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Right now my family is living in an 867 square foot two bedroom apartment so we don’t have room for a regular kitchen table in our living area. We also don’t have anywhere in the living area for Brian to do his school work while hanging out with me and Jamie.

After searching for a reasonably priced table that was long enough for us both to sit at but skinny enough not to take up too much space, I found nothing! So I, of course, decided to make one myself! Here’s how I made my simple DIY wooden table/desk.  That works perfectly for our little space! 
simple diy desk
simple diy desk

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 3 – 1″x10″x6′ Wood planks ( you may have to get longer boards cut to size.)
  • 6- 10″ mending plates (This is what I used)
  •  About 33 – 1/2″ screws ( made sure to get ones wide enough so they won’t fall through the mending plates)
  • 4oz can of Minwax wood stain in color Provincial 211. (Get it here!)
  • Fine grain sand paper
  • Set of 2 Industrial desk legs (the white ones are no longer available but you can spray these ones white.)
  •  A Drill

** You can get my same chair here and the rug here **

Step 1: Sand and Stain

First, sand down your wood boards until smooth. You don’t want anyone getting a splinter! Next, using a rag, stain your wood. Make sure to wear gloves (even a pair of sandwich bags works!). I did two coats of the Provincial 211 stain for mine.

Set them aside to dry! I let mine dry over night.

diy wood desk top

Step 2: Screw boards together

Once the wood is dry, Lay out all three boards on a hard flat surface and screw in the mending plates to make the wood boards all one table top as shown below. While screwing in the mending plates, make sure to keep the boards as close together as possible!

diy desk top diy table top

Step 3: Assemble legs

Once your top is done, it’s time to assemble your legs. The ones from Amazon are really simple and come with a plate to screw the legs to the top. The Ikea ones don’t come with that plate.

diy table legs

Step 4: Attach top to legs

If your legs didn’t come with attachment plates then simply set the table top on your legs and it’s done! Otherwise, screw your legs to the bottom of the table and you’re done!


diy desk


This is a simple solution to making your own table or desk that works perfectly in your own space! Thanks for reading!




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