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This week was a huge eye-opener for me and I can’t believe I hadn’t done this sooner. So I have to share it with you!

This week I did a simple exercise that COMPLETELY changed the way I look at my blog. It totally shifted my focuses and got me super pumped for 2019.

The thing is though, that it wasn’t a new idea to me or some deep secret I miraculously stumbled upon. It was something I already knew but had never done in this specific way.

In fact, it was a simple exercise that took me about 1 1/2 hours to complete but it blew. my. mind.

In that short time, my whole view on my blog and business changed. And I was left even more motivated and focused than ever.

So what was it?

This specific method of goal setting: Taking huge goals down to bite size.

Taking your huge year goals and breaking them into small easier to accomplish goals.

You see, every month I set goals for myself. When I sit down to write my monthly income reports, I’d create new goals for myself to accomplish that next month.

It was great! But looking back, my goals were all over the place and were more focused on the short wins rather than the big picture. But that all changed when I sat down this week and looked at my goals a different way.

How it works:

I broke down my big year goals for my blog (and personal and financial) and broke it down into quarterly, monthly, and finally weekly, goals.

goal setting worksheet

As I went further along, I asked myself what do I need to accomplish each quarter of 2019 to reach my big goals for the year? What do I need to accomplish each month to reach those quarterly goals? And so on until I had broken down my huge goals for 2019 into little bite-sized goals for each week.

I know this sounds so simple, and it is! But I was amazed by how it completely changed my thinking when it came to not just my blog but my personal life. As I broke down my blogging, personal, and financial goals this way.

Now instead of completing small tasks that aren’t focused on my big picture goals. I know what I have to do each week, month, and quarter to actually hit those huge year goals that most of us give up on or just don’t hit every year.

So, as we come upon the best time of year for goal setting I want to challenge you to do the same.

Best Goal Setting Worksheet around! (blog related and nonblogging alike!) Get it below!

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I created this awesome goal setting freebie that will walk you through the process of setting your big year goals for 2019 and help you break those down into smaller quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals.

I can’t tell you how much this method of goal setting and actually writing it all down has changed my blogging game and I know it will make a big difference for you too!

So download the freebie and set those big goals with an action plan to accomplish them and have your best blogging year yet!

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