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When starting your own money making blog, after choosing your blog niche or topic it’s time to name your blog! This can be the most frustrating and overthought step in starting your own blog. Which is why I created this post to help you come up with the perfect name for your blog as fast and efficiently as possible!

In this post, we’ll dive deep into how to name your blog by breaking it down into three phases creating:

The Ultimate Guide on How to Name Your Blog!

  • Phase 1: Top things to consider when naming your blog. (This is where your head should be at when strategically coming up with a name for your blog to promote success!)
  • Phase 2: Other things to consider when naming your blog. (These are the extra checklist items to keep in mind and look at when considering blog name ideas.)
  • & Phase 3: How to actually come up with a blog name. (Exercises, tools, and a huge lists of blog names for every niche to help you in the creative process of creating a name.)

**If you haven’t thought about your blog niche or topic yet, do that first! Head here to my post and podcast episode all about how to choose the perfect blog topic for a money making blog!

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Table Of Contents

how to name your blog

PHASE 1: Where to Start When Choosing a Name For Your Blog (Top Things to Consider)

When coming up with a blog name, this is where we start! In episode 010 (listen below or just scroll to continue with the blog post instead), we’re diving into phase 1 of how to name your blog where we are breaking down the top things to consider when naming your blog.

We’re talking

  • strategy
  • what your name says about your blog
  • and how to choose what type of name is best for you.

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    Your Blog Name Won’t Make or Break You

    Like I said before, choosing a name for your blog is the step in starting your own blog that can be the most stressful and is definitely the most overthought. For me, I delayed starting my blog for almost an entire week because I couldn’t come up with the perfect name. 

    The ones I liked were already taken, or they just didn’t sound exactly right, or I didn’t pinpoint exactly what my blog was going to be about so I didn’t want my name to trap me into something, or leave it too vague.

    You know, just the normal over thinking

    I went through all that stress and trouble and you know what? The name that I spent a week coming up with, I don’t even use anymore. 

    So the very first thing I wan’t you to understand when coming up with a blog name is this:

    #1: Your blog name WILL NOT make or break your success as a blogger. It won’t. 

    So don’t waste your time overthinking it because you can always change it later like I did and like so many bloggers do. Choosing a name doesn’t mean your stuck with it. 

    Don’t overthink it. Don’t under think it.

    Delaying your blog another week while you try to come up with the perfect name, vs not overthinking it and just getting starting? The latter will be what gets you one step closer to your blogging goals. Period.

    With that said I do think your name is important enough to give a decent amount of thought to.

    That way you don’t end up with a spur of the moment name that infringes on someone’s trademark or when written as one word in your URL your blog looks like instead of or something like that.

    So number 1: Don’t over think it, your name will not make or break your success. And if you stick with the steps I’m going to outline in this post, you won’t underthink it either. 

    1.1: What do you blog about?

    First, when choosing a name for your blog, you want to consider what you blog about. Or what you are going to blog about.

    If you listened to my last episode, episode 009 (read the blog post here!) where I broke down how to find your perfect blog topic for a money making blog and you went through all the exercises and the free worksheet. Then I’d imagine that you have a pretty good idea about the niche you want to be in if not the exact topics you want to cover. Or at least have a pretty good idea of the direction you want to start. 

    So when naming your blog first think about your blog topic.

    How could you express what you blog about in your blog name?
    If someone just read your blog name by it’s self, what would they think your blog was about?

    The thing is, when someone clicks over to your site the first thing they see is your blog’s name and logo at the top of your site. Then they dive into your content.

    And oftentimes, especially when clicking over from a search engine like Google or even from social media like Facebook, people will look at your URL before they click over to your blog or to that specific post.  So you want to give your readers as many reasons as possible to click over. 

     If your name helps your reader understand what you blog about, it can help give your blog a higher sense of authority and value, so they’re more likely to click over. 

    Let’s say for example my blog name is, Mom of the Year and my URL is 

    Immediately when you land on my site you have a pretty good idea just from my blog name what I blog about. You’d probably assume I’m a mommy blogger right? That I blog about motherhood and parenting and things of that sort. 

    So if you’re a mom, looking for solutions to all things mom and parenting then already from my blog name you’d probably assume you’re in a good place.

    It Can Give Your Readers a Reason to Choose You Over Others

    If you were looking for solutions on how to potty train your toddler, and you did a quick Google search and that happened to produced two results. One is a blog post from and the other is a blog post from, which one are you more liekly to click on? 

    People are trying to satisfy their needs in the least amount of steps as possible.

    Even though you don’t know what’s behind each of these blog posts that came up in your search, in a second you’re going to filter through and decide which one is least likely to waste your time which one is most likely to give you the answers you’re I looking for.

    So just by the name, does a post from the blog Mom of the Year seem like it would be a place that would answer my question? Or does a post from Pop of Color?

    In seconds we are looking for ways to eliminate choices and and make a decision.

    Simply having the word ‘mom’ in my blog name can place me above Pop of Color in someones mind and give a higher sense of authority when it comes to motherhood and parenting. 

    You have no idea what Pop of Color is or how it relates to potty training your toddler. But, on the other hand, the name Mom of the Year sounds like a viable candidate on the subject, right?

    Suggest it through your name or you’ll have to educate later.

    What it comes down to is when your blog name doesn’t help your reader understand what your blog is about, then you are left having to educate everyone on what your blog is about and why they should click over and why they should stay later.

    You’re left having to build up your blog’s authority and reputation in your topic and niche and show your reader what kind of value you have first, rather than helping you establish that though your name. 

    It Helps you Build Trust and Authority

    aving a blog name that alines with what you blog about and hints to that, immediately helps you establish that trust or authority in your niche. 

    So when coming up with blog names, consider what that name says about your blog.

    Ask yourself:

    What would someone who has never heard of your blog, think your blog was about just from hearing the name?

    Want to see more examples of blog names that do this well? Click here to scroll to that list!

    1.2: Who is your target audience?

    The second thing to think about when choosing a blog name is who your target audience is. Who it is you are trying to attract?

    (P.S. The answer to that question should not be everyone!) 

    Think about your blog topic and then think about who you are trying to attract on your blog.

    • Who are you writing for?
    • Whose problems are you trying to solve?
    • Who are the people you cater to?
    • Who are the people who are (or would be) looking for the content that you create?

    Are you solving problems for busy moms? Millenials? People who are in debt and only make $50k a year? People traveling to Madison Wisconsin? Stay at home dads? Graduates entering the workplace? 

    Who is your target audience? 

    Maybe right now all you know is your target audience is Women aged 25-35, that’s fine. 

    Ask yourself,

    • What kinds of words could you use to attract that audience?
    • What would stand out to them?
    • What kinds of words do they identify with?

    Using the word ‘photography‘ in your blog name will not only let your readers know what your blog is about, but it will help attract photographers.

    It tells who your blog is for and let’s them know they’re in the right place.

    One great example of attracting your target audience in your name is Nerd Fitness. Nerd Fitness is a fitness site that serves, what they call the nerds, misfits, and mutants of the world. Helping them to get fit and lose weight.

    They’re focused on serving those out there who want to get fit or lose weight or be healthy but don’t identify with the stereotypical jock or fitness persona that we think of when it comes to fitness.

    So at Nerd Fitness, they cultivate a place where these people who identify as the nerds or misfits can come together in a community and feel comfortable in their journey in a place where they usually might not feel very comfortable.

    They know who thier target audience is, and they attract that audience in their name.

    When someone hears the name Nerd Fitness, if they’re that person, the one that identifies as a nerd or misfit or anything other than the stereotypical fitness person. They hear that name and think YES! That is me! That is for me.

    Helps your target audience find you easier, and helps you stand out in your niche.

    Nerd Fitness stands out in the Fitness industry by targeting a very specific audience.

    Attracting your target audience through your name helps your audience not only know they are in the right place, but it can help your target audience find you easier, and help you stand out in your niche.

    And to do this you, don’t literally need to add those titles in your name like women, or men, or mid-40s, or plus size, or vegan, or nerd or whatever.

    Instead you can add a word that that person identifies with like with the blog, The Curvy Fashionista. She doesn’t have to say plus size or women’s fashion to attract that audience. Using a word like ‘curvy‘ that that audience may identify with is another way to attract your audience.

    How could you attracting your target audience through your blog name?

    Want to see more examples of blog names that do this well? Click here to scroll to that list!

    1.3: Choosing a Specific & Descriptive Name VS. a Broad & Generic Name

    Now moving on, consider when choosing a name for your blog whether to use a specific and descriptive name or a broad generic name. 

    A Specific & Descriptive Blog Name

    Just because you want to blog about photography doesn’t mean your blog name has to be ‘The Photography Genius’.

    Your blog name doesn’t have to literally spell out exactly what you blog about. But the more you can help your reader understand what your blog is about, who it’s for, and the value you’re going to bring to them, the easier it will be to make your blog profitable faster

    …the more you can help your reader understand what your blog is about, who it’s for, and the value you’re going to bring to them, the easier it will be to make your blog profitable faster. 

    If I’m a new photographer trying to build up my photography business and get better at taking photos. And I find a blog called ‘The Photography Genius’, then I’ll probably click over.

    Just in the name ‘The Photography Genius’ I can tell:

    • What the blog is about = Photography.
    • Who it’s probably for = Photographers or people who want to be better at photography
    • Why I should stay = This person is a photography genius (great authority on the topic).
    • and What value it is going to bring me = It seems like it will teach me to also be a photography genius.

    Benefits of a specific & descriptive blog name:

    • Helps you attract those readers who would be raving fans.
    • Helps built authority with your readers in your niche.
    • Helps build trust in the topic your blog about.
    • Helps your readers know what your blog is about.
    • Can help you rank higher in Google for those specific keywords in your name. (More traffic!)

    Cons of a specific and descriptive blog name:

    • It Makes it Hard to Pivot Later.
    • Stuck blogging about that one thing.
    • Stuck blogging for that target audience.

    Often Not the Best for New Bloggers

    A specific and descriptive name can help you build that trust and authority, faster and make you easier to find by your target audience. But the big con with getting really specific in your blog name is it can be really hard to pivot later if you don’t want to blog about that topic any more or if your target audience changes. 

    So when you’re new to blogging most of the time you don’t know exactly what you want to blog about. What exactly your blog is going to be about. Or even if you’re going to like blogging about that topic or not you want multiple topics.

    So if you choose the name ‘The Photography Genius’, only to find out you don’t want to blog about photography or you want to blog about more than just photography, we’ll you’re pretty stuck right?

    You can’t have the name ‘The Photography Genius’ and not blog about photography. Or have the name ‘The Photography Genius’ and also blog about food. That would just lower that sense of authority in the photography realm. 

    So as good as it is to get specific, it also makes it hard to pivot as you grow and learn what you really want to blog about.

    So another option is choosing a more broad, generic, or abstract blog name. 

    a Broad & Generic Blog Name

    These are names that could incorporate many topics or names that help you lean one way without restricting you too much to one topic.

    This also incorporates the random names that could literally be about anything and are usually the names that you think of when you think of lifestyle blog names.

    Want to see more examples of these types of blog names? Click here to scroll to that list!

    For example, when you hear the name ‘Chasing Foxes‘, you have no idea what that blog is about. It’s a cute catchy name, it doesn’t tell me who it’s for or what it’s about.

    But that allows them to blog about whatever they want to blog about.

    And in this case, Chasing Foxes is a lifestyle blog that covers many topics like travel and beauty, and relationships, and money, and almost anything under the sun. So for that blog, a more broad and abstract name works well for them. 

    When I started my blog, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to blog about so I started with a broad name: Life on Waller.

    I lived on Waller Avenue so I figured the name was personal and still felt like me so I could feel good with that name and building a brand around it.

    I could still incorporate many topics as I blogged and figure out what topics I ultimately did want to blog about and what things I didn’t. It also didn’t men my down to any one topic.

    A better option for New Bloggers

    So if you still don’t know exactly what you want to write about or if you want to blog about multiple topics, then a more broad and generic name would probably be best for you. It then allows you to pivot if you want to pivot and not have to change your name.

    You don’t have to know or choose the one topic or niche you want to blog about, you can just start blogging. 

    So when coming up with your blog name you should first consider what you blog about, and who your target audience is and how you can play off that in your blog name. You can get really specific and descriptive or go more broad and generic but either way you should take those things into consideration first before choosing a name for your blog. 

    On to Phase 2!

    how to name your blog

    PHASE 2: Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Blog Name (Important Checklist Items)

    After Phase 1 in naming your blog and breaking down they key strategies involved, it’s time for phase 2 where we talk about the 5 checklist items you have to think about and consider when naming your blog.

    1. How does your name read?
    2. Is it easy to say and spell?
    3. Is the domain available?
    4. Are the social handles available?
    5. Are you using anyone’s trademark?

    Don’t name your blog before going through these 5 checklist items!

    Listen to Phase 2! (Ep. 11)

    Listen & Subscribe to the Blog For Profit Podcast on iTunes here! (Or keep scrolling to read the blog post!)

    2.1 How Will Your Name Read in Your URL?

    Ideally, you want your domain name (your URL or site address, the www.”whatevername”.com or .net or . co etc.) to be the same as your blog name. It just eliminates any confusion between you and your readers. They may remember your blog name but not always remember your URL if those two are different.

    My blog name is Cassie Scroggins and my domain is And because there are no spaces in a url, your domain name, you need to consider how your blog name reads as one word. 

    Remember, you don’t want your blog, ‘Speed of Art’ to end up looking like ‘Speedo Fart’ or ‘Teachers Talking’ look like ‘Teacher Stalking’. 

    It’s a simple step of naming your blog that often gets overlooked but can save your blog and your embarrassment. 

    2.2 Is your blog name easy to say and spell?

    Next, is your blog name easy to say and spell?

    Your blog name may look good on paper but when said out loud you may find it’s hard to say or hard to spell. 

    Pro tip: don’t spell a word wrong on purpose. 

    If you listened to episode 005 a few episodes ago you heard Joann Crohn the blogger behind no guilt mom and her struggles with her purposefully misspelled blog name. 

    Her blog was ‘A Whimsicle Life‘ but Whimsical was spelled like popsicle. She was standing right in front of someone trying to find her blog and that person couldn’t find it!

    If you purposefully spell a word wrong in your blog name then you’re just making it that much harder for people to find your blog. 

    Also if your blog is hard to say or hard to spell then it can be very hard to remember.

    If I can’t say your blog name exactly in my head then I don’t know exactly how to spell it so I can’t just type it tint my browser. Also, if I can’t spell it then Google may not be able to find it either. So a blog name that is hard to say, hard to spell, or spelled wrong, then you’re just making it that much harder for readers to find you. 

    For example, the website (a photo site), spells their name Flickr, instead of ‘er’ like you would spell the word flicker as in a flicker of light.  But when so many people were heading to looking for their site that they ended up buying both the domains because they were losing so much traffic. 

    So when Joann would tell people her blog was ‘A Whimsicle Life’ they would type in or search ‘A Whimsical Life‘ not knowing that Whimsical was purposefully spelt differently and couldn’t find her blog. 

    Think about what spelling you use:

    Now, when I say consider your spelling I don’t just mean purposefully spelling words wrong, but also the specific words you use and how their spelling could be confused. 

    The blog BudgetBytes all about meals on a budget, spells the word bytes b-y-t-e-s. Like a megabyte. But knowing it’s a food blog you might assume it to be spelt bites like she bites into an apple. 

    There could be some confusion there on the consumer end and that is definitely something to keep in mind and consider when naming your blog. 

    2.3 Is your domain name available?

    So to break it down in plain and simple terms, your domain name is your blogs URL. My domain is ‘’. Your domain name is literally your address on the internet. 

    When you start a blog, you’re building you own little house on your own little corner of the internet. But for anyone to come visit, for anyone to find you, they have to know where to go, they need to know the address.

    That is what your domain is. 

     And every website on the internet has to have a different address, so just because you want to name your blog ‘Mom of The Year’, it doesn’t guarantee you that domain address. Someone may already have it. 

    Ideally, you want your blog name to be the same as your domain name. You don’t want to add a layer of confusion to your readers. You want to be as easy to find as possible. So if your blog name is Mom of the year, you want your domain name to be

    So when coming up with blog names, you’ve got to check to see if those domain names are available or taken. 

    Check your domain availability below!

    Someone may already own that domain so you’ll need to come up with something else.

    Now, This can be one of the most frustrating parts of naming your blog because if you’re anything like me, you’ll spend all this time coming up with the perfect blog name and then you go to check it’s availability and it’s always taken! 

    So it’s a trick to come up with a good blog name that is also available. 

    And when checking your domains availability, I suggest you try to find a domain name at a dot com rather than anything else. 

    Shoot for a .COM

    The dot com URL is the most popular TLD which just stands for Top Level Domain. Which is just the part of your URL that comes after the dot. So dot com, dot net, dot co or dot whatever, is the TLD of that URL. 

    And dot com is the post popular TLD so when someone thinks of a website they automatically, for the most part, assume its at a dot com. So you tell someone your blog is Called ‘Mom of The Year’, they will most likely try to find you at

    Another reason to have a dot com as opposed to another TLD is it’s authority.

    People are more likely to trust your blog at a dot com than anything else. Especially right now when everyone is so paranoid about their privacy and who’s giving out what imformation, and who can hack into where. Your blog is going to appear more trustworthy, more reputable, and look less like spam if it’s at a dot com. 

    Obviously, there are successful blogs out there at dot net or even dot co, so again your name and your TLD, WILL NOT make or break your success but still. If I were you, I would hold out until you find something available at a dot com. (and I did!)

    If you can’t find a good available name at a .COM…

    Now if you’ve tried and tried and you just can’t find anything you like at a dot com then Id go for a dot net or dot co but you definitely shouldn’t use a dot org or dot gov or any other TLD. 

    So before you set yourself on a blog name in your head, make sure your domain name is available.

    Premium Domains:

    Also a quick note, there are domains called premium domains which are domains that people have purchased and are just sitting on to resale and make a profit and those domains will say they are available but for like hundreds or thousands of dollars.

    You don’t want that, don’t mess with it, you don’t need it, your domain name isn’t that important.

    Unless you already have this huge brand that you’ve build up around that name already, don’t stress about it.  So just move on and find something else. Don’t waste your money. 

    2.4 Are your social handles available?

    By this point, I’m sure you understand that the easier it is for your readers to find you, the better. The less confusion between you and your reader, the better.

    So another, less important, think to consider when naming your blog is if your blog name is available as social handles.

    Just like your domain should match your domain name, it is ideal for it to match your social handles. So if your blog is Mom of The Year, you not only want but you want @Momoftheyear across all (or as many as possible) social channels.

    2.5 Are you infringing on anyone’s Trademark?

    ***Small Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer. This shouldn’t be considered legal advice. Do you own research and talk to your attorney if necessary.

    Finally, the last check list item to consider when naming your blog, make sure you aren’t using anyone’s trademark.

    Unfortunately, you can’t use the name ‘Crazy Starbucks Momma’ as a blog name. Even if that domain is available because Starbucks is trademarked and not owned by you (I’m assuming), so they could have your entire blog shut down for good. 

    If you infringe on someone’s trademark they can legally make you shut down your blog and even make you pay for infringing on that trademark so when choosing a blog name you also want to make sure you aren’t using someone trademark in your name.

    And that doesn’t just mean using big names like Starbucks!

    Lots of people have their company or product names trademarked. And if you just so happen to choose that name or a name too close to theirs that can be a nightmare for you legally.

    At the least they can just make you change your name. And then you have to go through changing your name again and coming up with a new name when you may already have readers and people who know you at that name.

    And at the most they can make you shut down your entire blog and sue you make you pay for damages all that terrible stuff.

    Just because the domain available doesn’t mean you can use it.

    Someone may own the domain “’ but ‘’ is available so you think “sweet I can use it!”. But No, if that name is trademarked they can come after you.

    So just because the name is available doesn’t mean you can legally use it as a blog name. 

    If someone else is using Mom of The Year before you, even if they didn’t trademark that name, they get priority on that trademark.

    So if they wanted to get rid of you they could. 

    So when coming up with blog names, the best way to make sure you aren’t infringing on anyone’s trademark, is to first run your potential name as a google search and see what comes up. 

    You don’t want your blog name to be anyone else’s company name or blog name or anything like that. So if you see someone is already using that name for something related to your topic, move on and try something else. 

    You can also search the USPTO website to see if a trademark has been filed for your blog name or anything like it. I suggest running a google search and searching the USPTO site to make sure you’re covering all your bases.

    Now lets put it all together in phase 3!

    how to name your blog

    PHASE 3: How to actually come up with a blog name. Tools, resources, and exercises.

    Listen to Phase 3! (Ep. 12)

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