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Why Share My Blogging Income?

I started my blog back in September 2016 after I read a blogging income report from a blogger who made over $12k in one month as a stay-at-home mom. I was 20 years old and a new SAHM with a 3-month-old and had just moved across the country so my husband could attend law school so reading that income report blew my mind.

After looking over her site I thought to myself, “I can do this.”. And within a few weeks, I had purchased my domain, officially launched my blog to the public and I started making money.

Now I’m at home writing this post in my PJs and making money in my sleep all because of that income report. That is exactly why I choose to share my blogging income too. Because, even if I’m not making $12k a month yet, the money I made a month is enough to change the life of any young stay-at-home mom like myself and is maybe enough to inspire or encourage someone else out there that they can do it too.

That is exactly why I choose to share my income too. Because, even if I’m not making $12k a month yet, the money I make every month is enough to change the life of any young aspiring entrepreneur or stay-at-home mom like myself and is maybe enough to inspire or encourage someone else out there that they can do it too.

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A bit about me:

Like I mentioned above I started my blog back in September of 2016 and in December I invested in a blogging course called Elite Blog Academy (EBA) that held my hand every step of the way to turn my little blog into a successful money-making business. That course was a big chunk of change but it has been worth every penny! I mean, the reason I am making money right now from my blog is EBA. If you’re serious about making money from your blog sooner than later this course is the real deal, but it is only open once a year so you can get on the waitlist here.

When I started my blog I originally planned to have a mommy blog focused on DIY projects and mom life which I did for about a year. Then I started to make a shift to focus on my new found passion of blogging. I loved every part of blogging, the marketing, creative process, connecting with people, all of it and I couldn’t help but start to share my own tips, tactics, and strategies to help others with their blogs.

Now blogging is the main focus of my blog and I’m excited to wake up every day and get to work! You can still find my hair tutorials and DIYs if you dig deep enough, but nowadays I’m excited to be focused on this passion of mine to serve other bloggers.

If you’ve read a few of my income reports you’ve probably heard me say that blogging has changed my life. And it’s true! It sounds silly or cliche, but I’ve really found a passion and fulfillment in my blog and becoming my own boss and creating this successful money-making business from nothing.

I guess I should have known that the girl selling her homemade lollipops on the street corner was bound to be an entrepreneur.

On to the report!

Income From April:

*Note I only count income I actually received, not revenue I earned that hasn’t been paid out yet.

Affiliates: $226.23 (Amazon affiliates)

Etsy store sales: $109.08 (Blogging Tees and Digital Prints) Check it out here!

Ads: $628.84 (Mediavine)

Total: $964.15 – Up $224.64 from March

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April Traffic and Stats:

February Pageviews: 87,692 (up 1,307 pageviews from March)

Pinterest Reach: 3.4 Million ( Pinterest now features your reach rather than followers)

Pinterest Followers: 1,731 (+98)

Instagram Followers: 1,271 (+161)

Facebook Likes: 2,657 (+1,655)

Email list: 2,033 (+536)

My Most Popular Posts From April:

  1. How to Easily Take Photos of Yourself For Your Instagram or Blog
  2. Daily Habit Trackers Free Printables
  3. What I Use To Balayage My Own Hair
  4. Video Tutorial: How To Create Instagram Highlights Covers For Free in Canva
  5. 5 Step Messy Top Knot

Things pretty much stayed the same this month with my Instagram Highlights Cover tutorial jumping from the number 5 spot to number 4!

What Worked This Month:

Engaging with Instagram Followers:

This month I really made it more of a priority to engage with my Instagram followers and get to know my audience. It’s been so awesome getting to know people and you start to develop real relationships with your followers! I made sure to reply to all my image comments and to comment and like more of their images to show my support because I am really into the idea of creating a community, not just an audience!

Well, as you may expect, engaging with my followers has, in turn, resulted in more engagement on my own profile and has actually drawn more followers to my Instagram. So it’s been a win, win. I get to know people and build relationships and my own engagement and following grows too! Go figure!

What Didn’t Work:

Juggling too much:

I am guilty of getting excited and taking on way more than I can handle at one time. For example, all the tasks I’m juggling right now is:

  • Building my first ever blogging course all about how to create killer content!
  • Starting a Podcast (The Blog For Profit Podcast)
  • Rebranding Life on Waller to
  • Becoming GDPR Compliant before May 25th (have you done this for your blog yet?)
  • Starting my Facebook group specifically for bloggers (Request to join here), the Blog For Profit – Blogging Insiders Group
  • Creating my 5-day blogging challenge: How to create a year of blog post ideas in 5 days (coming soon!)
  • Changing email services (MailChimp to Active Campaign)
  • All the regular work to run the blog
  • Moving from Kentucky to Las Vegas
  • Spending 10 days in Utah for Vacation

So obviously April was crazy and I’ll bet you the rest of the summer is going to get even crazier as my blog and business grows. I just need to stay focused on one task at a time and not get ahead of myself! Easier said then done right?

How I did – Goals For April:

  • Nail down my idea for my first Product. (Part of EBA) – Check! It’s in the works!
  • Hit 3,000 Facebook Likes – Miss! I went really ambitious with my goals this month and I just didn’t have the right time to implement my plan, but I’m close! Only a few hundred more likes to go!
  • Hit 1,500 Instagram Followers – Miss! Again I’m close though!
  • 2,500 Email Subscribers – Miss! How embarrassing but we’ll just work better on our goals for May right?

All in all, I just tried to do too much with too much going on in my personal and business life! I’ll just do better in May.

Goals For May:

  • Launch the How to create a year of blog post ideas in 5 days free challenge.
  • Complete my rebrand from Life on Waller to Cassie Scroggins
  • Get 500 members to join my brand new blogger Facebook group. (Join here)
  • Grow Email List to 3,000

I’m super excited for the future and hitting that $1k a month next month! I’ve got a lot of super exciting things coming that will be amazing resources for you and your blog so stay tuned!

Also, I’d like to invite you to join my new Facebook group the Blog For Profit – Blogging Insiders group to ask all your blogging questions, get answers, and network with me and all the bloggers in there! Jump in and tell us a little bit about you and the name of your blog! I’d love to check it out!


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