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Juggling stay-at-home mom life, the kids, being a good wife, taking care of yourself, and trying to build your online empire, all takes A LOT of time. And there never seems to be enough of it to go around. Which means, if you’re anything like me, your blog often gets pushed to the side leaving you hustling just to maintain it and absolutely no time to actually grow.

So what’s a mama to do?

How can you possibly find the time to be the kind of wife, mom, woman, AND blogger you want to be? How can you dedicate sufficient time every week to accomplishing your blogging goals and moving the needle when there are so many other things that are demanding priority in your day?

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5 Solutions to Find the Time to Blog as a SAHM

Well, I’m no time-management expert, but I’m here to share what works for me and how I’ve been able to successfully and consistently grow my blog year after year as a stay-at-home mom!

find the time to blog as a stay at home mom

1. Make Your Blog a Priority (like, really!)

**I know it may be tempting to skip this part, but don’t skip this! I know you’ve probably heard a million times to make your blog a priority but I truly believe it is fundamental for your blog’s success. Not just to find the time to do it. So bare with me here!

How big of a priority is your blog? Or better, how badly do you want your blog to be successful?

I assume you have pretty big dreams for this blog of yours.

I say this because if you didn’t have big dreams for your blog, I don’t think you’d be wasting the little time you do have as a SAHM to read an article about how to find more time just for some side project.

So why then, if we have such big aspirations and dreams for our blogs, do we constantly treat them like a side project? They get pushed aside by things like the laundry, or dishes, or your sister-in-law’s friend’s baby shower.

Why when you’re asked, “are you busy this week?” knowing full well you haven’t posted in a month, do you still agree to watch your neighbor’s kids so they can go to the movies? Why when your friends and family ask you about your blog do you say “oh, it’s nothing…”?

Because sister if you are constantly telling yourself and those around you that your blog isn’t a big deal, then it never will be.

The way you act, talk about, and treat your blog matters and if you never admit that this blog of yours is a big deal, if you never stop treating your blog like a hobby instead of treating it like the business you want it to be to yourself and others, then it won’t be.

So the first solution to finding time to blog as a stay-at-home mom is to truly make your blog a priority.

How do you talk about your blog to others? How do you treat your work time? Are you planning ahead to make time to blog?

If your blog is a priority, it doesn’t get pushed, ignored, or overlooked. So is your blog really a priority or not?

2. Schedule Specific Blogging Hours Every Week Ahead of Time

If something is truly a priority in your life, I could take a look at your schedule and see it.

If your date night is a priority, I would see it booked out every week in your calendar. If your health and exercise is a priority, I would be able to see that you’ve booked time in the week to work out and train. So if your blog is a priority, I should be able to look in your schedule and see specific time blocked out for it.

How do you find time to blog? You don’t.

You’ve got to make time by planning and scheduling out specific hours in the week to blog ahead of time.

I think we already know as moms, that we never just “find” time. We don’t just stumble upon 3 hours open without kids, responsibilities, or things on our to-do lists.

No, you already planned in your head to get the laundry in when the baby takes his nap, and after everyone is in bed you’ve got to put in the cookies for Johnny’s bake sale at school. And whenever you get a second you’ve got to update your mom about when you’re coming into town next week, and…

Yeah, as moms, we don’t “find” time. So if you want your blog to be successful you’ve got to make time, ahead of time. But let’s talk about how to do that.

Book out 1-2 hours of blog time each day.

Take a look at your week and all the tasks and responsibilities you have coming up. Log down everything you do in your week, at what time it’s at, and how long it takes.

Include things like drive time and the time it takes to get ready and then look for spaces in your schedule where you can fit in at least 1-2 hours of blogging each day.

You may be able to carve out specific hours in the day like between 12 pm and 2 pm when you know your baby will be napping. Or you may simply know that your baby will take a nap that day, so when that happens, you’re going to work.

But try your hardest to schedule out specific hours in the week so you know that between this time and this time, you are going to work on your blog. Instead of waiting for the time to open up, because we already talked about how that goes right?

Schedule out 5-10 hours each week ahead of time to work on your blog. It’s a priority remember?

If you can’t find even just one hour each day to work on your goal then you need to get your priorities straight. At that point, it’s a priorities issue, not a time issue. Find an hour a day for yourself! Remember, how badly do you want your blog to be successful? Are you willing to give up watching The Bachelor for it?

3. Set Strick Nap/Bedtimes

It’s really hard to book out specific hours in the day to blog as a stay at home mom when you don’t have any sort of schedule at home.

When naps come and go as they please, sometimes not coming at all, or “bedtime” being a relative term for whenever your toddler knocks out cold on the floor while playing, it can be impossible to try to schedule out your blog time.

So the third solution I’ve found to find more time to blog is to set strick naptimes and bedtimes.

If you know that your toddler naps from 1-3pm every day, then you can book out that time to work instead of doing the laundry. If you know that all the kids will be in bed by 8 pm then you know you can start work at 8.

I know that getting your child to sleep at the same time every day can be a challenge, but if nothing else at least have a strict bedtime.

Naps can be worked in later but if you know when your child will be in bed every night, it will also help you to better predict when they will wake up! Now you know when you can blog after hours and before anyone gets up if that works for you.

How to get your kids on a schedule when you don’t do schedules well.

Maybe you’re not a schedule type of person, but if you’re going to make time for your blog, I think it’s worth committing to at least a set naptime and bedtime schedule to make time for you. Plus it will help with your sanity (personal opinion 😅).

1. Find out what works for you

There are all kinds of ways to create a sleep schedule and routine with your kids, so first, find out what works for you. Remember the goal is to eventually have strict, consistent naptimes and bedtimes.

2. Make it a routine

Help your kids to get into the routine of sleeping at these specific times by adding a trigger of a routine. If you always read a book before naps and bedtime then eventually it can help trigger your child’s body to know that after we read a book, it’s time to sleep.

3. Write it down.

Visualize your schedule on a calendar or on an app on your phone. Write down the specific new naptimes and bedtimes. Having a visual of your schedule may help you stick to it!

5. Plan ahead.

Planning ahead can help you stick to your schedule. If you know you want all the kids in bed at 8 pm sharp! Then making dinner at 5 and laying out pajamas beforehand can help you accomplish that.

6. Adjust as you go.

Forcing your children to stick to a schedule that isn’t working isn’t going to help anyone. And as kids grow their needs change, so you’re schedule will likely change too. So look at the needs of your kids and adjust your schedule until you find a good one that works for you.

7. Consistency is key.

Trying to implement a new schedule will always be challenging and will never be perfect on day 1. So expect there to be a learning curve. But the most important thing that will help your schedule stick is consistency. Keep at it! Once you have it down, it will be so much easier to plan out your blog time!

4. Ask For Help

Honestly, I should’ve put this one at number 2 because holy cannoli this one is important! Solution number 4 is to ask for some dang help!

Listen, we’ve grown up in a society that tells us that a good mom does it all, all by herself.

  • You can’t breastfeed your child and have to supplement with formula? You’re a horrible mom.
  • Did you bring store-bought treats to your son’s class for his birthday instead of making them? You’re a horrible mom.
  • You can’t manage to do daily outings with your kids AND keep the house sparkling AND keep up on the laundry every week? You’re a horrible mom.
  • You didn’t have dinner ready right when your husband got home and he had to wait? You’re a horrible mom & wife.
  • You got a nanny to watch your kids 10 hours a week so you can work? Congratulations, you’ve graduated from horrible mom to super horrible mom.

I hope you heard the obnoxious sarcasm in my voice as I wrote these. What I’m trying to say is

It is NOT your responsibility to do everything for everyone just because your name is Mom and you grew up in a society that told you that is what it takes to be a “good” one.

No. Your worth is not based on what you can do for others or who you can be for others. You are a great mom if you are happy and your children are safe, fed, loved, sheltered, and cuddled. Period.

So if you need your husband to do the bedtime routine so you can blog? Ask for help.

If you need your mom to watch your kids once a week so you can blog? Ask for help.

Know your YMCA membership comes with 2 hours of child watch a day? Skip the gym, use the help, sit in the lobby and blog! (my personal fav when my baby was little!)

Every successful person in the world had help. Any self-made somebody had help. And I hate to burst anyone’s bubble here but there is no trophy at the end of this for the mom who dug herself into the ground just to make everyone else around her comfortable.

Your goals are just as important as everyone else’s around you. It’s not your job to figure it out all by yourself. Ask for help.

5. Get More Done in the Time You Do Have

For me, lots of the time it’s not a quantity problem, it’s a quality problem. You often don’t need more time, you need to use the time you do have effectively.

Which is why solution number 5 is to get more done in the time you do have.

Lately when I sit down to write a post or work on my blog it goes something like this:

  1. Check emails
  2. Check ad earnings for the day
  3. Check affiliate earnings for the day
  4. Check yesterday’s traffic stats
  5. Scroll Pinterest for a bit (tell myself I’m filling my Tailwind queue)
  6. Open my blog planner and figure out what to work on that day.
  7. Start work.
  8. Jump around on projects (adjust my homepage settings for the 400th time)
  9. Finish 5 hr workday with 2 blog post ideas and a new header menu…

Then I ask myself, where did all the time go? I just need more of it! But the thing is, more often than not, what we really need isn’t more time but more focus and effectiveness with the time we do have.

So I guess you could also say that solution number 5 to find more time to blog as a stay at home mom is to stop wasting it!

Focus on results, not to-dos.

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis is a book I suggest every single woman reading this post right now listen to. Seriously, non-negotiable, you can sign up for a free Audible trial here and get Girl, Stop Apologizing FREE then cancel before you’re charged and you still get to keep the audiobook! It was a life-changer for me and a game-changer for the way I looked at my blog. (Seriously, snag it for free here!)

And in her book, she talks about making a results list not a to-do list.

Your to-do list could look like:

  • work on a new blog post
  • get ahead on content
  • grow email list

But how measurable is any of that?

Does scrolling Pinterest looking for post ideas count as “work on new blog post idea”? {robably. Does writing one blog post qualify as “getting ahead on content”? Yeah, sure. Does adding your mom to your email list count as “grow email list”? Well my numbers went up didn’t they?

So doing those things you may be able to cross those tasks off your to-do list while still not actually making any real progress on your blog. Which is why Rachel suggests to instead, make a results list.

What result(s) do you want to see after this work session?

Results are measurable and specific. Some examples of specific and measurable results are:

  • Write and schedule out three Blog Posts.
  • Create 6 new Pinterest graphics for _____ lead magnet.
  • Increase tripwire sales by 3%.
  • Write 1000 words.
  • Grow my list by 500 this month.

When you focus on specific measurable results instead of simple to-dos, you spend your work time actually doing things to hit those results. Instead of wasting your time pretending to work when you aren’t actually moving the needle.

Know how to get in the zone and what distracts you.

Where do you do the best work? What time? What gets you into your productivity zone?

And on the flip side, where do you work the worst? Do you waste time at home? Do your kids come barreling into the kitchen asking you all kinds of questions during work time? Do you end up chatting the entire time if you’re in the same room as your husband?

Do you have or can you create specific triggers to tell your brain it’s time to work? Remember when we talked about a bedtime routine to help your kid’s bodies to know it’s time for sleep? You can do the same for work!

Maybe it’s your favorite drink, a pump-up song, or a specific location. And even better, It may be a combination of all three!

I work at McDonald’s a lot. I get bombarded at home and Mcee-Dees has free Wi-Fi. And I’ve learned that listening to a podcast or audiobook on the drive, grabbing a large diet Dr. Pepper, and sitting down next to the window helps me to get focused.

The podcast or audiobook gets my mind going with ideas and the drink plus location change helps me to get focused and get to work.

So figure out what kinds of things get you into your productive zone, and get real about your distractions so you can make more of the time you do have.

How does a procrastinator build (and continue to grow) a $3,000+/month blog?

That 👆🏻. These 5 solutions above are how I’ve managed to build my blog into a $3,000+ a month blog and growing!

And me? I am an A-class procrastinator.

Since highschool I’ve known myself to get super pumped at the beginning of projects, staying up with assignments and deadlines. But at one point or another, I stray off the wagon and am soon far behind with tasks and assignments pilled up even when I had once been on top of it all.

I’m great at pushing things off and making excuses. I have seasons of getting pumped and on top of it all but at one point or another I push things off and have to pull myself back up again. But the key is, I’ve learned how to get myself up and get to work again. I’ve learned how to have less of those fall off the wagon seasons.

And you have to figure out what works for you and be real with yourself about what it is going to take to reach your blogging goals.

You know your personality better than anyone, so your solutions to find more time to blog as a SAHM may look a little different than mine.

All in all, I do know this: You have to be willing to sacrifice your current comfort to reach your goals. So what are you willing to give up to get it?

You are in charge of your schedule. There is nothing on there that you haven’t ALLOWED to be there.

No matter the personality you have, time, or no time, if you just keep going, taking baby steps and refuse to give up, then one day you will reach the level of success you dream of.

You’ve got this momma!

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find the time to blog as a stay at home mom
find the time to blog as a stay at home mom
find the time to blog as a stay at home mom
find the time to blog

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