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I’ve lost 20 lbs in two months so far. Well, 28 lbs total if you include the 8lbs I lost having a baby, but I don’t count that. ?

My goal is to lose 50 lbs and get back down to my pre-marriage weight, which means I have 30 lbs to go. And I can tell you, with full certainty, I will accomplish this goal by September this year. It WILL happen. 


How do I know for a fact that I will accomplish my goal? 

Did I find some new fad diet? Is it keto? Did I find a magic pill that melts away the fat? Is it intermittent fasting?


Instead, it is because of two decisions that taught me how to take every goal of mine from possible to probable, to, finally, inevitable. 

Now, this post isn’t about the diet and exercise routine I’ve used to lose weight. It is, instead, much more powerful:

The magic, or miracle equation that makes your goals an inevitable reality. Helping you to achieve your goals and become the person you want to be. 

It is the two decisions that when put together will turn your goals from something you had once only wished for, to something that is inevitable, unavoidable, something that will happen with 100% certainty. 

That’s powerful stuff right?

That’s what I thought when I was first introduced to this miracle equation and Hal Elrod, the author of The Miracle Equation. 

The Two Decision formula that produce inevitable results.

I first heard about the miracle equation through a podcast he, Hal Elrod, was being interviewed on. In the episode, he broke down his miracle equation and talked about how he came up with it years ago. 

It was how he was able to break a seemingly impossible 50-year-old sales record in 10 days on the job, and how he was able to go from being told he would never walk again to running a 52 mile ultra-marathon. 

It is also how I have successfully lost 20 lbs in two months, how I will lose 30 more, and how I will coninue to accomplish my biggest goals. 

A bold statement. I know.

Unwavering faith + extraordinary effort = inevitable results

I might have just seen your eyes roll. Yes, I know this sounds so simple and basic but stay with me. 

This is not your average “believe you can and work hard” solution. This is different. Let’s break it down. 

1st: Taking your goals from possible to probable – Establishing & maintaining unwavering faith.

The first step of the miracle equation is learning to have unwavering faith in your ability to accomplish or achieve anything you desire. This is how you take your goals from possible to probable. 

All of our goals start out from a plethora of possibilities. 

You can look all around yourself and see others in the world that have already done the things you want to do. Maybe you want to do them differently, but in one way or another you can see all kinds of evidence that the things you want to achieve are possible. 

We’ve grown up in a culture that “anything is possible!”, which is amazing! But possible isn’t enough to drive that success. 

So we’ve first got to learn how to take our goals from possible to probable. 

As Elrod explains, people rarely pursue goals that are possible, but not probable. They don’t pursue goals they don’t think they can achieve. 

A 4 minute mile is possible. I know because people have done it! But knowing my anatomy and that my fastest mile ever was only around the 8 minute mark. Having no evidence in my own life that I will ever run a mile in 4 minutes, I’m not going to try. 

That’s the first reason why people don’t accomplish their goals. They don’t believe they can so they don’t try. 

On the other hand, once our goal seems probable. Once you believe you could actually do it, you’re at least willing try. Probable is what gets people out of bed in the morning. It’s a driver. 

So how do we harness that drive of probability?

Establishing and maintaining unwavering faith. 

First, we ESTABLISH. 

As we stated earlier, it is not human nature to establish the faith in your ability to do something that you have no evidence in your life that supports that you can do it. 

It’s not in our human nature to believe that we can be a millionaire, or run a marathon, or have a successful blog when you see no evidence that you can. 

So to get our goals from possible to probable we must first establish the faith that, maybe we can do it. 

This is the easier part. We listen to a podcast, read a blog, or watch the news and hear stories of others who have accomplished what we are wanting to accomplish. And often that thought creeps in. If they can do it, maybe I can too. 

That’s the first step! That’s establishing the faith that the goal is probable.

But now, you need to maintain it. 

Then, we MAINTAIN.

It is easy to get that inspiration. Easy to plant that seed and establish the faith that, you know what? Maybe I can do that.

The hard part is maintaining that faith when you hit the road blocks

The first part of the miracle equation is unwavering faith. And the hardest part of unwavering faith is the unwavering part. That when the failures, mistakes, and stumbles happen, that you don’t lose the vision that you can do it. 

What usually happens is people establish that faith but once they stumble they lose that vision and what seemed possible is now impossible because you no longer have the faith that you can do it. And you will never achieve something you don’t think you can achieve.

It’s that, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” quote. 

So the hardest part is not just having faith, but having unwavering faith in your ability to achieve your goal UNTIL you achieve it. 

Not, until it takes longer than the time you allowed to achieve it.

Not, until you fall down and get back up 100 times. 

Not, until you’ve exhausted all the resources you have. 

But UNTIL you achieve your goal. 

A key element I learned while listening to Hal Elrod is that this unwavering faith doesn’t mean that during every second of your struggle you 100% believe that you will accomplish it. That you will never be afraid or doubt yourself. 

Instead, it just means that on those days when you don’t think you can do it, you keep telling yourself you can. You don’t give in to those thoughts and you keep giving it everything you have, as if you were going to accomplish it. 

Which leads us to the second part of the equation: extraordinary effort. 

2nd: From Probable to Inevitable – Practicing extraordinary effort. 

The second part of the miracle equation is practicing extraordinary effort. To get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. 

To make your goals an inevitable result, you must put forth extraordinary effort to accomplish them.

Elrod clarifies that extraordinary effort doesn’t mean you work yourself to the bone everyday. Instead, in its simplest form extraordinary effort is consistency. 

That each day you are committed to do what needs to be done to get yourself just a little closer to a goal that is extremely meaningful to you. 

No matter how hard, easy, scary, or uncomfortable it is. You stay consistent because the goal is that meaningful to you. 

You don’t lolligag around it. You don’t push it off. You commit to working everyday to get even just the tiniest bit closer to accomplishing that goal UNTIL you achieve that goal. 

That is how you move your goal from probable to inevitable. 

3: Producing Inevitable results – Why it works

Unwavering faith + extraordinary effort = inevitable results because when you maintain unwavering faith in combination with extraordinary effort UNTIL you reach goal. Eventually, you reach your goal.

If you decide to having unwavering faith that you can achieve your goal UNITL you achieve it. And commit to putting forth extraordinary effort each day UNTIL you achieve it. 

Not, until your set timeline has passed.

Not, until someone tells you you can’t do it. 

Not, until the roadblocks pile up. 

But UNTIL you do it. You eventually do it. Your goals become inevitable. Unavoidable. 100% certain. 

Have you ever heard the quote “It’ll all be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”? With this equation, you will achieve your goals in the end.

If you failed now, it’s not the end. If you continue to hit roadblocks and pass timelines you’ve set for yourself without achieving your goals, it’s not the end. Using the miracle equation your goals become inevitable. You will achieve them.

Unwavering faith + extraordinary effort = inevitable results. 

How to Implement and Execute The Miracle Equation in your own life.

I can see you knodding, you’re getting it, you’re super pumped and ready to accomplish your biggest goals, but maybe don’t know exactly how.

That’s what Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Equation is all about. It no only explains the WHY behind the miracle equation but the HOW. 

Practices to do.

Routines to implement. 

The step by step. 

Now you know the equation. You know what it takes to take your goals from the possible to probable to inevitable. But for more help to apply it in your life I encourage you to get Hal Elrod’s book now! You won’t be disappointed.

Get The Miracle Equation book Here!

Also, listen to it FREE with an Audible free trial you get your first audio book free! You can even cancel before your 30 days are up and still keep your audiobook 100% free and never get charged. Listen to The Miracle Equation FREE here!

Also if you want to hear that very special podcast episode with Hal Elrod from Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast, you can listen to it here

I decided at the end of 2018 that I was going to make 2019 my year. I was going to accomplish big goals. So I decided that failure wasn’t going to be an option.

I knew would fail at many, many things this year but I wouldn’t let those things stop me from achieving my goals. They would just be stumbling blocks along the way. I wasn’t going to take failure as an option. If I failed then I wasn’t done yet. It wasn’t the end.

Unwavering faith + extraordinary effort = inevitable results.

Decide today to have unwavering faith in your goal until you achieve it. Decide today to put forth extraordinary effort towards your goal until you achieve it. And sooner than later, you will.

Get my free goal setting worksheet , the worksheet that blew my mind and changed the way I looked at my goals here ! Implement the Miracle equation with this goal worksheet and have your best year ever!

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