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Do you ever look around at other bloggers and think, “I wish I could do that”? But then you brush it off like you always do because of xyz? 

I’m not pretty enough, I don’t know how, I’m not a world traveler, I’m not smart enough, I’m just a boring mom.

Yeah, me too.

I remember sitting in my family’s living room with the family all gathered around and my dad was leading a discussion about goals and dreams. 

I was newly married, only 19 years old and my dad had asked us all what our dream job would be if we could do anything in the world. It was finally my turn to share and after thinking about it for a second and said “a blogger”. 

I mean, truly, the idea of building a business and community around being authentically you sounded like a dream. 

But after telling what my dream job would be, I was quick to include all the reasons why it would never work out. 

I wasn’t pretty enough, I didn’t go on big lavish trips, wasn’t a fashion or beauty guru, rich, or anything that I was convinced you had to be to be a successful blogger. 

Which is why being a blogger was only what my dream job ‘would be’ if I was any of the above. And I left it at that. 

Fast forward to a year and a half later…

I was a new momma. And man, I didn’t know a love like this existed. 

Still a young 20 year old, my new family of 3 moved accross the country and I became a stay at home mom while my husband attended law school. Days were filled with snuggles and open mouth kisses and life was all cupcakes and ice cream.  

But slowly the mom life started to feel suffocating. And I grew more and more jealous of my husband who made friends and was working his way towards his own goals and a greater life. 

All while I was at home stuck in my repetitive hamster wheel of motherhood. 

I felt like I had traded my life for motherhood and that was just the way it worked. I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t have friends, any hobbies or interest. But worst of all I was never progressing. 

Motherhood felt like a never ending groundhog’s day of changing diapers and cleaning spit up never growing or developing. If I had wanted to accomplish something in my life, that time had passed and that’s just the trade of motherhood right?

I was convinced that, that’s just the trade you make when you become a mother, and because I so fiercely loved my baby, I made that trade. 

So I sucked it up and traded all my goals, aspirations, hobbies, dreams, and interests to motherhood. All with a smile on my face. 

Then one day while scrolling through Pinterest, as we mommas do, I stumbled upon a not so cute pin that read “How I make $12,000 a month as a stay at home mom” and like the sensible woman I am, I clicked over. 

I read all about how this mom made thousands of dollars each month as a stay at home mom blogging. 

And she wasn’t an instagram model, rich, beauty guru, or anything I told myself you had to be. She was just a regular mom, who wasn’t even very good with computers, yet making a full-time income blogging while raising her kids from home. 

That was a turning point in my life. 

It was the moment that I realized that life, especially mom life, didn’t have to be this or that. That I could be and do any and all things I wanted to, and be a good mom and stay home. 

Now, 2 years later I am successfully making money blogging, working my way to a full time income, achieving big goals and living my best life all while raising my babies from home. 

And you can do it too. 

Which is why I share my blog income in the first place. If I had never seen that first blogging income report I would have never started my blog and my life and mindset would still be stuck on that hamster wheel.

I am determined to show other moms that you can have a life. In fact, you can live your best life and achieve your biggest goals and still be a good mom, and still be able to stay home. 

Even if blogging isn’t your thing. But if it is, then sister you are a girl of my own heart and I want to help you be successful in any way you can and it all starts with taking that first step.

So, if you’ve ever been interested in starting your own blog, it’s time to just do it. And I’ll be there supporting you every step of the way. 

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On to the report!

Blog Income From April:

*Note I only count income I actually received, not revenue I earned but hasn’t been paid out yet.


Affiliates Total: $324.78


  • Mediavine: $695.81 (Ads on the blog)
  • Youtube ads: $0 

Ad Total: $695.81

My Own Products: 

Mom to Momtrepreneur – Ebook/Workbook: $46.11

38-Page Blog Planner: $38.02

46-Page Ultimate Mom Planner: $40.93

Etsy: $51.81  (Blogging Tees & Digital Prints) Check it out here!

Product Total: $176.87

April Blog Income: $1,197.46

April Traffic and Stats:

Pageviews: 81,497 (Down from 103,408 in March)

Pinterest Followers: 2,877 (+202)

Instagram Followers: 1,612 (-12)

Facebook Likes: 7,722 (+209)

Facebook Group Members: 326 ( +6 – You can join the Blog For Profit group here!)

Email list: 7,145 (+409)

Posts I Published in April:

What Worked in April:

Really connecting with my audience:

I really wanted to work on my connection with my email list. I know I have so many mommas on there that, yes, want all the blogging tips but more than that I know they want connection and community.

They need to feel like they can do this! So instead of just sending out tips for their blogs I really focused on hitting those limiting beliefs and how to get around them and boy it was incredible.

The mommas on my email list are truly so amazing, and brave, and strong. And changing up my emails resulted in way more replies ending up in my inbox from mommas just thanking me and relating to my stories.

I just realized that the most important part of my job is just connecting and truly serving. My mission is to empower these women and help them realize their awesomeness and help them find the courage and motivation to live their best lives and go after their biggest goals and that comes from connecting and serving.

I mean that’s what we all want right? Show me how to do x, y, and z but then tell me I can do it and why. Give me the kick in the pants I need and the inspiration to move forward. And above all, just show up for me. Right?

So this change up in email style has been amazing. Open and click rates have gone up but more than anything there’s been a greater sense of community which is the most incredible part.

How I did – Goals for April:

  • Spend 20 hours a week working on my blog out of the home to get ahead. (I work so much better when I’m gone!) – Check! I made good headway on projects and got ahead on content! Except for the podcast…. ?
  • Get going on a course for my readers! – Miss! Still need to start with a survey to find out what they want!
  • Batch out enough episodes and blog posts to cover April, May, and June. – Kinda… I got blog posts but not podcast episodes…

Going Forward – Goals For May:

  • Hit 100K pageviews a month agian.
  • Survey Readers decide on the best course for them and their goals.
  • Finish the Stupid Simple SEO course!

Brian graduated law school this week so we are off in just a few days to move to Vegas! I’m going to miss Kentucky but I’m excited for this new chapter.

Keep pushing and just keep blogging y’all! And If you haven’t joined my Nap Time Hustle squad of hard hustling mommas raising babies and blogging at nap time then you really need to! You’ll be added to my regular newsletter and get access to my subscriber exclusive resource library! Join here!

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