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If you’re new around here and, like me, are super into blogging income reports, here are a few of my past income reports to check out as well:

Wow! I continue to be so amazed at my blogging progress.

It feels so dumbly obvious when I write it out but when you really just stick with something, the small things start to build up and then suddenly you’re doing the things you had only wished you could do!

This month is my second consecutive month in a row bringing in over $2,000 from my blog and as Q4 starts, I only see that number going up! Now on to $3,000 months!

My Past Income Reports

I know I’ve said this so many times before but blogging seriously changed my life! It is my passion. Growing this blog and being able to support and stay home with my kids all at the same time is a dream come true.

I remember when I first learned about blogging. Or, at least the fact that you didn’t have to be some young, beautiful, rich, world traveler, to be successful at blogging. When I learned that you didn’t have to be anything special to grow a successful blog, my whole world changed.

This blogging thing, that previously I thought only the rich, beautiful, most popular people could succeed at, was now not just a possibility for me, but a probable one. Because I had seen other regular moms doing it too. Staying home with their kids and making money (even full-time incomes) doing it.

I just knew, if they could do it, so could I. Or at least. If they could do it, why not me?

september blog income report stay at home mom job

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Now on to the report. Income breakdown:

September 2019 Blog Income Report:

***Note that I only include money that has actually hit my bank account. Not money that I earned this month but hasn’t been paid out yet.


Affiliates Total: $597.15


  • AdThrive: $1,203.07
  • Youtube ads: $115.45

Ad Total: $1,318.52

My Own Products

Etsy: $70

The Blog Shop/Tripwires: $212.57

(Where I sell my Mom to Momtrepreneur eBook, 47-Page Blog Planner, and 46-Page Ultimate Mom Planner)

Product Total: $282.57

Total September Blog Income: $2,198.24

september 2019 blog income report

September Traffic & Stats

Pageviews: 109,336 (Up from 103,353 in August)

Pinterest Followers: 4,331 (+388)

Instagram Followers: 1,671 (+2)

Facebook Likes: 8,580 (+186)

Facebook Group Members: 377 ( +13 –You can join the Blog For Profit group here!)

YouTube Subscribers: 2,409 (+77)

Podcast Downloads: 1,029 (+244)

Email list: 7,472 (+221)

More Traffic, More Revenue.

I first want to say that there is no magic number of pageviews you need to make money blogging.

And just because you have the traffic, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to make more money or any money at all. You first have to have your general processes and systems in place, then generally, yes. More traffic means more money.

And with the right systems and processes, you can make a lot of money with very little traffic too.

Really, it all depends on who your audience is, how well you know them and can solve their problems, and how well you incorporate income streams to do so.

Then after you have those systems and processes in place, then more traffic will equal more money.

For me, I’m not going to lie I’ve made great progress since starting my blog in 2016. But I still have a lot to learn. But for now, since my family is currently living 100% on my income alone, I’ve been focused on increasing my traffic to increase my income.

It’s just the easiest most reliable way, for me, right now to increase my blog income. So I’ve been focused primarily on increasing my traffic lately. And Pinterest has been the biggest factor in pushing my blog up to and past 100k these past months!

The Pinterest Launch Plan

I’ve always had great success with Pinterest right from the start. It was a platform I was on constantly even before I started my blog so using it to drive traffic to my blog was something I didn’t struggle too bad with.

However, I knew I wasn’t getting everything out of Pinterest that I could. Which is when I decided to invest in Jennifer Maker’s The Pinterest Launch Plan eBook.

***Update! The Pinterest Launch Plan is available now for only $27! You can snag it here!***

Jennifer and I enrolled in Elite Blog Academy at the same time and when I say she put her nose to the grindstone, I mean it! She had big goals for herself and in less than one year after started Elite Blog Academy, her blog was making a full-time income!

Now Jennifer makes over $100,000 each month from her blog, so when she came out with a Pinterest eBook (Pinterest is a huge traffic driver for her) I knew I had to get it.

Since implementing the Pinterest Launch Plan eBook, my traffic from Pinterest has been on the constant up and up.

pinterest september blog income report

As you can see, while the Pinterest Launch Plan helped me increase my pin impressions, follows, and repins, most importantly it made a significant increase in the amount of click-throughs! Which is what really matters.

Because those click thoughts turn into ad income, affiliate income, email subscibers, and product customers!

What I’m working on next.

Since quarter 4 has the highest ad spend for advertisers, and is the time of year when people are in the mood to buy, I’m making a heavy focus on increasing my traffic even more in October-December.

But even more than that, I’m wanting to get refocused with my email subscribers.

I think it’s easy to forget the why behind your blog sometimes. Especially with a personality like mine where I love to look at the numbers and formulas.

It can be easy to push out posts and emails that are quick and easy that produce results but I’m wanting to get recentered and push my focus on how I can help my email subscribers to hit their goals.

So I’ll be focused on producing content for them and freebies that produce results for them. I want my email subscribers to be excited about my emails because they know they’ll get something out of it. And as I do this, I’ll learn what exactly they want from me and what products I can make to give it to them.

It’s the perfect time of year to get refocused on serving!

And if you want to be apart of that, you can join my email list here , and get my free start a blog guide!

Goals For October:

  • Publish 4 new videos to YouTube
  • Publish 3 new Podcast Episodes
  • Send out one new freebie to my email list to help them hit their blogging goals!
  • Increase my traffic to 120k pageviews.

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september blog income report stay at home mom job
september blog income report
september blog income report stay at home mom job
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