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Everyday, blogs and bloggers are reeling in tons of cold hard cash blogging from anywhere there’s wifi. But not all blogs make a lot of money, or any money at all for that matter!

So before you run off and start your own blog, here are the 13 types of blogs that make the most money along with a guide to help you know which type of blog would be best for you to start.

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Are Blogs Still Profitable today?


I know you probably had this question in your mind right? Maybe you’ve heard blogging is dead or that  the best time to start a blog was back in 2010. 

Well, good news my friend, blogging is most definitely not dead! 

And with more and more people turning online these days along technology advancement and the internet being more accessible than ever, there has never been an easier time to start a money making blog. 

For example, Jonnie from the blog For The Love of Finance started her blog this year and in only 6 months she is already generating $1000 a month and growing!

Now is truly the time for us content creators!

If you just look at the way companies are spending nowadays with advertising budgets being spent on blogs and influencers not magazines or tv ads you’ll see just how profitable blogging as a whole still is and it’s only growing!

So don’t doubt it, blogging is definitely still profitable today! 

13 types of blogs that make money

How Do Blogs Make Money?

Blogs and bloggers don’t just get one big paycheck each month like one would get in a typical work place. Instead blogs make money implementing multiple income streams, each one falling under one of 5 categories. 

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 Blogs make money 5 ways:

  1. Displaying Ads
  2. Affiliates Sales
  3. Sponsorships / Private Advertising
  4. Selling their own products/services
  5. Free gifts

Displaying Ads

One way blogs make money is by displaying ads on their site.

Most bloggers work with an ad network like Google Adsense, Mediavine, Adthrive, or Monometric to display ads on their site. These ad networks place the ads on your blog and you get paid a certain amount per 1000 views (or sometimes by the amount of clicks) those ads get.  

This stream of income is most beneficial for blogs that get high amounts of traffic since companies pay per view.  

Displaying ads is also a great form of passive income since the reader doesn’t have to do or buy anything for the blogger to get paid. 

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate marketing and making affiliate sales is another way blogs make money. 

Many blogs are affiliates for different brands and companies which means they make a commission on purchases made through the links on their site at no extra cost to the purchaser. This allows the blog to  make money recommending their favorite products, companies, and services to its readers.

Sponsorships and Private Advertising

Sponsorship and private advertising opportunities is a big way that blogs can make money.

Sponsorships or private advertising is when a brand or company pays a blog/blogger to mention their product or services. This could be in the form of an entire piece of content (blog post, video, social media post, etc) dedicated to that company, product, or service. 

However brands and companies will even pay just for a simple mention in a piece of content or for a specific display ad space on your blog sold directly to that company. 

Selling Their Own Products or Services

From physical to digital products and services, selling their own products and services is a great way to make money blogging. 

Food bloggers may sell their own cookbooks they put together, or a fitness blogger may sell their own workout plans or coaching. Really there are tons of product and service ideas available for bloggers to put together and sell to their audiences in every niche!

The real benefit here, is that the blog takes home a much bigger percentage of the sales in this category than any other income stream. Which is why so many bloggers incorporate it into their income strategy.

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Free Gifts

Finally the last way bloggers make money is through free gifts. Yes, this does count as income. 

As your blog and platform grows, bloggers (even small blogs) get approached all the time to try products and services for free. Sometimes it’s accompanied by a promise of sharing with your audience, and other times, it’s no strings attached simply with the hopes that you’ll share.

Either way, blogs and bloggers receive all kinds of “free gift offers” which still counts as income technically. 

And if you receive an item/service “free” in exchange for a post or mention, it’s technically considered a sponsored deal, not truly a free gift. 

Want more detail on how blogs make money? Read my more in-depth post on how blogs make money here. 

How Do I Know If My Blog Will Make Money?

The easiest way to know whether or not your blog idea is a profitable one, is by asking yourself this question. 

“How will my blog help it’s readers solve their problems or help fill a felt need?”

If you’re starting a blog hoping to make money simply writing about what you had for lunch yesterday and what you wrote in your journal the night before then guess again. 

The harsh truth is people are not interested in you or your life just because you have a blog. They are only interested in what they can get out of it. 

For example, they will want to know what you ate yesterday for lunch if you’re showing them a meal you regularly ate when you lost 10 lbs last year. Or they’ll want to know what you wrote in your journal if you’re teaching them how to layout the perfect gratitude journal section to start their day right. 

Blogs that solve it’s reader’s problems or felt-needs for them are the most profitable blogs. If your blog does that, it can most definitely make money.

But remember that your blog doesn’t have to solve world hunger, you just have to think of why your reader would stay. What’s in it for them. Solve their problems, address a felt need and you know your blog can make money. 

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13 Types of Blogs That Make Money

  1. Motherhood & Parenting Blogs
  2. Health & Fitness Blogs
  3. DIY & Craft Blogs
  4. Food Blogs
  5. Personal Finance Blogs
  6. Beauty Blogs
  7. Fashion Blogs
  8. Travel Blogs
  9. Home Decor Blogs
  10. Business Blogs
  11. Organization & Productivity Blogs
  12. Homeschool Blogs
  13. Lifestyle Blogs
13 types of blogs that make money

1. Motherhood & Parenting Blogs

There are thousands of parents searching everyday for the answers to all their parenting needs, and with so many different types of parents out there, they’re all looking for different answers that fit them specifically. Which means that the internet needs all kinds of different parents to show up and answer those questions! 

Making the motherhood and parenting niches definitely one of the most popular blogging niches, but also one of the highest demand and highest profitability niches!

Examples of Motherhood & Parenting Blogs That Make Money:

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2. Health & Fitness Blogs

We are all constantly looking to be a little healthier, a little stronger, or lose a few lbs. So the health and fitness niches are great money making blog niches. 

Since health and fitness isn’t a one size fits all industry, people are constantly looking for something new that will work for them which means there’s room for your blog too!

Examples of Health & Fitness Blogs That Make Money:

3. DIY & Craft Blogs

There is no denying that the DIY and Craft niches are incredibly profitable niches when it comes to blogging. In fact, Jennifer Marx of the blog, Jennifer Maker makes millions each year from her craft blog! 

Yes, millions. 

So if you’ve got a knack for crafting, the DIY and craft niches might be a great option for you!

Examples of DIY & Craft Blogs that Make Money:

13 types of blogs that make money

4. Food Blogs

No matter how many food blogs or food recipes out there, the demand for new ones will always be here! 

We all have to EAT! And we all get sick of making the same things and look for new ideas to switch things up. Or maybe we’re wanting to try a new lifestyle like Vegan but have no idea what that could look like. 

There is such a high demand for food blogs offering new exciting ideas making the Food niche a very popular way to make money with a blog. 

Examples of Food Blogs that Make Money: 

5. Personal Finance Blogs

Money makes the world go ‘round, and everyone has a different relationship with it. Maybe we want to make more, save more, spend less, or just learn how to manage it all. 

Whatever the case, money and personal finance is a topic that will always be searched for, making it a blog topic that will always make big money. 

Examples of Personal Finance Blogs that Make Money:

6. Beauty Blogs

Makeup, hair, nails, skin, all of it! When people think they look good, they feel good which is why we spend so much time behind the mirror each morning. And with trends everchanging, beauty blogs are a big way we all keep up with it all. 

Remember, with high demand comes high profitability!

Examples of Beauty Blogs that Make Money:

7. Fashion Blogs

Similarly to beauty blogs, fashion blogs make great money due to the demand of constant trends changing and people’s different style preferences. 

So if you have the creative eye to put together a wardrobe, people are definitely willing to pay to be a part of it. 

Examples of Fashion Blogs that Make Money:

13 types of blogs that make money

8. Travel Blogs

Traveling is the one thing that seems to be on every person’s bucket list and travel blogs help to make that a reality by offering advice, tips, inspiration, and new ideas. 

Whether it’s a local travel blog or an international adventure blog, there are different types of people looking for both, making travel blogs a big money maker. 

Examples of Travel Blogs That Make Money:

9. Home Decor Blogs

Another great money making type of blog is home decor or interior decorating blogs. 

Similarly to beauty and fashion blogs, many people “want the look” but aren’t good at putting things together themselves to achieve it. Which is why home decor blogs make great money. They show you exactly how to get the look and all you have to do is buy the stuff and set it up. 

So if you’re passionate about home decor, this type of blog could be a perfect money maker for you!

Examples of Home Decor Blogs that Make Money:

10. Business Blogs

From small businesses, to side hustles, to building an empire, business blogs are major money makers in the online space. 

Their business is one place every business owner is willing to spend money, which is what makes this type of blog so profitable. Whether your blog shows me how to start and run my own Etsy shop or how to open a brick and mortar boutique, the money making potential for your business blog is huge!

Examples of Business Blogs that Make Money:

11. Organization & Productivity Blogs

If a blog solves a need, it has profitability potential, and productivity and organization is once place most people feel a strong need. This is why people can charge $60+ for a planner and people will actually pay for it! 

The one thing people can’t get back is their time which is why we are all chasing after and hacking our way to get more of it. Making organization and productivity blogs good money making blog topics. 

Examples of Organization & Productivity Blogs that Make Money:

13 types of blogs that make money

12. Homeschool Blogs

Yes, even before 2020 Homeschool blogs made big money. Especially since so many homeschoolers are simply looking for a curriculum they can buy and implement for their kids, homeschool bloggers are able to really reel in the big bucks in so many different ways!

Examples of Homeschool Blogs that Make Money:

13. Lifestyle Blogs*

There are many lifestyle blogs out there that bring home big bucks! Which is why I have it listed at #13, *HOWEVER, the trick with a profitable lifestyle blog is there are also way more lifestyle blogs that don’t make good money or even any money at all. 

Lifestyle blogs are typically blogs that cover multiple different subjects that make up that blogger’s life. It’s usually used as a way to blog about multiple different things on one blog. 

The biggest con is that someone who comes to a blog for one thing often won’t be interested in the other things, so if your blog is a specific one stop shop for one topic, that is usually best. 

But you definitely can make money with a lifestyle blog, you just have to be very strategic about how you build your blogging business. Lifestyle blogs are super popular to start but usually the hardest to make real money from. It is possible though!

Examples of Lifestyle Blogs that Make Money:

What Types of Blogs Make The Most Money?

The 13 types of blogs listed above all make great money and have high earning potential. But what types of blogs make the most money?

Truely with so many successful blogs in all different kinds of niches, there isn’t really one specific niche that dominated the others in profitability. For that, we have to put blog niche and topic aside and look deeper at the purpose of a blog or ‘types of blogs’ in another way. 

4 Most Common Types of Blogs

  1. Inspirational Blog
  2. Educational Blog
  3. Entertaining Blog
  4. Hobby Blog

1.Inspirational Blogs

Inspirational blogs are the blogs out there that publish content with the intention to inspire or encourage its readers. 

These can often be lifestyle blogs where the readers love to follow along and get inspired by the type of life that blogger lives. Inspirational blogs also include self help blogs, types of fashion and beauty blogs, forms of travel blogs and many faith based blogs.

2. Educational Blogs

Educational Blogs are blogs that publish content with the intention of educating its readers in some way. How-to and tutorial blogs fall into this category. 

If you blog with the intention of teaching your readers a skill, informing them about things, or guiding them on how to solve a problem, your blog falls into this category. 

Most business blogs fall into this category along with most personal finance blogs, DIY & crafts, and organization/productivity blogs. However even a beauty blog that is heavily tutorials is also an educational blog!

3. Entertaining Blogs

Entertaining Blogs are blogs that publish content for the purpose of entertaining it’s readers. 

Satirical blogs, or gossip blogs are good examples of entertainment blogs. Think sites like Buzzfeed or Boredpanda. 

4. Hobby Blogs

A hobby blog is simply any form of blog that’s sole purpose is to fulfill the blogger. 

Online journal blogs, or blogs that don’t have a focus and just post about whatever that blogger wants to post abou that day fall under this category. Hobby blogs can also encompass any blog that the blogger simply considers a hobby, one that isn’t actively trying to make money, a “just for fun” blog. 

Make the Most: Educational Blogs

Since any niche can fit under any of these categories, your niche isn’t as important when considering profitability. Instead the way you serve your readers is a main indicator of profitability. 

Of these four categories, inspirational, educational, entertaining, and a hobby blog, the type of blog that makes the most money overall is one that is focused on educating its readers. 

Now that doesn’t mean your blog needs to be like a classroom with a curriculum. No, but a blog that is showing it’s readers how to solve their problems is an educational blog. 

Even if your blog is simply dedicated to showing it’s readers how to style their long hair in the form of hundreds of hair tutorials, that is an educational blog!

People spend money to solve their problems and fill their felt  needs, which is what makes educational blogs so profitable. That is their purpose! 

Make the Least: Hobby Blogs

Inspirational and entertaining blogs are still very profitable but usually take a long time to build up and find ways to monetize. However, hobby blogs are the very least profitable blogs since they don’t aim to serve it’s readers at all. 

Infact, for most hobby or “just for fun” blogs never make any money. For that, you have to have the mindset of serving your readers not just have fun for you. Blogs don’t just automatically make money when you buy the domain address. 

Most blogs are some combination of all 4 categories. 

To have an Educational blog, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any posts that fall under the inspirational category or entertainment category. 

In fact, all blogs will fall under all four categories in one way or another. You simply have to look at what the main purpose of your blog is. 

And overall, a blog that is mainly focused on educating its readers in a way solving their problems and filling their needs is the most profitable type of blog. Even if that blog still publishes other types of content as well. 

Which Type of Blog Should You Start?

Now that you have an idea of 13 profitable blog niches and the types of blogs that make the most money, how do you know which kind of blog would be right for you to start?

Using the information above, starting a blog in any niche above with the purpose of educating and helping your readers is a great idea for a profitable blog. 

But we all know choosing a blog topic goes way deeper than that. And it starts with finding your blogging sweet spot, the point where your passions, strengths, and a need intersect. 

For the sake of space, I’ve created the ultimate guide to choosing your perfect profitable blog topic for you here

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to making money blogging, there are many different types that make loads of it. But profitability really comes down to how you serve your readers. 

There are many popular niches that are great for money making like the 13 above, but without a focus on your readers, the money is hard to come by. 

Last tips, look at demand, look at what you like, look at what you’re good at, and how can you fill a need? That is a profitable blog topic and the perfect type of blog for you to start.

Read my free complete guide on how to start your own money making blog here!

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13 types of blogs that make money
13 types of blogs that make money
13 types of blogs that make money
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