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This is a guest post by Andrea of Social Media & Coffee. Details here.

Are you a blogger wanting to grow your following? Social media can be a great way to grow your blog! But… it may look a little different than you think! Let’s look at 10 things to talk about on social media to grow your blog.

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When bloggers first begin posting on social media, it can be tempting to only post about their brand the whole time.

In fact, this is how most people start out! 

After all, it’s the obvious choice to post about the great quality articles you’ve written and the products that you’ve developed.

But… in order to be truly effective on social media, we need to take a different approach.

Instead, let’s pause a minute and ask this question: 

Why are people on social media in the first place?

People are on social media for CONNECTION.

Of course, “connection” can look many different ways. It may look like…

  • Showing family pictures of their kids
  • Bantering back and forth with co-workers
  • Reading updates about their friends
  • Being controversial and encouraging debate

ALL of these things are connection. 

And, believe it or not, people follow businesses, brands, and blogs on social media for the same reason – connection.

People want a real-life, personal connection with YOU – the blogger. And these days, personal connection happens on social media. 

Social media is where your followers are able to see your posts in real time. It’s where they get a glimpse into your personality and life. It’s where they can comment and hear back from you right away. 

Social media is fantastic for connecting with your followers! (As long as you use it well.)

Keep in mind that connecting with your people is CRITICAL for building your blog. Once people feel connected to YOU, they become loyal fans. 

And, as bloggers – we could use all of the loyal fans we can get!

The next question to ask yourself is: What types of things can I post that will help me connect with my followers? (or potential followers)

First – here’s what it’s NOT:  Constant sales pitches or requests for your followers to go read your blog posts. 

Sales pitches and requests DO have their place…. But you have to do the work of building connection first. 

On your social media page, it’s good to have a rhythm of Give, Give, Give, Ask.

The “Gives” are all posts that benefit your audience. You may be entertaining them, posting great questions, giving them tips, inspiring them, or even doing giveaways.

The “Asks” are posts where you are asking your people to do something. You may be asking them to buy your product, to visit your blog post, or to sign up to receive your freebie (and thereby join your mailing list.)

You can definitely “ask” on social media now and then, but it has to be in the middle of a whole lot of giving to your audience and connecting with them. 

With that in mind, let’s dive into some social media post suggestions! 

what to talk about on social media

10 Things to Talk About on Social Media to Grow Your Blog

1.Tips about your area of expertise.

Whatever you are blogging about – THAT is your area of expertise! 

People come to your blog to learn from you and see what you have to say on the topic, and they would love to hear some tips from you on social media.

Think about your whole area, not just the products that you might sell. 

For example, if you have a meal-planning blog, think about the whole AREA of meal planning. 

You could share tips about: 

  • How to pick the perfect avocado. 
  • How to stick to your grocery budget. 
  • How to have the kids help in meal prepping. 
  • How to encourage your kids to eat more veggies.

Think about your whole area of expertise and post a quick tip for your followers.

2. Inspiration for your followers.

All of us could use some more inspiration in our lives!

Whether you are inspiring your followers in your particular area, or just posting some inspiration in general – it’s sure to lift your followers’ spirits.

This could take the form of inspirational quotes that you post, or even just personal encouragement from you.

3. Personal updates or stories.

Since the reason people are following you for personal connection, social media is the perfect place to share what’s going on in your life!

These types of posts can be related to your blog or not. You may find that some of your most popular posts have NOTHING to do with your business or blog – and that’s okay!

New haircut? Share a picture. 

Redecorated your office? Give a live tour.

New pet? Ask your followers for name suggestions.

We all love connection, and your followers want to get to know you personally.

4. Ask conversation-starting questions.

One of the keys to success on your social media page is called “engagement.” Engagement means all of the likes, reactions, comments and shares that your posts receive.

Asking great questions is the perfect way to encourage some comments from your followers! 

These questions could be about your business or brand, or completely unrelated.

You could ask for opinions about the newest product you are developing. Or simply ask your followers a nostalgic question just for fun! 

Ask a great question, watch the comments flow in – and then remember to come back and respond to the comments to further build that connection!

what to talk about on social media

5. Educate your followers.

Have you read a great article or blog post lately? You could put up a quote from the article, and then link to it. Be sure to tell your people why the article is a must-read!

You could refer people to books that you recommend, or podcasts that have taught you something lately. 

To keep the personal connection, be sure to mention what you learned or how this information has helped you.

6. Celebrate hashtag holidays.

If you dig around online, you will find out that there are fun “holidays” to celebrate all the time! And there’s almost always a coordinating hashtag to go along. 

Not only are these fun to celebrate on your social media page, but if you use the trending hashtag, you can gain some visibility on your post. 

Want to celebrate #NationalDonutDay? Head to your local bakery and create a post!

Look through coming hashtag holidays, and see if there are particular ones that coordinate with your blog’s topic. 

Brainstorm ways that you could celebrate on your page – with a contest, giveaway, or simply a post using the relevant hashtag.

7. Reintroduce yourself now and then.

As your social media page grows, there will constantly be a flow of people who are new to you and your blog. It’s a good idea to reintroduce yourself every so often!

Post a photo of yourself, or your family and share with your followers who you are and why you are passionate about your blog topic.

8. Shoutouts to your favorites.

Posting recommendations – or shoutouts – is a fun thing to do on your social media! 

You could recommend products that you can’t live without. Point people to podcasts or blogs that you love. You could feature small businesses that you recommend buying from. 

This accomplishes a couple of things on your page. 

When you make sure to tag the brands you are mentioning, then your social media post will have MUCH more reach than it would otherwise, giving your page more visibility.

Also, you create good will on your page! You’re not just posting about your own brand, but you are passionately behind other bloggers and small businesses – and it shows.

9. Post some FUN! 

Entertain your followers and bring some much-needed, lighthearted fun to their feeds. 

Use reels on Instagram to post something funny. Share a funny meme, or link to a hilarious video. 

Everyone could use some more laughter, and your page is a great place to bring some.

10. Promote your blog posts or products.

Lastly, sell your products or feature your blog posts!

When your page is full of great, connection-building content, you’ve earned the place to promote your blog now and then.

The best way to do this is to talk about what “problem” you had, and how this product or post “solved” that problem. 

When your followers can see what transformation has happened as a result of your product or blog post – you will more effectively draw them in and make them want to try it out. 

When you are rotating the types of post you put up, and focusing on connecting with your followers on your page, then you are set to maximize social media to grow your blog.

After all, social media connection isn’t something you do IN ADDITION to growing your blog, it’s HOW you grow your blog. 

andrea brown guest post

About the author

Andrea Brown of Social Media & Coffee

Andrea has been a social media manager for 8 years. She loves providing practical social media marketing training for small businesses – without any of the crazy marketing jargon! She blogs at Social Media & Coffee.

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what to talk about on social media
what to talk about on social media
what to talk about on social media
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