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Whether you need to get a handle on your insanely busy schedule or want to be more productive with your spare time, using a daily and weekly planner can help you accomplish both! According to NBC, the second most popular new years resolution for 2017 was to get more organized! This is obviously a subject most of us struggle with in our day to day hustle and bustle but where to start?

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The first step to getting organized is to get everything down on pen and paper! When I am able to do a complete brain dump and get all of my to-dos and priorities down on paper, I feel that I stay much more focused and am able to get more out of my day! That is why I use tangible daily and weekly planners, where I can see exactly what needs to be done and what I have already completed. Plus we all love that sense of accomplishment after crossing something off the to-do list!

Here are 4 free printable beautiful daily & weekly planners I have created to help you kick-start your productivity and get more organized! 

Free Printable Daily and Weekly PlannersClick the links to download and print the planners!

Daily Planner #1 – Make today great!

Has a space to jot down all of the to-dos you need to accomplish that day and an hour by hour planning section to plug in what specifically needs to be done when. Ther is also an added area for special notes and reminders.

free printable daily plannerDaily Planner #2 – Daily Plan

Uses a less time strict way to plan your day with a large to-do and a smaller priority section to see what should be done first at a glance. This planner also has a larger notes section to include special reminders for your day.

free printable daily plannerWeekly Planner #1 – It’s a wonderful week!

Is a more simple way to plan out your week at a glance with a section for each day to write down meal plans, appointments, and special occasions coming up that week.

free printable weekly plannerWeekly Planner #2 – Weekly plan

Is a slightly more detailed planner where you can add items that need to be done in the to do list section, then plan them out under each day with additional notes and reminders.

weekly plannerPrint and let the organization begin!

Why use a daily or weekly planner?

It takes the stress out of your day.

Especially when you have a jam-packed schedule, just having all your tasks and responsibilities out in front of you can help you feel that you have a handle on things. Giving you the ability to precisely plan out each part of your day to be most productive. It also helps you make sure you don’t forget anything!

Creates self-discipline.

As you remember to recording events and tasks in your schedule you develop lots of self-discipline by sticking to your planner. This practice will help you turn these organization skills into habits!

It improves your memory!

Whenever I write things down I always seem to remember things better! After a while, you’ll also notice that you tend to remember appointments you’ve written down better, how many weeks are in the month, or what errands you’ll need to run each week.

Helps set goals and get more done!

Most of us have at least a little bit of free time in our day. When you schedule out your day you can find the open times and use that block to catch up with a friend or work on another goal. If your day is planned out then you can work on those goals without feeling that you should be doing something else!

I hope you enjoy these free planners and they help you to get more stuff done! What tips do you use to get more organized? [themify_icon icon=”fa-heart-o” link=”http://”] Cassie Jean

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