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Why Share My Blogging Income?

Money is one of those topics that you just don’t talk about right? Along with politics and religion, money isn’t something you usually talk about in a casual conversation. So why do I share my blogging income online?

  1. If other bloggers hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t have started my blog.
  2. I want to pay it forward and show others who had no idea that blogging as a profession is possible that you can make money blogging.
  3. Sharing my income monthly allows me to show others that the money doesn’t come overnight. (So don’t be discouraged!)
  4. It allows my readers to follow along on my blogging journey and see what’s working and what isn’t and can learn from my mistakes!

blog income report

A bit about me:

I started my blog in September 2016 after reading a fellow blogger (and stay at home mom’s) income report and I just knew if she could do it, so could I!

In December that year, I invested in myself and took the blogging course Elite Blog Academy. However, I put the course on the back burner till December 2017 when I decided to get serious, start the course over and soon that next month I doubled my blogging income from about $200 a month to over $500 in January and I’m still only halfway through the course!

Elite Blog Academy is the reason I am making the money right now and I JUST got to the monetization module! Here’s the thing though EBA enrollment is only open ONCE A YEAR , you can get on the waitlist here!

Starting a blog and investing in EBA was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself and when you can start a blog for only $3.95 a month why wouldn’t I? And now I am a stay at home mom getting paid to blog in my PJs, I mean, I’m living the dream!

Want to start your own blog but just don’t know how? Get my free Start a Blog checklist and go from start to launch in 13 easy steps! Or if you already have a blog get my free monthly blog planner!

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On to the report!

Income From March:

*Note I only count income I actually received, not revenue I earned but hasn’t been paid out yet.

Affiliates: $155.44 (Amazon affiliates)

Etsy store sales: $4.60 (Digital Prints and Bibs) Check it out here!

Ads: $579.47 (Mediavine)

Total: $739.51 – Up $171.01 from February

March Traffic and Stats:

February Pageviews: 86,385 (up from 82,556 in February)

Pinterest Followers: 1,633 (+83)

Instagram Followers: 1,110 (+263)

Facebook Likes: 1,934 (+932)

Email list: 1,497 (+507)

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My Most Popular Posts From March:

  1. How to Easily Take Photos of Yourself For Your Instagram or Blog
  2. Daily Habit Trackers Free Printables
  3. What I Use To Balayage My Own Hair
  4. 5 Step Messy Top Knot
  5. Video Tutorial: How To Create Instagram Highlights Covers For Free in Canva

Again my post on how to take photos of yourself for your Instagram or blog was number one this month with over 10k pageviews. Read it here. But the rising star this month taking the number 5 spot is my video tutorial on how to create Instagram highlight covers for free in Canva with just over 5k pageviews. Watch the tutorial here!


What Worked This Month:

Facebook Likes:

This last month was awesome for my Facebook page which gained almost 1,000 new likes in March thanks to my curling iron giveaway that was super popular and the Social Locker plugin.

Social Locker locks your content like a free printable and requires your readers to “pay” to get access to it by following you on Twitter, sharing your posts on Twitter or Liking your Facebook page. I’m not really on Twitter right now so I have it set so my readers only have the option to like my Facebook page to get access to my freebie.

I’ve been using Social Locker for 2 months now to lock my Free Printable Habit Trackers which get lots of traffic each month so it’s been great for Facebook growth!

Email Opt-ins:

In March my email opt-ins (My Free Start a Blog Checklist, and my Free Printable Monthly blog Planner) continued to bring lots of new subscribers through Facebook ads, Pinterest, and just regular opt-in boxes of my posts. These platforms brought me over 100 new email buddies every week which feels like good growth to me!

Work Schedule:

I’ve finally worked out a really awesome work schedule with Brian so that I’m not stressing to get in blogging time at every waking second! Bri has class, like all day every day, so Monday – Wednesday I can get 2 hours of work done while Jamie is napping. On Thursday and Friday however, Brian takes Jamie from 3pm-8pm so I can get some serious work done at the business school!

It’s been so nice to have a schedule that allows me to actually plan what to do when and gives me Saturdays and Sundays to relax and hang with the fam! Plus I am way more productive having a set schedule!

What Didn’t Work:

Getting Ahead:

I feel like I’ve said this before, but we travel back west to see family all the time and this month My mom came to see us for a week then we immediately flew to Vegas to see my in-laws for a week. When we got home I only had 2 weeks to finish all my content for April.

So I need to be better about my planning when it comes to vacations so that I don’t keep getting behind!

How I did – Goals For March:

  • Finish EBA unit 7 – Check! 
  • Hit 1,200 Facebook likes-  I almost hit 2,000 Facebook likes this week so I blew that goal right out of the water! 
  • Hit 1000 Instagram Followers –  Hit it! I Made it to 1110 followers!
  • Grow Email list to 1300 – Also hit this goal, I now have 1,497 Subscribers. 
  • Invest in Jenna Kutcher’s Instagram Lab + Stay up with it week to week. – I did purchase Jenna’s Instagram Lab course but I am about a week behind in the 5-week course. 

Goals For April:

I’m going to go a little more ambitious with my goals this month so wish me luck!

  • Nail down my idea for my first Product. (Part of EBA Unit 8)
  • Hit 3,000 Facebook Likes
  • Hit 1,500 Instagram Followers
  • 2,500 Email Subscribers

Jamie and I will be gone to Utah April 25th – May 5th so I’ve got to stay ahead especially because developing my first product is going to take a bunch of time! I’m so excited!

Overall my blogging journey is going really awesome! I’m super excited to start the product creation process and eventually finish EBA and eventually make a full-time income off my blog!


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