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There are many ways bloggers make money!

Ads, affiliates, sponsored posts, their own products, and free gifts.

And those are just the most popular! However, when your brand new to the blogosphere it can be next to impossible to land a sponsor or convince people to buy your own brand new product. So what do you do if you want to start making money from day one?

Ads & Affiliates My Friends!

As a brand new to blogger, the easiest way to make money from day one is through ads on your site and affiliate links via Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates.

Google Adsense

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You get paid for publishing ads on your site per impression and click through Google Adsense. I’m not going to lie, any money you make in the beginning is probably going to be cents a day. But seeing that number go up, even in a minuscule amount can be super motivating!

When you hit publish and finally launch your blog, you should already have a decent amount of posts available for your reader and a nice site design. While having these posts and design is good to keep readers interested while exploring your new blog, they are also good for qualifying for ads!

Google wants to be a good reputable source, to be accepted to Google Adsense you need to have well written valuable content and a nice site design! Now don’t freak out! You don’t need to pay for a theme or redesign of your site with award winning articles to qualify. Just make sure your content is original (not copied from somewhere) and your site is easy to look at. Even those free themes will do the job!

For the most part, it is fairly easy to get accepted to Google Adsense! I don’t know anyone who has been rejected. But there definitely are those forums of angry people who can’t seem to get in!

So after you’ve launched your site with a few posts, apply for Google Adsense here and start earning!

Amazon Associates

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You can make money from day one using affiliate links from Amazon Associates. Affiliate links are links that you put on your site that if a reader purchases an item using that link, you earn a commission at no extra cost to your reader! For example, one of my most popular posts is this post on what I use to balayage my own hair. On that post, I have affiliate links to the products that I use so they can buy them too. When someone buys something I suggest, I earn commission and it cost them nothing extra!

Amazon Associates is the affiliate program specifically for So you can earn commission on anything that Amazon sells, and Amazon sells EVERYTHING! It’s awesome.

Be careful with affiliates. You only want to suggest items you actually use and love. The majority of bloggers who make huge sums of money from their blogs earn the majority through affiliate links. Check out Michelle from Making Sense of Cents who makes over 100K a month blogging! Almost 50% of her income comes from affiliates!

So if you are constantly recommending random products simply in hopes to earn a commission, you will soon lose your readers trust and no one will be clicking those links. However, if you are linking to good products you love and your readers will want and love, the money will come!

The best part of Amazon Associates is after they click on your link to Amazon, you can earn commission on any item purchased within a 24 hour period. Not just the item you linked to! So even though my reader clicked on a link to shampoo, I still make money when they purchase that frying pan set! True story.

Although you probably won’t earn money every day in the beginning like you may from Google ads, you can earn more from one affiliate purchase than you may make in a week from ads for right now! Amazon Associates is also one of the easiest affiliate programs to get into! Simply Join here for free and wait for a confirmation email. Really all you need to get approved is a website and some content! Even one post will do!

Other ways to monetize from day one:

Google Adsense and Amazon Associates are, in my opinion, the easiest way to monetize you blog from day one, but here are a few other ways! 

-Try becoming an affiliate for ebooks or programs you love! Many online authors and creators offer affiliate programs for their content! Especially other bloggers who sell their products through their own blog!

-Sell your own product online or through an Etsy store. Add these links on your blog to your own products! I also have an Etsy store on the side where I sell digital prints and some of my DIY projects!

Focus on your traffic!traffic

My best advice for monetizing your blog as a newbie is to simply focus on traffic! Once you have Google Adsense on your site and have a few appropriate affiliate links in your posts, focus on that traffic! All of your revenue streams will be greatly impacted by your traffic. The more people that see your ads, the more money you make, the greater opportunities of an affiliate sale, and the more you grow your tribe!

The more traffic you get to your site, the more your loyal readers you will receive! They will learn to trust you as you provide them with killer content and solutions to their problem. So when you say “You need this” because they do, they will run to go get it! And when you finally have your own product, they will be the first in line!

Once you have your possible revenue streams in place work on that traffic! If you need some extra advice, check out my post 8 Surefire Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog and start seeing the results!

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet but want to start making money at home, find out how to start a profitable blog here! Happy blogging! You can do this!

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