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Whoa momma! Last month we welcomed our second son, Mickey William into the world and with that, February FLEW BY! mickey williamHere’s how the blog did: But first…

My Most Recent Income Reports:

Here’s how it all started for me:

If this is the first time on my blog then, Hi! I’m Cassie and I’m so stoked that you’re here! A few years ago I went from being a mildly depressed new momma with an identity crisis to living the happiest life I’ve ever lived all because I started a blog.

Being a stay at home mom was always the goal, I knew I didn’t want to do daycare or a nanny for my babies, but it wasn’t long after having my first child that I felt like I was swallowed up in motherhood.

While I wanted to stay at home with my babies I also wanted to be more than “just” a mom. I was so jealous of my husband who was working his way towards his dream career while I was stuck in my hamster wheel of motherhood.

I wanted to be successful, I wanted progression, I wanted what he had without sacrificing the ability to stay home.

Then one day while scrolling through Pinterest I found a post where a mom told how she made a full-time income as a stay at home mom by blogging. And I knew this was the answer I had been looking for.

I knew if she could do it so could I, and within a week I started my own blog. I blogging whenever I could, between nap times, late at night, and even weekends.

It didn’t take long for me to make my first dollar, then my first thousand dollars (thank to a killer blogging course EBA!). All while at home with my baby. I was no longer just a mom, but an entrepreneur and business owner making money while my babies slept.

Blogging took me from stressed, guilt-stricken, and unfulfilled to the happiest, most motivated, and optimistic person I could be. It made me a better wife, mom, and person.

It’s crazy what living out your passions can do and being able to start and run my own business while raising my kids was my dream. But not only was I making money while at home with my kids, I also got to serve a tribe of moms just like me and help them do the same.

Blogging changed my life.

I never knew how much money there was to be made in blogging until I stumbled upon an income report myself. It was the big push that I needed to start my own and I am so glad I did! Which is why I share my own blog income.

Just a little pay it forward type of thing ?.

If you’ve ever been interested in starting your own blog, check out this post and you can get the free step by step guide and checklist to start your own blog here ! Join the blogger squad!

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On to the report!

Blog Income From February:

*Note I only count income I actually received, not revenue I earned but hasn’t been paid out yet.


Affiliates Total: $243.72


  • Mediavine: $928.18 (Ads on the blog)
  • Youtube ads: $0 ($56 earned but wasn’t paid out yet)

Ad Total: $928.18

My Own Products: 

Mom to Momtrepreneur – Ebook/Workbook: $98.65

38-Page Blog Planner: $50.26

46-Page Ultimate Mom Planner: $38.93

Etsy: $15.63 (Blogging Tees & Digital Prints) Check it out here!

Product Total: $203.47

February Blog Income: $1375.37february blog income chart

February Traffic and Stats:

Pageviews: 90,518 (Down from 103,325 in January)

Pinterest Followers: 2,560 (+146)

Instagram Followers: 1,640 (-2)

Facebook Likes: 7,310 (+367)

Facebook Group Members: 301 ( +24 – You can join the Blog For Profit group here!)

Email list: 6,143 (+951)

Posts I Published in February:

What Worked in February:

Maternity Leave:

Knowing I was going to have a baby in February, I got ahead on all my content so that the blog could run on it’s own after Mickey got here. A sort of maternity leave if you will.

And it worked out great! At my 38 week appointment with my doctor she decided that I needed to go straight to the hospital to get induced due to too low fluid. Boy was that crazy!

So I’m glad the blog was able to function it’s own without me and I could give 100% of my attention to my family.

Batch work people! It’s a life saver!

Opened the Shop!

At the end of February, I opened up my shop on the blog! Previously, the only way to get access to one of my digital products like my full 38 page blog planner, was by finding the blog post or landing on the tripwire when you signed up for my email list.

Now my products are open and all full display to the public! This has bumped up sales a bit already for March!

What Didn’t Work:

Facebook Ads:

I was hoping to piggy back on the success of January’s Facebook ad and still get people to my list for only .66 cents a lead! However, it just didn’t work out that way.

I ended February with an average cost per lead of a little over $1.50 which is still good but not as fantastic as I was hoping. Even though it was the same ad.

I’m not a Facebook ad pro so I’m not sure what went wrong here but I assume it’s just time of the year and the different competition I had during this time. ??‍♀️

Being a one woman show:

If you didn’t know, I run all on my own. I’ve been looking into starting the hiring process for a team or even just a VA but littl miss control freak here has found it hard to actually pull the trigger.

However I’m starting to realize that I can only do so much, and my time is very limited especially now having just added another member of the fam. Ugh I just want to cuddle him all day! #StayatHomeMomPerks right?

So when I can’t be 100% there with the blog like in February, the blog survives but it can suffer and doesn’t grow. Which is evident by how I did on my Febuary goals below.

Right now my business can only grow so much when it’s just me, so I now realize that it might just be the time to start outsourcing!

How I did – Goals for February:

  • Maintain 100K pageviews a month. – Miss but only slightly! With February having 3 less days than Janurary I still did really good finishing the month with a little over 90k pageviews! 
  • Grow email list to 7500 ?. – Miss!
  • Earn $1,666 in blog income. – Miss! But for not spending any time on the blog in February what can I expect?

Going Forward – Goals For March:

  • Hit 100K pageviews a month agian.
  • Grow email list to 7000.
  • Lauch the Podcast!
  • Earn $1,500 in blog income.

Keep your eye out for my Podcast the Blog For Profit Podcast lauching March 20th! I’m so terrified but I’m ready to just do it scared!

All in all, February was a fantastic month! I got a new squishy baby and made money doing nothing. THAT, my friends, is why I started blogging in the first place! And it’s what I want for you too!

Keep pushing and just keep blogging y’all!

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