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diy baby romper free pattern

It’s a girl!

Well, at least I think it’s a girl! Yes, I’m about 7 weeks pregnant and my gut feeling is it’s a girl. Maybe it’s just me hoping for a mini-me or maybe it’s just because this pregnancy really feels different than my last! Either way, I am so excited for Jamie to have a sibling! And I can finally buy and make millions of girly things like this adorable romper!

Here’s What You’ll Need:



  • Pins
  • measuring tape
  • scissors / rotary cutter and board
  • sewing machine
  • needle and thread
  • Iron


Make sure you prewash and iron all of your fabric to prevent warping later!

Step 1:

Using Craft and Mama’s tutorial, make a diaper cover in the size you want. This will be the bottom of your romper. tutorial here! Craft and Mama’s diaper cover tutorial includes a free pattern and super easy step by step pictures to help you complete it fast and easily!

Step 2:

Cut out a strip of pom-pom trim the length of the front of the diaper cover, pin to the top and sew on. Make sure to stretch the elastic out while sewing on the trim so it will stretch when your little is putting it on and wearing the romper.

diy baby romper free pattern

Step 3:

Using the top of romper pattern, cut out a front and back piece. (Notice in my pictures I tried a rounded bottom and later decided it was not helpful so your pattern will have sharper corners.) I decided to use a cotton pattern on the front and a soft flannel on the back.

Then cut out two _ ” ties.

diy baby romper free pattern

Step 4:

Pin together the back and front, right sides together with the ties pinned to the top sandwiched in between the front and back.

Sew all the way around the front and back securing the ties to the top and leaving a small 2 to 3 inch opening on the side or bottom.

diy baby romper free pattern

diy baby romper free pattern

Step 5:

Now, flip the top right sides out and iron. Finally, close the opening with an invisible stitch or if the opening is at the bottom simply go over it with the sewing machine because it will soon be hidden underneath the diaper cover.

diy baby romper free pattern

Step 6:

Finally, attach the top to the bottom by stretching out the bottoms then pinning and sewing the top just into the bottoms. When finished the top should bunch up a little with the elastic.

Proper sizing!

To know how long to make your romper. Grab a onesie you have in the size you are wanting to make. Line up the diaper cover with the bottom of the onesie, and line up the neckline of the top of the romper with the neckline of the onesie. However much the top overlaps the bottoms is where you should sew it to be the same length as the onesie. If the top is way too long you can trim it.

diy baby romper free pattern

Step 7:

Finish your romper by taking a long strand of thread and wrapping it tightly close to the edge of your ties. Keep wrapping then using a pen or scissors tuck the end of the thread into it’self to finish your ends and keep them from fraying. I also added a dab of glue in there to keep it secure.

diy baby romper free pattern


diy baby romper patterndiy baby romper free pattern

How adorable is this romper! Now all I need is a little girl! Let me know if you like it and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for updates everytime I post!

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