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Cassie Jean Scroggins Cassie Jean Scroggins

Hey you, I get it! 

Being a mom is hard! Mentally and physically. And after a while, the mom routine starts to feel like Groundhog day, the same routine over and over again. I feel you! Sometimes I swear If I have to clean up one more house explosion I am going to scream!

But the worst part of the repetitive struggle is when you get to a point where you feel like you are nothing but a mom anymore. Do I even have interests? Heaven knows I don’t have any friends, and what do I even want to be in this world?

What I do know is we are not ONLY moms. Begin a mom is part of who we are, but not all we are! You want to feel like your working towards something for you, while being a mom. You want to feel fulfilled. 

I know this feeling all too well, and I know there isn’t one solid answer for everyone out there, but I can tell you what works for me and boy, it has done wonders for my momma mentality and happiness!

My 6 Secrets to feeling fulfilled when mom life feels like Groundhog Day:

1. Get Ready

I know you’ve heard this one a million times but there is something about looking good that can make you feel so much better! We all know those days that our hair is looking good or our makeup is on point and we feel like we can take on the world!

So make a goal to get ready more, maybe look up quick hair tutorials (this is my go to and it only takes 60 seconds!) and slap on some mascara. Or even lay out your outfit the night before to motivate you to finally get out of your PJs. (I know, I love mine too!)

Admit it! We all feel better when we actually get ready!

2. Take More Pictures of YOU!

This is a new one for me and goes right along with tip number 1. Take more pictures of YOU! This year I have a goal to take more pictures. It started as a goal to up my images for the blog and finally get an Instagram strategy going but I’ve been surprised how it has affected the way I feel.

When you plan ahead to take pictures, you’ll probably plan to get ready that day (benefits from tip #1), and there’s something about taking a good photo/selfie that just makes you feel good! Like I said in tip number 1, when you look good you feel good and now you have it documented and can share it on social media, and get more love from your friends and family.

And that simple action of posting your selfies on the internet can make you feel like you are adding to something other than the mom life.

(If you want really improve your picture game, click here to find out how I easily take amazing pictures of myself all on my own)

3. Get a Hobby

Number 3 is get a hobby. Mom life is awesome but we can easily forget ourselves in the hustle and bustle of everything to the point that we don’t do anything for ourselves anymore. That is why I think having a hobby is so important to feeling fulfilled as a mom. If we never make time for ourselves then we start to feel like slaves in our own homes.

Look up mom groups in your town, dive into Pinterest and get inspired for things to try, ask your friends on Facebook or Instagram what they love to do in their downtime.

It doesn’t matter what it is, just find a hobby and make time for it!

4. Start a Blog

This was the game changer for me! Now I know what your thinking, “Everyone has a blog” but it has changed my life. No lie.

I understand that blogging isn’t for everyone and that’s okay! But for me, it is the number 1 source of fulfillment for me outside of my kids and husband and here’s why:

  • I have the opportunity to share my tips, tricks, and insight with the world and help people.
  • I actually make an income while at home with my kids. (Check out my income reports here!)
  • It gives me something to focus on other than mom life.
  • I am my own boss and run my own business.
  • It has helped me make connections with all kinds of people I would have never met. (Yay friends!)
  • And it has boosted my confidence in multiple areas of my life.

Starting a blog has made me a businesswoman, an influencer, my own boss, a breadwinner, more extroverted, and a better mom. 

When you are helping people, inspiring people, or just giving someone a reason to smile through your own knowledge, stories, and experiences there is a great sense of fulfillment in feeling that you’re adding to something bigger than just you.

So if you’ve ever entertained the thought of starting a blog I highly suggest it. And if you’re looking to make money doing it too, check out my step by step guide to starting a profitable blog!

Start a blog checklist

5. Set Goals

I think the #1 way to feel fulfilled as a person is to work towards something! Have goals and work on them! I’m not talking about having a goal to “be a better mom” I’m talking about something for you!

Make a goal to hit the gym 3 times a week, or take pictures once a day, or to master that crazy yoga move you’ve seen all over Instagram. Make goals for you and your own personal development and wellness.

Need a little more help? Download my guide to making goals you’ll actually achieve here! smart goals worksheet

6. Make More Time For Friends (Even when you don’t want to!)

Finally, my last secret to feeling fulfilled as a mom is to make time for friends, even when you don’t want to!

Girl, I feel you, I am so introverted. Some people will say “no you’re not! you’re great in a group setting” but no. Yes, I can handle myself in a group but if I could choose, I would probably be a hermit at home all day. Alone time is where I recharge and feel the best. So sometimes after a long day at home with Jamie, the last thing I want to do is go get fro yo with the girls.

It has taken me years but I have just realized after moving across the country away from all friends and family that friends are important, especially as moms.

So make time! Make time for play dates with other moms, make time for fro yo with the girls, and make time for that gym class they keep inviting you to but you keep ditching! Besides we all need some adult interactions when we spend our time with toddlers all day!

Mom life is the best life…

So if you seemed to have fallen into the repetitive slump of naps and dino nuggets, it’s time to focus more on you, find something to love and focus on (other than being a mom), and make time for more personal relationships with your friends! And you’ll find that this mom life is more fulfilling than anything could ever be!

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