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There are 2.19 billion (yes, BILLION) active users on Facebook every month connecting and learning. And because I know you’ve heard someone say “Facebook is dead”, I’m here to tell you Facebook most certainly is not dead my friends. In fact, Facebook has more active users every month than Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat COMBINED! So, If you ask me, I’ll tell you Facebook is definitely alive and well.

So what does this mean as a blogger and online entrepreneur? It means we’ve got to establish a presence on Facebook! And most bloggers do this by creating a Facebook page for their blog and encouraging readers to follow and like the page giving you another way to connect with your readers.

But the thing about Facebook pages is they can be hard to draw people to. After all most pages are used simply as a billboard for your blog, where you push out new posts and any other exciting news. They aren’t really a thing people go searching for on Facebook.

However, if you can get people to like your page then you have an opportunity for your posts to be right in front of them every day when they are scrolling through their feed.

But first, you’ve got to get them there!

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Before this method

Before I started using this method, I had been blogging for about a year and had gradually rounded up a little over a hundred Facebook likes. Wah-wah…

To be honest I never really had a strategy but I knew I had to do something to start taking control of my growth rather than waiting around for it. That’s when I heard about Social Locker!

facebook growth

The Method: Crazy Good Freebie + Social Locker on your Blog

Let me first tell you what Social Locker is. Social Locker is a WordPress plugin that allows you to lock any content behind a social button and askes your reader to “pay” to access it by taking a social action like following you on Twitter or Liking your Facebook page.

Here’s what It looks like in action. (This is just a screen shot of the plugin in action, not a functioning button)

facebook growth

When I heard about Social Locker I had just had my free habit tracker PDFs go viral so I was getting tons of traffic directly to that page and was giving away the habit trackers 100% free, no email required. All you had to was click the link to open the PDFs and they were yours! So I knew this was exactly what I needed to grow my Facebook page!

I immediately slapped the Social Locker on there and made my readers like my Facebook page in order to get access to the PDFs. It worked like a charm! Instantly I was getting hundreds of likes a day and only a few short months I had racked up thousands of Facebook likes just from this one post!

The best part? You don’t have to only do it to one post, you can lock as much content as you want and watch your likes, follows, shares, whatever grow! Plus it’s great because people can simply unlike your page if they really don’t want to follow you but most of the time your readers are happy to follow you and keep up with your blog!

So let’s recap this method: Easy Action Steps!

  1. Create a killer freebie (free art, checklists, fill in planners, anything! Just something you know your audience will really want!)
  2. Use the Social Locker WordPress plugin to lock your freebie (asking your readers to like your Facebook page to get access to the freebie)
  3. Promote your post/freebie like crazy!

Try even running a Facebook ad to your freebie post and sharing on Pinterest! Pinterest makes up over 66% of my overall traffic and is a blogger’s secret weapon to explosive traffic!

When your freebie is something your audience really wants and is excited for, your readers will have no problem trading a like for a killer freebie! If you want to see where my Facebook page is at now you can check it out here, and maybe send me another like!

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