Your host is what stores all your website information, blog posts, content, pictures, code and gives it a space on the internet.)

The web host I use is Bluehost. They have super affordable hosting for less than $5 a month! And they give you a free domain (URL) when you sign up with them so they save you that extra $15ish dollars that you would’ve spent on a domain. Check them out here.

5. Set up Website

Now the fun part! Set up your website, create a logo, choose colors, install a theme and make it all look pretty! Add in an about page and a contact page and pictures of you!

6. Write some post and start blogging!

Once your site is set up all that is left is to just start blogging! Write a few posts and publish them to your own corner of the internet. Start promoting, get readers, and raving fans!

Get the Free Guide

Obviously there is a little more detail that goes into starting your blog. Like how to work your blog, and how to create graphics, and what pages you need legally, etc.

But this post is supposed to be my June Blog Income Report so head over to my free guide to starting a blog for beginners where it lays out the process in detail for you by clicking on the image below.

free start a blog guide

June 2019 Blog Income Report:

***Note that I only include money that has actually hit my bank account. Not money that I earned this month but hasn’t been paid out yet.


Affiliates Total: $123.55


  • Mediavine: $1,265.88 (Ads on the blog)
  • Youtube ads: $0

Ad Total: $1,265.88

My Own Products:

Mom to Momtrepreneur, 38-Page Blog Planner, 46-Page Ultimate Mom Planner: $49

Etsy: $50.92  (Blogging Tees & Digital Prints) Check it out here!

Product Total: $99.92

June Blog Income: $1,489.35

blog income report chart

June Traffic & Stats

Pageviews: 82,684 (Up from 72,500 in May)

Pinterest Followers: 3,251 (+177)

Instagram Followers: 1,615 (+12)

Facebook Likes: 8,002 (+106)

Facebook Group Members: 346 ( +10 – You can join the Blog For Profit group here!)

Email list: 7,086 (+163)

June Evaluation

Last month I made $1,489.35 from my blog. I also took a 10 day trip up to Utah with the fam (no blogging except email), went out boating twice, spent basically every weekend looking through model homes, went shopping on the strip (we live in Las Vegas), swam at least once a week in the pool, and still had date night every Friday night with the hubs.

I’ve been spending about 10-15 hours a week blogging right now. Mickey is getting bigger and is awake more so he is definitely needing more attention than when he was a newborn.

Because of this, I’m still trying to figure out the best work schedule between me and Brian so that we can both be present parents, spend time as a whole family, and still be able to grow my business. I haven’t quite figured that all out yet so the blog usually gets pushed to the back burner.

However, I’m still very happy with all that happened in June. I feel like my blog is now pretty much set on autopilot so I really don’t need to spend hardly any time maintaining it and it will still make money for me. Which leaves my summer pretty open to do all kinds of fun things with family.

So that’s nice, but still being the entrepreneur I am, I would love to push it even further and really grow this thing. It’s just finding the time and balance to do it.

Blog Posts & Podcast Episodes Published this Month

In June I published 2 blog posts,

And 2 Podcast Episodes,

(Listen to The Blog For Profit Podcast here!)

I also published the show notes like I always do for each podcast episode so I guess you could say I technically published 2 Podcast episodes in June and 4 blog posts.

In June, Episode 008 of the Blog For Profit podcast did AMAZING! I had a huge spike in the number of downloads a few days after the launch of the Affiliate Marketing episode I did with Taylor Stanford (listen to it here) and it kept my downloads up quite a bit.

download spike

This episode also generated quite a few leads for me which was great right now since I kind of let that fall to the way-side this month.

I’m always impressed with the traffic and opt-ins that come with the launch of each episode. I’m thinking about upping the frequency to once a week, but again I haven’t quite figured out the right work/home balance so I’d need to figure out how to up my work time to do that.

What Worked this month

This month ad income saved me.

I had a pretty cruddy conversion month for my products (I didn’t promote them at all in June). But back in March my blog passed the 100k pageviews mark and earned that $1200 in ad income. That was paid out in June so even though I had a lower month for my products, I still brought in the usual $1,500-ish from my blog.

Since my blog passed the 100k pageviews mark, I also moved over from Mediavine to Adthrive so we’ll see how they do. I’m hoping to earn a bit more per month with them so I’ll let you know as I continue to advertise with them.

Goals For July:

Unfortunately, due to my lack of motivation and work this month, I’m finally writing this income report now at the very end of July (only 8 days left). So the goals for this month may be a little wah-wah.

  • Publish 1 more podcast episode.
  • Publish 1 more blog post.
  • Write, record, and schedule another blog post and podcast episode.

I’m hoping to be making $2,000 to $2,500 by the end of this year so if you want to stay up to date with all the strategies I’m trying out, be sure to join my email list and get your Free Blog planner here .

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blog income report how much do bloggers make
blog income report how much do bloggers make
blog income report how much do bloggers make
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