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I’ve been playing, sipping on diet Dr. Pepper, and enjoying the family during this quarantine and all of 2020, all while providing for my family making $100 a day in my sleep. Here’s how I consistently made $3,000+ a month for the past 6 months doing nothing….seriously.

Quarantine has made me even less motivated to anything BUT play with my kids and spend time with my husband. I mean, that’s all I wanted to do with my time anyway lately, but now that everyone is home and available all day to do whatever we want, I’ve been taking advantage of it.

Let me lay a little background here.

I’m a full-time stay at home mom of two little boys age 4 and 1 and am expecting another little man here in 2 months. Up until now, my husband has been a full-time student and hasn’t worked so he can focus on his studies.

So for the past year, I have been the sole provider for our family while I also stay home with our kids. Talk about living the dream, but the best part is that for the past 6 months I’ve worked 5 hrs back in January and made over $18,000 doing nothing since!

So how do I make $100/day while I play with my kids and take naps?

My actual numbers – Monthly Income breakdown.

I make $100 a day
My blog’s 2020 income that actually hit my bank account that month.

I make about $100.84 each day.

I make about $100 each day through a cumulation of multiple different income streams from multiple different companies all working all by themselves.

For example each day I make an average of:

  • $55.46 a day from AdTrhive (an ad network)
  • $4.88 a day from Youtube Ads
  • $17.25 a day from Amazon
  • $6.48 a day from Bluehost (this is what I use to run my blog)
  • $1.77 a day from Ultimate Bundles
  • $0.65 a day from Pinterest Launch Plan (the resources that taught me how to explode my Pinterest traffic to my blog!)
  • $7.29 a day from my shop on my blog.
  • $7.06 a day from Etsy.

Total: $100.84 a day

Where does the money come from? My Blog.

Back in 2016, I started this little blog and now it is the main source of income for me and my family. And for the past 6 months all I’ve done is get up, take care of my kids, go on date nights with my husband, and take a few vacations.

I’ve completely neglected my blog, (which is horrible!) but still at the end of every month I have another $3,000+ in our bank account for my family. In fact, my business has only grown!

And when all this quarantine/Covid-19 craziness hit, my business and paycheck weren’t affected. In fact, my business and paycheck grew! More people at home meant more people online, which meant more eyes on my blog.

My blog ran itself and I collected the check.

Learn how to start your own blog here.

My Blog Pays the Bills while I do nothing.

My personal blog makes money 3 ways.

  • Ads. I get paid a certain dollar amount per 1000 views the ads on my blog get. So the more eyes I get on my blog the more money I make. Even if they don’t click the ad or buy anything. I love how passive this income is!
  • Affiliates. If someone buys something through one of the links I have on my blog, I make a commission at no extra cost to my reader. (Note that I never add a link to something I don’t 100% back and support.)
  • My own products. I sell a handful of digital products on my blog and at an Etsy shop for moms and bloggers. Things like printable planners, wall art, and Canva Templates. When I sell one of my own products, I take home a much larger percentage of the profit than any other income stream.

**Total there are 5 ways bloggers can make money from their blogs, two of them I just don’t really use all that much right now but am looking to in the future. See my full breakdown of all 5 ways bloggers make money here.

Typically Bloggers continue to make more and more money through a cycle of:

  • Researching what content to create (seeing what their audience wants and likes, what types of content are most valuable and bring in the most money, etc.)
  • Creating content (blog posts, videos, etc.)
  • Optimizing that content to make money (with affiliate links, a sales pitch, email opt-ins, and just overall killer content so people stay on the page longer)
  • Optimizing it to attract and build a bigger audience (like search engines so more people find it).
  • And Promoting that content to their audiences.

Over and over again.

As their content grows and their ability and understanding of optimizing that content grows, their audience/consumer base grows, and their income grows right along with it.

That is essentially how blogging works. But for the past 6 months, I haven’t been doing any of that. I’ve done NOTHING!

Blogs don’t stop working when bloggers do.

Unlike a typical business, when you essentially stop doing business (ie. stop creating content, sending emails, showing up), your blog doesn’t automatically stop and fizzle out.

The content that you already have on your blog will still work for you. It is still circling the internet and showing up in Google Searches. It still floats around on Pinterest and resurfaces on Facebook.

So blogs don’t stop working even when bloggers do.

When you publish a piece of content that is optimized to make you money and to build your audience, it does so essentially all by itself. It doesn’t REQUIRE you to babysit it and keep promoting it over and over. This is how I was able to take a complete break from blogging from January to July and do NOTHING, and still make $100 a day.

Learn how to start your own blog here.

I’ve done 5 hours of work in 2020 and earned $18,000.

Now that you understand a little bit about how blogging works, let me show you the last actual work I did before taking 6 months off.

The last blog post I published was my December Blog Income Report that published January 7th 2020.

last blog post published I make $100 a day
My last blog post before taking 6 months off, posted Jan 7th, 2020.

And the last email I sent to my readers was sent on January 15th.

make $100 a day
My last email I sent to readers: Jan 15th, 2020.

So technically I did some work in the first part of 2020. I posted one post and sent one email in the first part of January and then took the next 6 months (5.5 months) off. So for about 5 hours of work total in 2020, I’ve brought in over $18k! $3,600 an hour? Not bad!

Blogging is hard work but so worth it.

I have to say it because I don’t want to give off the impression that blogging is a get rich quick scheme, blogging is hard work! And a slow work at that!

Blogging is hard work especially in the beginning and requires a lot of free hours up front.

Learn how to start your own blog here.

To be able to take the past 6 months off and still reel in money each month, I had to do the work beforehand in these past 4 years to set my blog up to run itself to make me the $3,000 a month and allow me to work (and not work) whenever I want for as long as I want.

It took about 6 months to get my blog going and set up to run itself and star generating me money. Meaning 6 months of regular posting and promoting, basically that entire cycle I talked about before. And I have to continue to work on it to increase the amount of money I generate.

But the nice thing about it is that essentially from the start, when I needed to take a break, I took it. And it wouldn’t completely undo all the hard work I had already done. It would be right there waiting for you when you picked it up again. It’s very much go-at-your-own-pace which I love.

Make money from home in your sleep by starting your own blog.

Because of my blog, in 2020 so far, I’ve essentially had paid vacation leave where I could be 100% a mom and wife while still being the provider. I’ve been full-time mama and wife doing nothing work-related at all, basically sipping my Diet Dr. Pepper and waking up to a paycheck.

My blog has truly been a life saver for me and my family.

It has allowed me to stay home with my kids and raise them while I blog during nap times or after bed. It has allowed my husband to go to school and not have to work, and has allowed us to get and stay 100% out of credit card all at the same time.

So if you’ve ever thought about starting your own blog or looked for ways to make a passive income and work when you want, you can get my free guide to starting your own blog here !

start a blog

Next goal for the blog? Get back into working and grow my monthly income to $5,000/mo. Can I do it by the end of 2020? I think I can! Stick around and come follow me over on Instagram to stay in touch! I’d love to hear what you think of my blog or if you end up starting your own! Insta: @CassScroggins

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make $100 a day
make $100 a day
make $100 a day
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