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Space Buns Hair Tutorial

Space buns are so in, and love to be paired with a warm sweater or glitter gel for festivals! They can be casual and whimsical perfect for elevating your regular style and today I will show you how to do your own space buns in less than 5 minutes! And with some practice, you’ll be able to whip out space buns in even less time than that!

space buns

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Not working? Try these tips!

  • Use texture spray (like this one!) before you start to keep your buns big and not slipping or falling over!
  • Or use a light layer of hairspray to do the same as the texture spray. (It’s just a bit more sticky).
  • Elastics keep snapping? Use thicker elastics that match your hair color instead! These ones are the best!
  • Like the fall out peices around my face? I use this razor to cut a few peices to frame my face!
  • Did you know I do all my own highlights at home? Here’s what I use and how I do it!


Once your ready to learn how to do your own space buns, sit down, relax and watch my super quick space buns tutorial!

Watch the Tutorial:

Step 1: Part your hair down the middle.

Use the comb to evenly part your hair from your forehead all the way down to the nape of your neck.

Step 2: Pull each section of hair up high on your head.

Use your fingers and a comb to smooth out any bumps that you have while pulling up each section. Also, don’t worry if you have fly away pieces by your face, they add to the messy space buns look.

Step 3: Use a small elastic to secure each section of hair, leaving the hair folded with a tail.

When securing each section, use a small elastic to create a ponytail, but on the last wrap around of the elastic don’t pull the hair all the way through. Instead, leave the hair half pulled through folded over.

Step 4: Take the tail of the folded over hair and wrap it around the fold and tuck the end back into the elastic to secure it.

Twist that tail a little, wrap it around the folded hair, and tuck the end of it back into the elastic to secure it there.

Step 5: Use the comb to pull out face framing peices of hair.

Don’t worry about being clean with this, just go through and pull out some peices with the comb to create that messy look.

Step 6: Finally use a few bobby pins to secure the ends of the fold down.

This will make your space buns look more like space buns and not just folded hair. You don’t want to be able to see through the fold so secure each end down with bobby pins either behind the bun or in front. Play around with each side and decide what looks best.


space buns

Watch the Space Buns tutorial above to see these steps in action!

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