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You’ve clicked launch and… crickets. No one is reading your blog. 

In today’s episode, I’ll share 8 surefire ways to drive traffic to your brand new blog. These are the same strategies that helped me go from 0 to 10,000 page views a month by my 4th month blogging.

To build a profitable blog, you’ve got to have readers. Here’s how to get them!

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How to Set Up Social Media Accounts for Your Blog The Right Way Worksheet

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Episode Highlights:

  • Traffic building
  • Strategy #1 – 2:49
  • Strategy #2 – 4:15
  • Strategy #3 – 6:13
  • Strategy #4 – 8:33
  • Strategy #5 – 11:15
  • Strategy #6 – 12:33
  • Strategy #7 – 14:28
  • Strategy #8 – 15:45
  • Strategy recap – 16:53
  • Key element to gaining traffic – 17:42

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