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People are marbling everything right now, nails, paper, even fabric. I decided to join the bandwagon and marble a few mugs! While messing around with the regular nail polish and water method I stumbled on a way to create a more scattered marble look as well with a hint of nail polish remover.

While attempting this DIY, I realized that you cannot use old nail polish! That is actually how I learned how to do the scattered look! I used some old nail polish that only made nasty clumps on your mugs. Then I had the bright idea to add a bit of nail polish remover to my nail polish to make it less clumpy which actually made all of the nail polish scatter over the water! But instead of trashing it, I added some regular gold nail polish on top of the scattered gray and it made a beautiful marbled mug!

I DIY failed it into nailed it! Okay, that was a super cheesy line but I actually like my scattered mug better than the regular marbled mug!

diy marbled mugs 2 ways

diy marbled mugs

marbled mug

diy marbled mug

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Marble Method #1 (Original Method)

Step 1

First, fill your disposable container with warm water.



Step 2

Next slowly pour one or two nail polish colors into the water just until it starts to disperse. It will naturally make a marbled effect but you can quickly swirl it with a toothpick to make a more swirled look. marbling


Step 3

Carefully dip your mug or anything you want to marble into the water.


Step 4

Holding your mug into the water, use a toothpick to remove the excess nail polish around the mug then pull out and set aside to dry.

Marble Method #2 (Scattered Method)

This method is the same as method #1 but before adding your nail polish, add a dash of nail polish remover into the nail polish and shake it up. Next pour it in slowly and watch it scatter across the water. Add an additional color (without remover in it) to add extra dimension!

Next pour it in slowly and watch it scatter across the water. Add an additional color (without remover in it) to add extra dimension!

Dip and finish the same as method #1!


You’ll probably end up marbling matching plates, the ends of utensils, your phone case, your baby…. Okay, maybe not your child but you’ll have to hold back the desire to marble everything in your house. However, if you are looking to marble a few more projects, check out these projects that would be perfect! [themify_icon icon=”fa-heart-o” link=”http://”] Cassie Jean

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