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Why Share My Blogging Income?

Reading other blogger’s income reports is what started the blogging dream for me. I was a 20-year-old stay at home mom with a new baby, scrolling through Pinterest when I saw a post titled How I made $12k+ in one month as a stay at home mom which lead me to a blogging income report and the rest is history! I started my blog and am now making money online while at home with my now toddler all because of that blogger’s income report. So I post my blogging income in hopes to pay it forward and show others that it is possible!

A bit about me:

I am not anyone special. I don’t have a grand story that captures people, I don’t have all the experience to be a blogger, and I don’t even have a degree. And yet I decided to start my own blog and am now making $1000 a month from home while taking care of my toddler.

I started my DIY and beauty blog, Life on Waller, in the fall of 2016 and started gaining traction. People were actually visiting my site and one day I made my first dollar! I became obsessed with blogging and everything that it was and I wanted to share my love for blogging with anyone who would listen. Which is when I started adding blogging tips to my blog. Then in January of 2018, I rebranded Life on Waller to my self-titled blog Cassie Scroggins and changed my main focus from DIY to blogging.

Nowadays we’re still finding our footing and a balance between being multi-passionate but the blogging road looks bright! I want to invite anyone who is just done with working their 9-5 or is looking to make money from home to explore the world of blogging because I promise, there is enough room for all of us!

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On to the report!

Income From June-August:

*Note I only count income I actually received, not revenue I earned but hasn’t been paid out yet.

Affiliates: $558.35 (Amazon affiliates)

Etsy store sales: $63.85 (Blogging Tees & Digital Prints) Check it out here!

Ads: $2,352.56 (Mediavine)

Summer Total: $2,974.76

June Total: $1,022.75 – Up $21.35 From May!

July Total: $1,117.03 – Up $94.28 From June!

August Total: $834.98 – Down $282.05 from July.

Summer Traffic and Stats:

Average Monthly Pageviews: 69,073 (down from 73,206 in May)

Pinterest Followers: 1,887 (+77)

Pinterest Reach: 704k (-2.3 Million)

Instagram Followers: 1,535 (+214)

Facebook Likes: 4,671 (+1,576)

Facebook Group Members: 189 ( +93 – You can join the blog for profit group here!)

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My Most Popular Posts From Summer:

  1. 5 Step Messy Top Knot
  2. Daily Habit Trackers Free Printables
  3. What I Use To Balayage My Own Hair
  4. Splurge or Save: Where to find 11 of The Most Popular Baby Products for Less
  5. Video Tutorial: How To Create Instagram Highlights Covers For Free in Canva

My most popular posts were exactly the same all summer. They were also the same most popular pre-summer as well. These 5 posts have tons of traffic headed to them every day!

What Worked This Summer:


Despite me taking basically the entire summer off of blogging my traffic didn’t dip a lot more than expected. The summer months are usually the worst for all bloggers so I was expecting a drop in all traffic anyway. But after deciding to take the summer to hang out with family, I was surprised that my total traffic to stayed pretty consistent and even picked up towards the end of August as people were headed back to school. All in all, I think the blog did really well for not having any new content all summer long!

What Didn’t Work:

Actually Working:

When Brian and I moved our little family to Vegas for the summer, moving in with my in-laws I didn’t realize how much time I wouldn’t have to work. And to be honest, I wasn’t as prepared going into the summer as I had hoped. So when we finally made it to Vegas, I didn’t want everyone to feel like I was just ditching them and working even though I probably should have.

What little time I did have to work on the blog wasn’t enough time to keep up with the quality I wanted, so instead of putting out sub-par content, I decided to just take the entire summer off the blog.

It was really great to spend time with family but it sure has been really hard to get the ball rolling again.

My Podcast, Blogging Challenge, and Course:

When we left our Kentucky home for Vegas I had some really huge things planned for the blog including a new blogging podcast, an awesome, and free, 5-day blogging challenge, and launching my first ever blogging course for newbie bloggers! Unfortunately, everything just didn’t work out this summer.

I didn’t have the time or resources to complete these projects without looking like a complete jerk and ignoring my family all together, which is 100% my fault for poor planning. It can be so hard sometimes as an entrepreneur/blogger who works from home because it can be hard for family and friends to understand that you actually have work to do without seeming selfish. It’s a tough balance and the blog suffered this summer because of it.

How I did – Goals For June:

  • Launch my podcast! Fail!
  • Launch my 5 days to a year’s worth of blog post ideas challenge. Fail!
  • Finish all my blog posts through August – Fail!

Goals For September:

  • Attend my first blogging conference!
  • Get fresh new content to the blog every week.
  • Become active on social media again!

I think a taking a blogging break was actually the best decision I could have made rather than putting out content that just wasn’t good. It’s been so hard to try and get back into my blogging mojo but I’m hoping that the blogging conference I am planning on attending will put the drive back in me! I’m super stoked! And hopefully, I’ll do better on my blogging goals this month!

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