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So you’ve decided it’s time to get a new computer for your blog and you’ve narrowed it down to two. The Apple MacBook Air and the Apple MacBook Pro. You keep going back and forth and can’t seem to figure out which is the best laptop for blogging.

I got you.

Now first I want to preface this post by saying that I am not a tech genius. I don’t know everything there is to know about computers but I also am not a total tech newbie. I consider myself to be very familiar with technology but above all else, I am, like you, a blogger who just recently purchased a new computer for my blog and made the Air vs Pro debate.

From the moment I started my blog back in 2016, I was using a MacBook Air and only recently made the switch to MacBook Pro in December of 2018 due to the high volume of people who told me the Pro was the way to go.

But instead of simply telling you which one I prefer more, and which one I think is the best laptop for blogging for the average blogger. I want to lay out all the pros and cons of each to help you make your own decision first before I let you in on my opinion.

Here we go!

Best Laptop for Blogging – MacBook Air vs. Macbook Pro:
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MacBook Air:

The New MacBook Air (2018) starts at $1,199, is thinner and lighter than the older version, and no longer has those thick bezel margins around the screen. Plus it also includes a new feature which I love on my MacBook Pro too which is the Touch ID. Allowing you to open your computer with a touch and can be used for apple pay and password replacement too!

The Older MacBook Air Model (non-retina) starts at only $999 which is $200 cheaper and is Apple’s cheapest laptop. While it has that not as attractive thick bezel margin around the screen it still does everything you need for basic computer processing. Plus it still has the old USB ports and SD card reader which can be a big benefit if you haven’t switched to the new USB-c ports.


A MacBook Air will do everything you need it to for the average blogger. It’s fast, light, portable, and the cheapest option in the Apple family. The battery life is 12 hours of charge for the old and new model which means these computers are great for bloggers on the go. And with the 8th-gen Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of fast flash storage, the baseline air should do everything you need as a blogger. 

Pros of the MacBook Air over the Pro:

  • Cheaper – Starts at $999 (old model) and $1,199 (new model)
  • Lighter More portable
  • Older model still has USB ports and SD card reader 
  • Longer battery life at 12 hrs as compared to 10 from the Pro

Cons of the Air vs the Pro:

  • Not quite as fast as the Pro (but that doesn’t mean the Airs are slow!)
  • Doesn’t come with “all the extras”

MacBook Pro:

The New MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar (13″) starts at $1799 and is twice as fast as the old Pro and starts out at 256 GB of storage. The new Pro includes a new truetone display that changes with the lighting of your environment but can also be turned off.

The newest feature of this laptop is the touch screen bar above the keyboard which allows you different capabilities depending on the app in use. I personally really love it for adding in emojis to my blog posts and newsletters fast and it offers the same predictive text abilities that you have on your I phone. So if I’m not sure how to spell a word, the predictive text does a good job guessing what I’m trying to spell.

It also has two more USB-c ports than the old version and the airs at a total of 4 ports, two on each side. This computer has a battery that lasts 10 hours and much larger speakers than the MacBook Air. 

The Old MacBook Pro (13″) starts at $1299 but doesn’t come with Touch ID , Touch Bar or truetone technology like the new model does. It is, however, the same weight, dimensions, and battery life as the new model.

Other differences between the new and old models is the old has only two USB-c ports while the new has 4, the old model starts with 128GB storage, and the new model is much faster. But for a blogger, that extra speed isn’t necessary as the old model is plenty fast. 


The MacBook Pro is faster and has a better display and color than the Airs. Plus the touch bar is really nice when writing and adding personality to your work through emojis. If you’re a blogger that has a serious focus in graphic design or also do a lot of heavy work on your computer like video or audio then the pro may be more up your alley. 

Pros of the MacBook Pro over the Air:

  • Faster
  • Touch Bar (on the new version)
  • More color and better display
  • More USB-c ports (on the new version)
  • can handle heavy workloads with ease.

Cons of the MacBook Pro vs the Air:

  • It’s heaver and slightly bulkier.
  • It’s more expensive
  • Shorter battery life (10hrs per charge)

Which is The Best Laptop for Blogging?

Depending on the type of work and workload you do on your laptop and your personal preferences, each of these computers could be best for you.

But in my opinion, having used both, I’d say the New Model MacBook Air is the best for bloggers as a whole. 

Considering overall specs and price, the new model MacBook Air is the winner for me. Unless you do real heavy lifting on your laptop like a lot of video editing, podcast audio editing, or graphic design work the Air will do everything you need as a blogger.

It’s fast, has a great display, easy to travel with, and great battery life. 

While I have enjoyed my MacBook Pro (with the touch bar), after using it for the past few months I think if I were to go back again I’d get the new Air instead. All the extras on the Pro just hasn’t justified the high price for me. 

I think the two USB-c ports on the new air might get annoying to me on the Air but I could deal with it considering the lower price. 


While the older version Air is the perfect computer if you’re on a tighter budget, I’d say the new Air model is the way to go if you’re a blogger looking for a new computer. The MacBook Pro’s “extras” aren’t worth the money or anything you need as a basic blogger. 

So unless you are also a regular YouTuber, or Graphic Designer, or DJ ? I’d stick with the Airs and save your money. The MacBook Air is the best laptop for blogging.

If you want a more in depth comparison of these computers and other MacBook models, check out Laptop Mag’s article here. What do you think is the best laptop for blogging? Do you agree? Let me know below!

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