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Leather Toddler BackpackMini Leather Backpack

We’re having backpack love over here! I am a Fawn Design obsessor, and if you haven’t seen their bags you need to look them up right now!

Anyway, they recently launched a mini version of their original bag and I was dying to get one for Jamie. But like most other moms, I don’t have $90 to spend on a backpack for my toddler! Does a 15-month-old count as a toddler? Because I feel like he’s 4 years old! So instead of buying, I DIYed my own Fawn Design inspired mini leather backpack for only $10!

If you love the original Fawn design diaper bag but can’t afford the $160 price tag you can get this copy cat from Miss Fong on Amazon for only $45!  

Here’s What You’ll Need:

mini leather backpack

All of these Items were on sale at Hobby Lobby! I swear every other week they do 50% off their ribbons and trims and often have sales on their Sewology items so I seriously scored on these supplies! So check your local Hobby Lobby to see if these items are on sale and if they aren’t, I swear just wait til next week! 
Note that I chose not to make a lining for Jamie’s backpack so you will have to purchase separate fabric to do so on your own if you want your mini leather backpack to be lined on the inside!

Step 1

First, cut your straps and leather. From one roll, cut a 14″ piece for the front of the bag and a 10″ piece for the back. From the second roll cut a 6″ piece for the front pocket then fold the remaining leather in half and cut making the two pieces about 9 1/4″ wide.

Now take your strap material and cut 2 11″ straps for the top part of the straps and 2 12″ (or 13″ to use the rest of your straps) straps for the bottom part of the straps.
mini leather backpack

Step 2

Next, take your top straps and thread on 2 fasteners to each strap. Fold over the end of the strap about 3/4″ up and sew to secure the fasteners to the straps. Set them aside for later. mini leather backpack mini leather backpack mini leather backpack

Step 3

Now tak that 6″ pocket piece and trip off the top two inches to make it a 6″ square. Fold in the edges and sew all four sides. Next, pin and sew the pocket peice on top of the 14″ front piece. Place it about 1″ from the bottom in the middle of the front piece sewing the bottom and two sides directly ontop of the original stiches leaving the top open! You don’t want to sew up all 4 sides of your pocket!  Make sure it stays very straight while you sew!

mini leather backpack mini leather backpack


Step 4

The next step is to pin the front piece to the back peice, right sides together. While doing this, pin the bottom straps in between the front and back 1″ from the bottom. Sew each side together. Because the front is longer than the back, it creates a half circle shape after sewn.

mini leather backpack mini leather backpack mini leather backpack

Step 5

Take the two 9″ peices for the top and bottom of your bag and fold them in half right sides together. Make a mark 2 3/4″ from the top on the fold. Then take a smaller plate or anything big and round, line it up with your mark and trace down the side of the plate to create the curve that your top and bottom sections need to fit your half circle base you just made. Cut along the line for both pieces. They should now be 5 1/4″ tall in the middle.

mini leather backpack mini leather backpack mini leather backpack

Step 6

Pin the bottom curved piece to the bottom of the half circle base, ridesides together, and sew. Flip rightside out.

mini leather backpack mini leather backpack

Step 7

Now take your zipper and lay it face own on the top of the rightside of the base. Sew along the top side of the zipper to attach it to the base.

mini leather backpack mini leather backpack mini leather backpack

Step 8

Next, take the top piece and sew it onto  the bottom of the zipper ridesides together. The pinning here is kind of complicated. I pinned the middle first and worked my way down the sides. After the zipper is sewn on, flip the top over to the top of the bag.

mini leather backpack mini leather backpackmini leather backpackmini leather backpack

Step 9

Unzip the bag and lay the top of the bag rightsides together on the back of the bag. Insert your top straps between the two, 3 1/2″ in from the sides. Pin and sew the top to the back with the straps sandwiched in there!

mini leather backpack mini leather backpackmini leather backpackmini leather backpack mini leather backpack

Step 10

Finally thread your bottom straps through the top fasteners. Fold up the raw ends of the bottom straps 1/2″ and sew to create a finished end and you’re done!

mini leather backpack mini leather backpack mini leather backpack

I hope you loved this mini leather backpack as much as I do! It is perfect to take just a few diapers and wipes when I drop him off at the gym child watch for a few hours rather than lug around my huge diaper bag! Plus he looks seriously so cute wearing it!

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mini leather backpack

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