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Why Share My Blog Income?

Reading other blogger’s income reports is what started the blogging dream for me. I was a 20-year-old stay at home mom with a new baby, scrolling through Pinterest when I saw a post titled How I made $12k+ in one month as a stay at home mom which lead me to a blogging income report and the rest is history! I started my blog and am now making money online while at home with my now toddler all because of that blogger’s income report. So, I post my blog income in hopes to pay it forward and show others that it is possible!

How it all started:

At 20 I was a new mom who was so grateful to be able to stay home and raise my baby, but after my husband started his journey towards his dream career, I remember feeling so jealous of what he had. I didn’t want to sacrifice being a stay at home mom but I also wanted more! I wanted something to fill that void in me that wanted to be successful in something other than “just” motherhood.

Then in the fall of 2016 I found THAT thing! I remember stumbling upon a blog post from a mom who shared how she made a full-time income while at home with her kids by blogging and the rest is history. I started my blog within a week, and that space in me that so wanted something of my own was full! Suddenly I went from “just” a mom to a momtrepreneur who was raising babies and making money during nap time.

That was back in 2016, now I am focused on helping other moms do the same by starting their own profitable blogs, transforming them from a mom to a momtrepreneur in the time they have during nap time!

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On to the report!

Blog Income From September:

*Note I only count income I actually received, not revenue I earned but hasn’t been paid out yet.


Amazon Associates: $142.61 

Bluehost: $160 (Website hosting)

Affiliates Total: $302.61


Mediavine: $628.67 (Ads on the blog)

Youtube: $117.10 (Google ads)

Ad Total: $745.77

My Own Products: $17.64 (My Etsy shop – Blogging Tees & Digital Prints) Check it out here!

September Blog Income Total: $1,066.02

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September Traffic and Stats:

Average Monthly Pageviews: 71,905 (up from 71,527 in August)

Pinterest Followers: 1,890 (+3)

Pinterest Reach: 689k (-15k)

Instagram Followers: 1,592 (+57)

Facebook Likes: 4,993 (+322)

Facebook Group Members: 205 ( +16 – You can join the blog for profit group here!)

My Most Popular Posts From September:

  1. 5 Step Messy Top Knot
  2. Splurge or Save: Where to find 11 of The Most Popular Baby Products for Less
  3. Daily Habit Trackers Free Printables
  4. What I Use To Balayage My Own Hair
  5. Video Tutorial: How To Create Instagram Highlights Covers For Free in Canva

My most popular posts were exactly the same as usual. My splurge or save baby products moved up to the number two spot but other than that everything is the same.

blog income

What Worked in September:

Activate (EBA Live) Blogging Conference:

Y’all when I came back from the summer I was so unmotivated to get back into work mode. I was avoiding emails, blog posts, basically anything that had to do with the blog. But mid-September I attended a killer blogging conference called Activate! Activate is a conference for bloggers that is put together by Ruth Soukup the founder of Elite Blog Academy and the blog Living Well Spending Less. She has taught thousands of students how to make a full-time income blogging through her course Elite Blog Academy and to say her conference was absolutely fantastic is an understatement!

I left that conference so motivated to get back into the grind and to work harder than ever before. I learned all kinds of strategies to improve my blog from sales funnels to harnessing the power of my story. Seriously I came out of that conference a new blogger. I highly recommend it!

If you need a little more blogging motivation, attending a blogging conference (especially Activate) is a great way to do that.

What Didn’t Work:

Content Creation:

I was able to bust out my Summer income report this month but other than that I really didn’t push out any content. But boy is that about to change in October! At Activate one of the speakers challenged us to boost our content creation to 3 times a week to increase our traffic. And because I didn’t push out any new content during the summer, I feel like this is a great way to get some fresh blog posts out fast. So expect a lot more posts in October.

Pinterest Glitch:

The Last few days in September my traffic dropped a bit as Pinterest accidentally blacklisted my website meaning all pins that link to my site have a block on them saying my site is not safe or spammy. It looks like Pinterest has been doing this to lots of people lately so when I found out that my site was blocked I wasn’t too worried. I did lose some traffic from those blocked pins but we’re all good and back to business now with no blocked pins!

How I did on My September Goals:

  • Attend my first blogging conference! – Check! I attended Activate (EBA Live) and it was mind-blowing!
  • Get fresh new content to the blog every week. – Fail… 
  • Become active on social media again! –Getting there! I got active on Instagram but working on Pinterest and Facebook.

Goals For October:

  • Increase my blog traffic by 25%
  • Post 3x a week in October.
  • Finish my new ebook and tripwire!

I’ve got big things planned for October including the launch of my first product (outside my Etsy shop) and a hefty posting schedule! Wish me luck!

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