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Blogging changed my life.

When I had my first baby, I was so excited to be a stay at home mom and cuddle all day! My son was my whole world, but it didn’t take long for my 20-year-old self to feel swallowed up in motherhood.

I had no hobbies, no friends, and no career.

My life went from a constant upwards progression to a flatline groundhog’s day of mom life. I had no goals, nothing to work towards, nothing that made me feel like more than just a mom.

Then one day, while scrolling through Pinterest I found a post from a stay at home mom who told how she made a full-time income blogging (Rosemarie of the Busy Budgeter) and I knew this was the answer to my prayers! I had always had an entrepreneurial spirit so the idea of starting my own money making blog and growing an online business was exactly what I needed.

So I started blogging at nap time and late at night, and a few months later I made my first dollar, then my first hundred, then thousand all while at home cuddling my baby. (see my lates income reports here!)

I was no longer just a mom, but an entrepreneur and business owner and I just knew there were other moms out there just like me, looking for that *thing* to take them from feeling like just a mom to more.

So now I focus on helping moms become momtrepreneurs and my hope is that these 5 full time bloggers below can motivate you to start your own blog too!

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1. Rosemarie of The Busy Budgeter – $100,000+ a month

busy budgeter

Rosemarie is a stay at home mom and budgeting blogger who teaches people how to organize a budget, their home, and their lives. She started her blog back in 2014 and in only 2.5 years she grew her blog from brand new to making over $100,000 every month!

2. Suzi of Start a Mom Blog$40,000+ a month

start a mom blog

Suzi is a stay at home mom who teaches other moms how to start their own profitable blogs. She started blogging in 2011 while working her corporate job then when she had her first child she went back to blogging and eventually turned it into her job making over $40,000 while at home with her kids!

3. Lena of What Mommy Does$10,000+ a month

what mommy does

Lena is a stay at home mom who blogs at What Mommy Does where she provides encouragement and resources for stay at home moms. She is a CPA turned blogger who focuses on teaching others financial literacy and makes over $10,000 a month blogging!

4. Kim of Thrifty Little Mom – $10,000+ a month

thrifty little mom

Kim blogs at Thrifty Little Mom where she helps others save money and create thrifty parties, celebrations, and gatherings. Before she started her blog she was a non-profit event planner but now she’s a full-time mom and blogger who makes $10,000+ a month from her blog!

5. Carly of Mommy On Purpose$5,000+ a month

mommy on purpose

Carly is a stay at home mom who blogs at Mommy on Purpose where she shares tips for moms to create their best lives. She now makes a full time income of over $5,000 each month from her blog.

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