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Lipsense remover


DIY: The Best LipSense Remover Scrub!

DIY lipsense remover scrub

These pictures are only a few minutes apart! When I am trying to decide what LipSense color to wear that day, a swatch on my hand doesn’t really cut it. So I am glad I can quickly remove the color without too much effort thanks to this DIY!

After trying a few different removal items, baby wipes, witch hazel, LipSenseOops remover. I found that the very best thing to take off LipSense is Neutrogena’s Transparent Facial Bar Soap ($3) and sugar! 

The Chemicals in Neutrogena’s facial bar is the best thing to remove LipSense while the sugar helps to exfoliate the lips, speeding up the process!

Here’s What You’ll Need!

Step 1

Take your empty EOS container, remove all traces of lip balm by popping out the middle part by wedging a knife or fork into the lip of the bottom container and lifting it out.

Step 2

Once the middle part is out, clean off the remaining lip balm.

Step 3

Next, screw the lid back onto the middle.

Step 4

Cut off a small amount of facial soap (about 5th or 6th of the bar). Place it in a microwavable bowl and microwave till melted. Then pour the liquid bar into the top of the EOS container just to the middle bars.

Step 5

While the liquid is still hot, add the sugar a little at a time, using the fork or knife to push it past the bars in the middle. Add the sugar until the liquid is past the middle bars.

Step 6

Allow the mixture to harden for a few hours then simply snap the bottom back onto the container, and unscrew the lid! You now have the perfect LipSense remover scrub!

lipsense remover

Lipsense remover

How to use:

To use simply wet the remover and scrub on your lips until your color starts to smear then wipe it away with a damp cloth and rinse your remover. Repeat until the color is completely removed (about 5 times)! Finish with a regular lip balm or Glossy Gloss.  This process only takes about 2 minutes to do, preventing you rubbing you lips raw using other methods!

The sugar exfoliates the lip color off of your lips while the facial bar loosens the color. This remover is the best way to remove your LipSense!


lipsense remover

My LipSense Review: Honesty Hour!

I know you’ve seen the rage of LipSense and the entire SeneGense line. I personally know about a billion distributors and people who have tried it. Okay, maybe not a billion but it sure feels like it! I may be a little late to the LipSense game but I finally decided to give it a try when my aunt (a distributor) sent me a starter kit and two colors!

Originally I was not interested in the idea of a lipstick that was instantly sealed and didn’t budge because of my natural indecision of lip colors. Normally I will put on and off a few different colors until I decide on one or none sometimes. And after talking to a few distributor friends I came to realize you can’t really do that with LipSense. You pick a color and stick to it or attempt to take it off rendering your lips raw from scrubbing. So I decided to stick to my $1 Wet n Wild lipsticks and Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick s. I know two different ends of the spectrum there.

However, after receiving my LipSense starter kit including the most gorgeous color ever (Salmon)! I am surprisingly in love! (By the way, I am not a distributor so no bias here!) I really tried to hate it but I really like it! Upon first application, instructed by my LipSense obsessed 13-year-old sister, the first thing I noticed is that it BURNS! But noting that the first ingredient is Alcohol Dena, I wasn’t super surprised. I heard you have to give it about 10 days until you no longer feel the burning tingling when you apply. But even by the second application, it isn’t as intense.

And by the way, the burn isn’t really bad. It mostly just comes as a surprise if you are unaware of it and lasts only a few seconds. Just trying to be honest here!

It works!

After the surprise tingle, I completed the application and went about my day. I, of course, had to instantly try the famous LipSense swipe of scraping my finger across my lips only to reveal a clean finger! Yes! It really works.

It really didn’t take me long to decided that LipSense was awesome. When I regularly wear lipstick I am always subconsciously aware if it. Is it on my teeth? Be careful drinking! Do I need to reapply? Did I just touch my mouth? A treat? Ugh But I just reapplied! I’ll pass… It was so nice to not have to worry about any of that stuff! It took me a while to get my mind use to that but when I did, it was awesome!

Removal… Yeah right.

Now I wanted to try a few more colors and my Oops Remover. Unfortunately, I really felt that the remover did little for removal. It was definitely better than soap and water but not by much. Like I had assumed, my lips were raw after attempting to try 3 different colors in one session removing each color before trying the next. Taking off one color took at least five minutes of Oops Remover, and scrubbing with a damp facial towel, and repeating. So even after I finally got all the color off, my lips and the skin around were an irritated bright red. #ClownFace. But after searching long and hard for the best LipSense remover I finally found something that actually works and is only $3! (See below!)

After discovering this amazing remover, I am able to try my LipSense colors the same way I do my regular lipsticks all without the raw lips! Score!

Overall Reaction:

So, all in all, I really have enjoyed my LipSense thus far! I think it is genius and I actually haven’t used any other lipsticks since trying LipSense. After DIYing the BEST LipSense remover scrub that makes removal a breeze! The only downside to LipSense would be after having the luxury of not worrying about your lips, it’s hard to go back to another lipstick!

It works, it stays in place, the gloss feels awesome, no more worrying about your lipstick, easy removal, a bunch of colors, the final verdict is: It’s Awesome!


The only thing left is the price. A LipSense color costs $25 a glossy gloss costs $20 and an Oops remover is $10. Which are all a part of the the starter kit which is a total of $55. Don’t bother with the remover, saving you $10 so it costs about $45 to start but after that is is only $25 per color. Considering the color, the quality, and honestly the piece of mind and convenience of LipSense I think it is totally worth it. Especially considering what some people, including myself, will pay at Sephora for a lipstick. Plus tons of distributors offer sales and free giveaways on their Facebook pages like this one! 

So if you want to try LipSense I would go for it. You can find a distributor, or order online through mine! Connect with mine here! If you do decide to try LipSense or already are in love with LipSense, you have to make this amazing DIY LipSense remover Scrub all under $4!! And it lasts FOREVER!

Thanks Heather for the LipSense, it’s awesome!

What is your favorite LipSense color?

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diy lipsense remover scrub


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